30 August 2013

Friday Feature | Katebobbi

So it's Friday . .the weekend is almost here, but today on the blog can only mean one thing . . It's FRIDAY FEATURE. Today we have a light hearted tongue in cheek guest blog post from Kate over at 'Katebobbi'. Hope you enjoy this blog post.

 UK vs Vienna Fashion
Disclaimer - This is a tongue in cheek view, based on my observations, I am not trying to offend anyone as I love the UK and Vienna!

I have been living in Vienna for nearly a year now (a whole year OMG that has gone so quick!) and have been through every season from the lovely Autumn, to the -15 winter and the months of snow, to the 40 degree sweltering summer so think I can now comment on fashion and style from here compared to my home country of the UK.
I think there are two key differences between the 2 countries, that being the make-up/hair, and the actual clothes.

Make up and Hair

UK – I think the UK has always been a country which takes care of their hair and make up, from my Mum’s era all having perms and the Princess Di hair cut, to the extreme reality tv-esque fake hair, nails, tan, lashes, can I go on, of today. Anyone who knows me knows I love a glamorous made up look, nothing to me looks better than smoky eyes and big backcombed hair, but do we think it’s not going a bit too far? We are turning into a nation of oompa loompas with fake everything (and massive eyebrows), tone it down a bit ladies! There is no need to be wearing two pairs of false eyelashes and a full face of make up to go to work! Let your natural beauty shine through.
Vienna – this brings me onto Vienna. It is full of natural beauties! I have never been in a place where I am constantly looking at people walking past me in the street and thinking they look gorgeous. Not because they are necessarily extremely attractive, but because they are so natural. They keep make up to a minimum, and all have long, shiny natural hair and look really fresh. People do wear make – up here but not to the extent of the UK. You will struggle to find more than a few sets of false eyelashes in shops, a few nail and eyelash bars have popped up but these are still very new, and are very expensive compared to the UK. It is definitely a niche market over here, obviously they still sell a lot of make up, but people don’t wear as much as the UK, and they all look great for it. People are just not as bothered about it and seem to be more self confident. I had to explain to a couple of my partner’s work colleagues what a spray tan was and they were in disbelief that we would spray a colour onto our skins!
The winner for me is Vienna in the hair and make-up round, I never thought I would say this, but after looking at these girls, less is definitely more.


UK – I love UK fashion, I think it is so unique, in that people wear so many different outfits and look so good. I am from Leeds, and I think in Leeds especially you can walk down Briggate (the main shopping street) and by the time I’ve got to the bottom I can have seen 10 people with really unique outfits which look amazing. I also think the majority of people in the UK take pride in their appearance and wouldn’t leave the house unless they were wearing something which they thought looked good. People definitely dress for style and not always comfort and I really like this.

Vienna – Vienna is full of a range of shops and includes UK favourites such as h&m, Zara, and Forever 21. They have the same styles as the UK, but with a bit of European mixed in, which is to be expected and I like. But, I walk past people in Vienna and everyone seems a bit samey, jeans, plain top, and the dreaded trainers (I’ll get onto this in a minute). I do occasionally see someone who will be dressed in a very understated, but amazing outfit and will literally be grabbing my partner’s arm  and saying to him look how amazing they look. But that is few and far inbetween. People seem to dress for comfort over here and don’t like to stand out too much, there is a bit of a punk scene, but apart from that everyone’s the same. They don’t dress badly, just plainly. The one thing which completely drives me crazy over here is shoes!! Now, they dress for comfort, when it’s 10 inches of snow, fair enough, or blistering heat but in-between they are in casual converse type shoes constantly. Converse are fine, it’s just when the alternative is running trainers. Full on running trainers. They are the ultimate fashion accessory here! I’ll see a girl and think oh she looks nice, and then I’ll look at her feet and yep, the running trainers are on. Jeans, nice top, and Asics, Dress and Asics. Even worse than this is socks and sandals, I thought we’d gotten over that people! I can understand if it’s an older person, like my Gran who has to wear them so she doesn’t slip in her shoes, but a 20 year old, nice dress, sandals and white trainer socks. I just don’t understand surely some style has to go over comfort? Especially in a European capital city? But maybe they find it hilarious that we all have sore feet from the shoes we wear in the UK.

