30 April 2013

April Favourites

Every April (I don't know why), I always find myself incredibly skint. This month however my car in particular has bled me dry (grr!). As a result money I had saved for a 'rainy' day has had to go towards fixing the car and no shopping (boo!). But in hindsight I think it's done me a favour as I have discovered products I completely forgot I had, and now absolutely love. So I thought I would do a monthly run down on what I've been loving for the month of April.

1. Imperial Leather Citrus Burst Refreshing Shower Gel with Lime Oil and Kiwi Extract
I never really took much notice of what shower gel I used; so long as it smelt ok and made me smell fresh and clean, I was happy. Imperial Leather for some reason is always one brand whose shower gels I love. I just find them to be incredibly kind on the skin, lather really well and they smell amazing. This particular shower gel I found at the back of my 'beauty cupboard', but I just love it as it's so refreshing and always brightens up my day. My skin thereafter always smell lovely too. 

2. Rhodes to Heaven The Foaming Body Polish 'All in One'
The weather here in the UK has simply been pants which of course has done my skin no favours whatsoever. With Spring/Summer on its way, and me wanting to get my skin into a nice condition before embracing pretty dresses/skirts, I have gone body exfoliator crazy. I discovered this product pushed to the back of my beauty cupboard, and I completely forgot just how amazing it actually is. It smells absolutely divine (no joke), my skin after use feels incredible; soft, smooth and glowing. I did review this product many moons ago which you can read about here.

3. China Glaze '096 Jetstream'
Due to the nature of my job, I can't wear bright, in your face nail colours. I therefore go for a lot of sheer, subtle colours which give my nails a hint of colour, but not too obvious that I get told off. I purchased this nail polish from eBay last summer and I absolutely fell in love with it. It's a fab colour to wear during the spring/summer months as it's sheer, with a hint of pink/purple, and when the natural light hints the nail, it just looks lovely. Definitely one of my favourite nail polishes amongst my nail polish stash.

4. Betty Hula 'Champagne and Spice'
I never heard of this brand until I saw a few tweets from the brand on twitter. Betty Hula are a brand who specialise in creating their own products, which are free from Parabans and SLS ingredients. I completely forgot I had 1 of the body moisturisers and I am so glad I rediscovered it. Although I am a hardcore fan of the Body Shop body butters, they can sometimes be a little too much for my skin especially during the warmer months. This cream moisturises very well; it's lightweight and doesn't leave the skin too sticky. Also not forgetting to mention it smells incredible, perhaps a little overpowering when you first open it but that soon subsides, leaving a subtle scent on the skin.

. . .So that's it for April. Hope you've enjoyed reading this blogpost. 

29 April 2013

I Love . . .Coconut and Cream 'Exfoliating Shower Smoothie'

A few weeks ago I popped into Superdrug to have a look around to see what new products were in store. I didn't really see anything apart from a few 'I Love...' products which for some reason are very hard to come by where I live. I have previously used the shower gels from this brand which were ok, although not great. But I thought I didn't want to 'write off' the entire brand until I had tried something else from the 'I Love...' range. With summer slowly on its way in the UK, many of us are of course preparing our skin for the warm weather. Getting the skin in tip top condition is number one priority and of course this goes hand in hand in getting a good body exfoliator. The Coconut and Cream Exfoliating shower smoothie caught my attention so I thought I'd give this product a try.

First impressions of this product I like the packaging; plain and simple with a short paragraph on the front describing the exfoliator. The product comes in a soft tube which allows for ease of dispensing the product. The tube is also see-through as it allows you to judge just how much product you have left, and also see what the product looks like. The smell however is simply divine; very tropical (reminds me very much of the Caribbean). As directed it is advised to use a generous amount on wet skin, before working well into the skin to buff. After using this a few times, I am sad to say I really am not 'bowled' over by it.

I have sensitive skin therefore exfoliators with lots of granules I tend to avoid as they are too harsh. This exfoliator however has hardly any granules at all, and the only way to get a good exfoliate, I had to use my exfoliating gloves with this product. The smell of the product smells amazing before use but after using it my skin smelt of nothing which was a big let down.

I Love . . . Coconut and Cream 'Exfoliating Shower Smoothie' is currently £2.05 in Superdrug.

Are you into body exfoliators, or are you not a fan?

20 April 2013

Experience Days - 5min Buzz Helicopter Ride

Last summer over on Adrienne's 'The Sunday Girl' blog, I was very lucky to win a giveaway which was a £50 voucher to spend on anything I wanted with 'Experience Days'. For years I always said I wanted to do a Skydive; indoor/outdoor, I wasn't fussed. But the nearest place to me was over an hour away and to be honest, I really couldn't be bothered to travel, so I decided to look at things nearer to home. Considering I live not far from an airfield, I thought there must be something I could do there, and low and behold, I found something - 5min Buzz Helicopter Ride. Going in a helicopter was definitely not what I thought I'd be interested in doing, but I thought it was to the value of what I had to spend and it's only 5mins from my home - result! lol That took me about 4-5months to decide what to do, and then when it came to booking, I had to wait a further 3months due to a waiting list! I was meant to do this experience back in March, but good ol Mr Snow decided to 'pitch' up and as a result it was cancelled. I rescheduled for today and in hindsight I think Mr Snow did me a favour, as today (Sat 20th April) truly is a beautiful day; warm and sunny. I honestly did not think I would be that bothered by it, but it truly is amazing; breathtaking to be honest. I have taken some pictures for you all to see, although I don't have many as I was too busy talking to Mr Pilot and enjoying the experience.


 Hope you enjoyed those snaps. Thank you Adrienne (Sunday Girl), and thank you Experience Days. I will definitely be back . . .very very soon :)

17 April 2013

2 today . . .


2 years ago after spending most of my time at home poorly, I decided to turn my mind to writing a blog; a blog on beauty/fashion/lifestyle posts. I had no idea what I was really doing, but it felt so right and natural to me to just write, express my thoughts and opinions on things I had tried/done. I had graduated from university a few months prior to setting up my blog and of course still had the mindset from the assignments/research side of things to just knuckle down and write. This I adopted and put all my energy into my blog, and here I am today writing this blog post.

I just want to say a huge thank you to all; I never in a million years ever thought anyone would be interested in my daily ramblings on my blog, but it really does mean a lot that you all enjoy reading my blog posts. I have also learnt a lot about myself and gained a lot of knowledge from many of you in the blogging community. I am hoping (weather/time/work permitting), that I get to meet many of you at some point this year as it really would be fab to put names to faces finally after 2 years (or less) of nattering via twitter. But yes. . .thank you . . thank you . . thank you once again.

And here's to many more 'blogging' years to come.

10 April 2013

Save, Save, Save . . . . Air Miles!?!?

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9 April 2013

REVIEW: Freshskin by Elemis

A few weeks ago I blogged to you all about the Elemis Freshskin hamper I received after winning a giveaway. I had never used Elemis products before and with the hamper I received (which you can see here), I didn't quite know where to start. However my holiday was nearing and my current skincare products were running out, and I figured that was a perfect opportunity to try out a few of the Elemis products. Of course I couldn't take everything with me to Jamaica so I decided to take the 'Peachy Perfect' Gentle Face Wash, 'Softly Softly' Daily Moisturiser and 'Dreamy Sleep' Night-time Moisturiser.I have been using these products now for 6weeks+ and as promised it's time to review.