My Fashion winner is the UK, by far. This is not to say you can’t buy nice clothes in Vienna people just don’t seem to wear them! The UK fashion is amazing and a hard one to match.


Hope you've enjoyed this 'tongue in cheek' blogpost from Kate. Kate can be found at the following places:

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28 August 2013

NEW Vivo Shimmer Blocks

''Give your skin a radiant boost''

I've never really been one for adding shimmer to my makeup; I don't know why just kinda felt it wasn't necessary. However when I saw thenew Vivo Shimmer Blocks, I thought I would give them a try, and boy am I glad I did.

''Each block is made up of 5 pearlescent powders which smoothly blend together to create a gorgeous wash of luminous colour. The rosy hues of the blusher and golden tones of the bronzer have been cleverly designed to suit all skin tones, and glide on with a glitter-free finish for the most naturally illuminating finish''.

 I honestly thought both the blusher and bronzer wouldn't suit me at all, but to my surprise I was quite impressed. The blusher isn't well pigmented but to be honest you don't need a lot of product. Just a light sweep across the cheeks is sufficient to create a rosy, warm glow. As for the bronzer, same with the blusher, not very well pigmented however you only need a quick 'swirl' with a blending brush and then sweep across cheekbones or light dust for a natural glow. 

As with most Vivo products, they are all relatively reasonable in price. The quality and pigmentation isn't bad, and consdering it's quite reasonable, I may possibly purchase in the future. 

Vivo Shimmer Blocks are currently available in two shades; Shimmer and Spice Blusher*, Fully Loaded Shimmer Bronzer*, RRP £3.99 each.

Available from www.vivocosmetics.co.uk

What do you think to the new Vivo Shimmer Blocks?

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27 August 2013

London Weekend Breaks


London, formerly known as 'The Big Smoke', but is now best known as 'The City of Culture and History', is one of the most visited cities in the world. Approximately 15.5million overseas tourists visit London each year, spending a whopping £9.4 billion! (Telegraph, 2013). Many tourists come to London for a variety of reasons; shopping trips, see london attractions, visit family/friends, with some staying at different hotels throughout the city. I am no stranger to London, and visit quite often throughout the year. However when I do visit I like to make the most of it, and tend to stay for the weekend. My weekend in London is usually so packed, I often find myself needing a few days to recover!  I tend to also plan my weekend, so I am able to make the best of the time I have. 


.  . .Ahh shopping in London - every girls dream! Ok, it's actually a nightmare as it's so huge, but guaranteed you WILL leave with something. I often find there is soooo much more variety, I often feel like a child in a sweet shop! Oxford Street is basically the place to shop until your heart is content. Your eyes are often all over the place as you're bombarded with huge shops, some with great offers. I also believe places like Carnaby Street, Camden Town Market and Portobello Road are great places to visit; filled with lots of independent shops, which sell a variety of beautiful things.


Regardless of where you are in London, you'll always get food; no matter what time of the day/night. The selection of food is so varied, there is always something to fit the acquired palette of those searching. I personally am quite 'picky' when it comes to food so perhaps am not the best person to give advice, however simply using various search engines will indicate the best places to go. However I should add some places will be slightly more expensive, as it's London.


I absolutely *love* musicals. I have danced since the age of 4, grown up around musical theatre, so of course am a fan of the West End. Throughout the year there are always great musicals/ballets on at the varying theatres across London. Lyceum, Her Majesty's Theatre, Sadler's Wells, Royal Opera House to name but a few always have great shows showing during the week. The West End isn't cheap; for good seats expect to pay a 'hefty' price. although if you're happy to sit somewhere in the ''attic'' (high up) seats will be significantly cheaper. Many of the shows offer matinee performances, which suit those who prefer to perhaps have their evenings free if they have other plans. However word of warning, if you decide to watch a West End show/Ballet, ensure you purchase from a legitimate source; there a select few 'dishonest' touts, who sell fake tickets at very 'cheap' lucrative prices! Do your research and don't buy from anyone who may approach you offering such tickets.

I hope this blog post has been interesting and useful to those of you perhaps planning a visit to London. 

26 August 2013

Serenity of Beauty does . . . .YOUTUBE?!?!

. . .Yep, you've read that right I am giving this Youtube 'lark' a try! I am no pro, nor do I want to be. Purely just giving it a try to see how I get on. I don't know when, or how often I will do videos, they'll probably be sporadic. For someone who has no confidence whatsoever, it has taken a lot of courage for me to post a youtube video . . so please do be nice!

I have done 2 new videos; a shoe collection, and Last bit of summer OOTD. 

Hope you enjoy these 2 videos.

25 August 2013

Last bit of summer . .


Top - H&M
Trousers - Next
Scarf* - Joules
Ballet pumps - Next
Peep Toe heels - Dune
Earrings - Mont Bleu

It grieves me to say it but summer is slowly drawing to a close. The evenings are getting dark early, nights are getting chilly, and most of all, the highstreet stores are starting to stock Autumn/Winter clothing which if I am honest, depresses me. Not one for giving in, I am still 'parading' around in summer clothing as I refuse to dress as if I am about to trek to the Himalayas! However that said where I currently work (on top of a hill, overlooking the 'Shire'), it can get mighty cold, which I have noticed is starting to get to my neck; sore and stiff. In a bid to try and prevent that, I am now wearing *light* scarves to protect my neck.

I never really was one for wearing fashionable scarves, as I just didn't really know how to wear them and I felt 'awkward'. However since my wardrobe revamp and fashion 'wake up' call, I have managed to find some gorgeous outfits where scarves really make a difference. Some of you may remember these 'mint' trousers I instagrammed a few weeks ago; absolutely love them but I was a little stuck what to wear with it. The white top and ballet pumps I thought would go ok, but I felt like something was 'missing', until I spotted this gorgeous Joules 'Wensley' scarf. The trousers match the scarf so well, and I love the fact that there are varying other colours which give the outfit a bit more colour. The material is incredibly soft and you can see the quality in the product. The scarf is also of a good length, so you're able to style the scarf in a variety of ways suitable to you.

Joules 'Wensley' scarf* RRP £19.99 and is available from:


Hope you've enjoyed this blog post.

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23 August 2013

Friday Feature: TwentySomethingBeauty

It's Friday Feature again, and today guest posting is Rachel from 'TwentySomethingBeauty, who will be discussing perfumes. 

I'm Rachel and I blog over at TwentySomethingBeauty, a beauty, lifestyle and fitness blog based in the east of Scotland .Cas has been kind enough to let me blog over here today so here I am with a perfume review!

Now, along with about half the female population I'm sure, I am incredibly fussy about my perfumes. I can probably count on less than two hand the amount of ones I'll actually buy because I like them. Usually I'm a fan of deep, musky perfumes such as Paco Rabanne Black XS or Thierry Mugler Alien, so I was as surprised as my boyfriend when I picked up See by Chloe EDP at airport duty free and loved it! Luckily for me he bought me it as a present, so here I am with my first 'girly' fragrance.

This is a wonderfully light, sweet fragrance that manages to be girly without being overly sickly or too far fruity. It has notes of  Jasmine, Sandalwood and Vanilla which give it that underlying hint of musk that I love, but the creamy vanilla base notes and apple middle notes really come through and keep it feeling summery and fresh! Not too sweet, flowery, or fruity this perfume strike a great balance between all three. This perfume also has a good wear time compared to other perfumes, I can still smell it on me a good 5/6 hours later, which for me is pretty good as most perfumes seem to lose their potency in about 4! I can see why Chloe have marketed it toward the young, urban woman who loves to smell clean and fresh and feel flirty and fun - it's a perfect day date or shopping fragrance and I've had quite a few compliments on it.

See by Chloe retails at £32.95 for 30ml at Fragrance Direct, which is a great price compared to bigger stores!

Thanks again to Cas for letting me post! 


Hope you've all enjoyed the guest post from Rachel today. If you'd like to find out more, keep up to date with what Rachel is up to you can find her at the following places:

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22 August 2013

Repertoire Online

The sales of online shopping has been rising each year by approximately 9% (BBC, 2013). With such reporting that does no surprise me. You and I have at least consulted in the internet for something or other. For example, insurance quotes, cheap holiday deals, educational textbooks to name but a few. But as of late, with highstreet stores closing and consumers unable to afford full price items, many of us turn to the internet. I, like millions of other online shoppers tend to 'shop' around, find the best deal, before committing to purchasing. This sort of consumer behaviour is something that a lot of people are now doing, especially when it comes to designer clothing.

Repertoire Online are a company who sell men and women designer wear, ranging from clothing, footwear to accessories. Now having established itself as one of the leading independent retailers in Southern England selling good quality designer labels. With 6 stores now selling over 100 designer labels, all forms of dress are covered; casual denim to formal dressing. To ensure consumers have a wide selection and variety to choose from, new and exciting brands are introduced regularly. Brands available from Repertoire Online such as Armani, Diseal, Vivianne Westwood, Juicy Couture, Superdry, Ted Baker, Barbour, to name but a few.

I tend to only purchase designer items if it's something I have had my 'eye' on for quite sometime, or is in the sale. Having explored the Repertoire website the prices are reasonable in comparison to some places on the highstreet/department stores. My brother, on the other hand tends to purchase designer clothing quite often, in particular Ralph Lauren as the clothing is great quality, and accommodates well for his long arms! I told him about Repertoire, and he commented at how decent the prices are to which I suspect he'll be making an order soon! . . .

Are you into designer clothing? Or are you not too fussed?


21 August 2013

MUA Lash Boom Mascara

 ''. . . .Magnify your lashes for a spectacular false lash effect with the brand new MUA Lash Boom Mascara''. 
(Press Release, 2013)

My favourite item of make up is mascara, I just love how a product can brighten the eyes. MUA are a brand who, you all know by now, produce reasonably priced make up at very low prices. I had no idea MUA were launching a new mascara until one day this landed on my door step.

''Coat your lashes from root to tip for longer fuller lashes in a flash, minus the irritating clumping. The multi-comb, silicone wand will catch each individual eyelash whilst defining and separating to create a flirty, fanned-out effect. It’s perfect for short lashes too because the wand is the ideal shape and style to help add much needed love to short lashes – making them long and fluttery!''

First impressions of the product I love the packaging; bright, vibrant, and eye catching. Etched with the 'new' sticker and silver writing giving the impression of a new impressive product added to the MUA range. However I wasn't so keen on the wand; I personally found it of an awkward shape, which made for applying to my eye lashes a little difficult. I didn't apply any product to my lower lashes, as I tend to find my eyelashes resemble that of a spider! However I am aware the wand has been purposely constructed in such a way to enable consumers to coat shorter/hard to reach lashes. The mascara I found to be 'wet' which is great, and it didn't flake. One thing I did notice however my eyes did slightly sting a bit which is perhaps just me who has sensitive eyes. This didn't last long though and soon subsided after application. 

Before mascara application

After mascara application (pardon the stray eyebrow hairs . .eek)

I wouldn't say this mascara is one of my favourites, but the results are pretty good. It's easy to use, coats the lashes really well and long lasting. MUA Lash Boom mascara* RRP £3.00 and is available in Ultra Black, Black, and Black/Brown. You can purchase this mascara on the MUA website, and Superdrug.

Have you tried MUA Lash Boom mascara?

*PR Sample

20 August 2013

Chanel | Rouge Coco '51 Ce Soir'

''Rouge Coco dresses the lips in an easy and self-evident daily beauty step. Thanks to its soft, creamy texture and its luxurious, timeless packaging.''
(Chanel, 2013)

I seem to have developed a slight obsession with Chanel . . from fragrance (Coco Mademoiselle being my all time favourite) to now scratching the service at the makeup range. As I mentioned in my previous chanel post, I had a 'mini' makeover, and was simply blown away with the products used. I opted for the foundation, which you can read about here, but also the lipstick. Now I am very very particular on what goes on my lips; I personally am not one for bright, in your face lip colours as I feel they aren't me, but I like understated, easy on the eye colours. The sales assistant on the Chanel counter took on board my likes/dislikes, and selected '51 Ce Soir' from the Rouge Coco range.

The 'Rouge Coco' range has been described as hydrating with comfort. The hydratender complex, created by Chanel, claims to offer 8hours of hydration with a single application. Its finish has been described as satiny with a luminous result, offered in a range of shades suitable for the majority. Having never used a high end lipstick before I was very impressed with what the liptstick is able to offer, not forgetting the luxurious packaging and feel of the overall product in its classic finish.

(With flash)

As mentioned above I opted for '51 Ce Soir'; a plummy brown shade that isn't too overpowering, or dark. At first I wasn't too sure, I instantly thought it would be too dark and make me look 'odd'. But actually I was really impressed and surprised at how well it suited me. The formula of the lipstick is lovely; very soft, creamy and lightweight, and glides on to the lips, leaving a lovely finish. However what I have noticed during the day this shade tends to develop into a plum/rose colour than brown, which I think is really nice; leaving the lips with a slight stain.

 Chanel Rouge lipsticks RRP £24 which some may say is a little bit pricey. But it is a gorgeous lipstick, and is of great quality.

Are you a fan of Chanel lipsticks?

19 August 2013

Manuka Doctor | Foot and Heel Cream

''A rich & hydrating cream giving moisture boosting absorption. It provides a cooling & refreshing remedy for dry & swollen feet''.
(Manuka Doctor, 2013)

If there is one part of the body my mum has always taught me to look after it's my feet! Guaranteed after my shower in the morning and before I go to bed I always give them some TLC; whether that be moisturising, cuticle care, or looking after my heels! Nothing is more cringy than going out and about, minding my own business and seeing 'crusty' feet which clearly show said individual has neglected their feet! Anyway wanting to try something new both my mum and I decided to give the Manuka Doctor Foot and Heel cream a try, as neither of us had ever heard about it or used it.

First impressions of the packaging both my mum and I agree that it's simple, and plain yet has sufficient information for the consumer. One thing I particularly like is the little picture of the bee, which Manuka Doctor are very well known for using bee venom in their products. One thing I did notice was the ingredients all appear to be natural and friendly to skin. The Avocado oil and Shea butter are two very good ingredients, especially when it comes to hydration of the skin. The top is that of a screw off lid, with a soft tube making for easy dispensing. Both my mum and I tried this at the same time, to which we both had different thoughts. 

My mums' thoughts:

''Never heard of this product before, but I do quite like it. I found it to be very cooling, smells great and extremely hydrating for my feet which, as know, have become very dry due to the weather. I did find it however very rich, but it did target certain areas on the feet (heels) really well. Would I purchase? Yes''.

My thoughts:

''The product isn't bad; I found the scent to be really fresh and pleasant, and my feet felt and looked really soft and hydrated. I did find it however a little too rich for me personally and the cooling sensation that my mum got I didn't quite get; more like a slight tingling sensation, which maybe a sign that it was too much for my sensitive skin? That said, it's not a bad foot and heel cream product. Would I purchase? Probably not''. 

The Manuka Doctor Foot and Heel cream* RRP £8.99 and is available from your local Holland and Barratt stores. 

What do you think; is this something you fancy trying, or are you not to keen?

*PR Sample

13 August 2013

Avène Eau Thermale | Thermal Spring Water

''Avène Thermal Water Spray  provides soothing care for sensitive, hypersensitive, allergic and irritated skin. Providing relief from skin irritation caused by sunburn, after anti-acne treatments, nappy rash, razor burn or hair removal. The spray  provides a comforting and refreshing sensation when used. Avène Thermal Water Spray can be used  to complete cleansing, set make up, after outdoor activities or when travelling''.
(Avène, 2013)

I had a sample of this product a few years ago but I had no interest in using it, didn't even pay attention as to what it really was so pushed to the back of my beauty product cupboard. Packing for Jamaica earlier this year I thought I would take it with me and give to my mum as she often finds use for things I no longer want. Mum took one look and it and shoved it in the fridge to remain cool. As you're probably aware the Caribbean can get very hot, and of course it comes hand in hand with biting insects. I was quite lucky to not get many bites on my trip, however I did get badly sunburnt which was sore for a good few days. Unable to get comfortable, I remembered mum had put the spray in the fridge so I quickly got it out and applied to my sunburn; it was incredibly soothing. After use I decided to pay attention as to what the product really was and what it can be used for and etc.

Avène Thermal Spring Water is basically just water in a can. The packaging provides detailed information about the water properties; its mineral composition and etc, which if I am honest appears to be ''gimmick'' information getting the consumer to believe it's something scientific! The can is filled with information (majority in French as Avène is a French brand) which I found a little time consuming trying to translate/find the English. Having fathomed my way through the French text, I noticed at the bottom in fine print what the product can be used for:

Razor burn
After hair removal
Facial redness
Diaper rash
Various irritations
After exercise
In summer
During travel
To complete makeup removal
In complement to drying treatment

Having discovered the uses for this product I was quite surprised. I honestly didn't think it was that versatile in its uses. Of course the can I took to Jamaica for my mum, I eventually used. However as of late I have been experiencing the 'hot feet' syndrome at night . .you know the ''can't sleep, feet are too hot, so hang them out of the bed'' . . yes that. So I nipped to Boots to get a can, and as expected, this product soothed my feet enabling me to get some sleep. Although the product is reasonably cold at first use, I put it in the fridge so it's extra cool.

Overall thoughts
It's a really nice product; very convenient, does what it promises to do by soothing any irritations, and the can does hold a lot of product. However I can't help but think this product is slightly gimmicky, which takes me to the closing question - will I be repurchasing? No. Perhaps I am missing the point, message, thinking behind this product but at face value it's just water in a can!

Avene Eau Thermale  | Thermal Spring Water is RRP £6.50 for 150ml from Boots.

Have you used this product? Or do you believe it's simply just a gimmick?

12 August 2013

Chanel | Perfection Lumière '94 Ambré'

''Perfection Lumière controls every detail of a perfect complexion to offer a tailor-made result, a model of perfection by Chanel. Its light, fluid texture glides on seamlessly with adjustable yet lightweight coverage for perfect results. The skin-embracing texture becomes one with the face, following its every movement. Its Perfect Skin Affinity complex ensures a second-skin effect and perfect foundation hold for 15 hours. Its universal shades are easy-to-wear, so that every woman can find her perfect shade.''
(Chanel, 2013)

When it comes to foundation I find it incredibly difficult to find a shade that matches my skin tone. However here in the UK I have started to notice that brands are starting to 'stretch' their colour spectrum and cater for people of colour. I was passing the Chanel counter one day in Debenhams and I spotted the Perfection Lumière foundations, and instantly spotted a selection of shades for darker skin tones. I assumed the selection of shades would be limited, but to my surprise there is variety which surprised me for Chanel. Cutting a long story short, I was matched to '94 Ambré' which at first I thought was too light but in fact was the right shade. I umm'd and ahhh'd about getting it until eventually I succumed and purchased. 

First impressions of the packaging I quite like, although rather basic. The bottle is glass which carries a bit of weight, however it's see through which helps to judge how much product is left before repurchasing. The lid is a simple pull off top, with a pump to dispense the product. There isn't much writing on the bottle which I thought is a good as nothing irritates me more than seeing unnecessary information on products which can at times make it look somewhat untidy. The outer packaging is your standard Chanel makeup packaging; black box, etched with white writing, the logo and a gold line on the bottom of the outer packaging.

My skin is oily/combination and I always make a conscious effort to stay away from products which are 'saddled' with oily ingredients. Discovering the perfection lumière is oil free, dermatologically tested, and suitable for those with oily/combination skin, I opted for this foundation. I am not one for 'dewy' finishes, as I feel this tends to make me look very oily. So I always go for a subtle finish of  matte/satin which this foundation provides. I did notice however that this foundation has a slight fragrance which I quite like. It's not overpowering and is really pleasant but this may irritate some who are sensitive to such additions in foundations. Considering I am quite spot prone, I haven't experienced any breakouts which is great. The foundation contains SPF 10, which is ok to protect against sun, although it could be a lot higher.

My experience with this product I quite like it. I found 2 pumps provided sufficient coverage for a medium finish. Although I have blemish marks, the foundation doesn't completely cover them, it simply makes them less obvious to the eye. I find however that it's best to work with this product in sections; dot this foundation all over your face, expect to be working really hard to blend in well!  The perfection lumière tends to dry incredibly quick, which is good to some degree but is best to work with one area at a time. I also use my Sigma F80 brush which I find works really well with blending the perfection lumière into the skin. One thing I hate about liquid foundations some of them tend to be very heavy, which I did not find at all with this product. I found it to be very light and at times I completely forgot I was wearing foundation. I did begin to notice that my skin tended to get a little 'shiny' during the day, which I did expect to some degree.

Overall I do like this foundation; it provides a natural finish and decent coverage. However although I do love Chanel, this foundation isn't 'thee' best of high end foundations on the market especially at £36.00 a pop! That said, it is a foundation I will continue to use as it's light which my skin much prefers. Will I repurchase? Not sure.

Chanel Perfection Lumière RRP £36.00 for 30ml.

Have you used Chanel Perfection Lumière foundation? Or are you not so keen?


9 August 2013

Friday Feature: Callie Rose

Today can only mean one thing . . .Friday Feature, and today's spotlight will be on the lovely Callie from 'Callie Rose'. I know there are many of you who lead very busy lives; juggling home life, university, family and etc, often leaving you struggling to get organised. So today's post (which I think is really good and helpful) will definitely be of some help to the majority of you. 

How to stay organised with work, uni and keeping a blog

Hello lovelies! Today I thought I'd share a few tips on how to stay organised. A few people have asked me how I stay organised with running my shop, my blog and managing to fit in all my uni work, as well as looking after a three year old. So I thought with the summer holidays coming to an end soon, and many of you either going back to university or school, or starting jobs I'd give a few of my own tips on how to stay organised.

First of all you need to prioritise everything. For example make sure you do your uni work before you concentrate on your blog. You may think that running your blog should be first but no, your education should come first. 

Schedule posts! Scheduling posts is great if you have loads of university work coming up or if you are bombarded with interviews to write up that your lovely boss can't be bothered dealing with. Scheduling things gives you more time for university, work and even family time too.
Scheduling tweets to promote your blog posts are a great way to get people to see your new blog posts too. Yu can schedule these tweets at the same time as your blog posts so that when your post goes live, the tweet can inform everyone. A good app for this is Tweet Deck, which is available on your desk top or phone. 

Do things in bulk. If you have a lot of time on your hands one day why not take all your product photos or out fit photos in one? Then you could always write them up at a later time. Or if you can't sleep at night, or there's nothing decent on TV on a saturday why not write up loads of blog posts, or at least draft some up. These can then be scheduled for a later date.
Alternatively do all your university work (or at least make a start on it) rather than leaving it to the night before.

For me, one of the easiest ways to keep organised is to have a clean working area. Keep your desk area tidy and you will be able to find things so much easier. Important things should be made visible so you don't forget about them, or you could use post it notes and dot them around your computer screen or on the wall where you work. If you work on a laptop sat on the sofa, then you could always have notes on your desk top so that you don't forget those all important things. 

Keeping handy things close by makes a lot of difference too as you're more motivated to do things if the tools you need are right in front of you. I keep my pens, note books, post it notes, house phone and mobile phone all close by. 

I have a Filofax which I have had for about 5 or 6 years now. It's a great little organiser which is really helpful for when you have appointments or events coming, or even for jotting down deadlines and exam days in uni. I also use it for jotting down when scheduled posts are due to go live so that I can tweet and promote when I'm stuck on the morning train to work. You can buy cheap versions of the Filofax from Paperchase if you don't want to folk out the money for a branded one. Either way, an organiser is an organiser and is the main way that I've been keeping organised for years.

Note books are great for keeping organised. I have several note books (although I do love 'collecting' note books too and many are still unused!) but my main three blogging note books are some Cath Kidston ones (but you can get cheap dupes in Home Bargains). They're small enough to go in my handbag too. I use note books to jot down lists including things that need doing, blog post ideas, or even lists of emails and people to get back to. Keeping separate ones for work, uni and your blog is a good idea as it means that you're not going to end up writing blog post ideas down in your dissertation. 

Keeping time slots of things is a good way to organise as it means that you can set aside certain times when you're going to concentrate on your uni or blog. "Do a certain things at this time, only do this project during these days". If you're really busy then you could always set aside full days or weeks to catch up on university work and schedule your blog posts or put your blog to the back of the to do list for a while.  

Please, please, please remember that your blog should not come before your work or university. If it does you could risk becoming sacked or expelled for failing.


Hope you've all enjoyed this guest post from Callie. If you'd like to find out more, keep up to date with what Carly is up to then you can find her at the following places:

If you'd like to know anything else about organisation just drop me an email ([email protected]) or tweet me @catdicko - I'd be more than happy to help :)

8 August 2013

NEW! Vaseline Spray & Go body moisturiser

''....A line of quick, convenient, continuous-spray lotions. They moisturize deeply and absorb in seconds to leave skin instantly soft, not greasy or sticky''.
 (Vaseline, 2013)

Few days ago I popped into Boots (as you do), and had a 'mooch' around to see what new products caught my fancy. I spotted this new Vaseline Spray and Go, which I did know about due to good ol blogger blog posts. At £4.99 it's not cheap and it appeared a little 'gimmicky' to me. However I decided to give my bank card a little battering and I added this product to my basket. 

There isn't one day where I don't moisturise my body; I simply cannot live without it. I have used many moisturisers since I was a child, and of course many of them are really greasy, often taking ages to dry on the skin. I also find sometimes when it's really warm/hot weather, the moisturisers just run off your skin as you sweat (gross!). Anyway . . .ditching my trusty body shop body butter for a day I decided to give this a go . . and boy, is it good! The product comes in an aerosol can as the product is of course a spray like formula. Upon dispensing the moisturiser is white in colour, but not runny. It smells really nice and not too overpowering, sickly. Upon spraying on my legs, I held the can 4 inches away (as directed), sprayed and rubbed well into my skin. I expected the product to have some sort of 'oiliness' but there isn't any at all, and the product sinks well into the skin.

Will I be repurchasing? Yes.
Although the product at first glance is very expensive, it is I think a really nice body moisturiser, and is great for those who hate waiting around for moisturisers to dry. It smells really nice, feels light on the skin and does moisture the body well. 

The Vaseline Spray and Go comes in a further two varieties; Aloe Fresh and Total Moisture. And as previously mentioned RRP £4.99. This product is currently available at Boots.

Have you tried the new Vaseline Spray and Go? If so, what do you think?

 PS: As of late near enough everyday I have received lovely comments from someone by the name of Chantel (thank you). If this is you, please can you leave your blog address so I can check out your blog (if you have one).

7 August 2013

Monthly Wishlist #4

Hello gorgeous people

How are you all? hope you're all well and enjoying the weather (although it's a little hit/miss at the moment). Anyway I am back again this month with my monthly wishlist. Seeing as one now has a full time job (YAY) the 'would like' list is ever growing. So without further ado, I will get cracking on with what has made its way to my wishlist.

1. Canon EOS 600D
When I started blogging, I noticed a lot of bloggers used very expensive cameras to produce brilliant images. Back then I honestly did not think it was at all necessary (still isn't), and I just felt in my personal opinion it was a waste of money. 3years later I can now see the benefits of this camera. It is extremely expensive, and it certainly isn't something I will be rushing out to purchase anytime soon. However I have it on my wishlist as at some point in the future I'd like to own one to improve the quality of the images I produce. I also seem to have developed a fond interest in photography which I never thought I'd ever be interested in.

2. Benefit They're Real mascara
I don't think there is one day where I don't hear anything about Benefit 'They're Real' mascara. This mascara has proven to be 'thee' mascara of all mascaras amongst many; producing fabulous lashes which are just an absolute knock out. For some unknown reason I have not yet tried this mascara, but I desperately want to try it to see if the mascara really is as fabulous as many claim.

3. Mulberry 'Bayswater'
I have had my Harrods handbag for a good few years now, and it is starting to get a bit 'tatty'. I have been on the look out for a new handbag for some time, and I always find myself back to gawping at the Mulberry bags in House of Fraser. Whenever I purchase a handbag I like my bags to be of good quality, long lasting, and spacious. Nothing irritates me more than having a handbag which gives you a few days use before it breaks. However Mulberry (as we all know) isn't cheap, and the 'Bayswater' certainly isn't. As one will now be earning a decent wage, I can gradually take my time and save for this fabulous handbag. 

4. Dune Jewelled Embellished Sandals
My lovely pair of sandals broke this year on holiday (the sea claimed them, and then spat them out, broken!). Ever since that ordeal I have been on the look out for a pair of sandals. I tend to find the sandals with the 'thong' bit irritate my toes, and within minutes I find myself 'whipping' them straight off. So I am now going down the route of 'open' toe, like the one's spotted here. These sandals caught my attention last week, whilst browsing the sales. I absolutely love them; gorgeous 'tan/nude' colour, with embellishment to jazz up any outfit. Now I realise they perhaps aren't to everyone's taste, but I just think they are gorgoeus. However these aren't cheap; £65 which I think is a little expensive for a pair of sandals. I am in no hurry to purchase them, so I will just sit tight and wait for them to hit sale . .  .

Hope you've enjoyed this blogpost.

What's on your monthly wishlist?