31 October 2011

Happy Halloween


Unfortunately I do not have any goolish makeup, fancy dress pictures this year (next year I will), but I did go to a local farm for the yearly Halloween 'Frightmare'. The Frightmare attraction has been deemed as one of the biggest in the local area, and this year marks its 10th anniversary. Of course as the event took place at night, I do not have any pictures, but I did have a great laugh; my friend fell in a bush due to fright, and it was quite scary, as it literally was pitch black, walking around a farm and an old barn! But my friends and I all plan on going again next year, as it is a good laugh. 


Of course every Halloween, every music channel, radio station, whacks on that infamous Micheal Jackson song 'Thriller', and I would be lying if I said I didn't join in by dancing the dance routine (haha you there reading this, you do it too). Of course, it is one of my favourite songs, but I do also like another Micheal Jackson song which perhaps isn't as well known as 'Thriller', and that is 'Ghosts'. If you've never heard or seen the video, then watch it here (I have tried to find the best, shortest video for you all; full version is 40minutes! (Apologies video isn't HD, couldn't find a clearer, sharper version.)

30 October 2011

Let the Blogging Commence . . .

Evening All

Some of you may or may not be aware, early October I blogged to let you all know that I was taking a little sabbatical; needed a break and time to take care of no.1. Although I have blogged now and again, I feel like I have been able to really unwind and chill. This past week I have realised that I have so much to say that I finally managed to get my blogging 'mojo' back, and my regular posts will be up and running again from 1st November. I have a fair few posts lined up ready to go live, so I do hope you enjoy reading them all.

I have noticed a gradual increase in my blog followers, and I want to say a big welcome and hello to you. I really do appreciate each and every one of you, so big big thanks once again. 

My blog is still under going changes; adding, editing and etc, so please don't be alarmed if you visit one day and find something is missing or it looks odd acheter filitra. The changes to my blog are taking me a little longer than I anticipated, but I will get it sorted so please do bear with me.

Hope you're all well

Zumba'd Out!

I have been umm'ing and ahh'ing for ages over whether or not to get this game, and I finally caved in last night after seeing it being demonstrated on QVC. I have seen youtube clips, which in my opinion, haven't really done the game justice , or properly showcased it, which left me hanging; to buy or not to buy. After finally caving in, I nipped into ASDA where I managed to get the game for £19.50 (got a little discount), and I have just spent the last hour or so playing on it.
. . . . O M G! I am absolutely shattered and wiped out! Ok I did a Zumba class earlier this year, and due to the unprecedented craze, everyone is on the zumba wagon, the class I joined had well over 40 people. That for me was just too packed, and as someone with long legs and arms, I need to move. I knew what the classes entailed, and boy did I feel it a few days thereafter, but this game is utter knock out!  Muscles I use to work regularly whilst dancing, I have rediscovered, and I know full well I will feel it tomorrow! Zumba classes in my local area are between £4.00 - £5.00 per class, which to be honest does rack up if you religiously attend on a weekly basis. Taking that into consideration and owning a wii, I thought purchasing the wii game was probably a smarter and cost friendlier move.

The game is very easy to navigate and the ''instructor'' is easy to understand. What I also liked was the fact that the tutorial option starts very basic, and gradually builds up to the set step by adding in different components. The ''instructor'' won't move onto the next set step until you have mastered the previous one, which is great. As I was pushed for time (brother wants to hog TV for football), I only had time to do one routine/class. The minimum routine being 20mins, which I did not expect, but I guess it's a great build up for the actual class/routine of 45minutes.

I only got a limited amount of time to try this out, but I will be playing this game religiously to keep fit. (Even Jordan Sparks has been using the Zumba Wii to keep fit, and she looks amazing).
Jordan Sparks

If you're a Zumba fan, and fancy doing a class in the comfort of your own home, then purchase this game, or add it to your Christmas wishlist.

The Zumba wii game is available from many places, such as:
  • Asda
  • Sainsbury's
  • Tesco
  • Game
  • Amazon
  • . . . .and many more places

PS: This game was purchased with my own money. As always my review, thoughts and opinions are always 110% honest, genuine and true.

27 October 2011

Carmine - October Box. . .

. . . . Yep, I got sucked into another box! On the blog of 'Yummy Mummy Beauty Blog' if you subscribed by Monday 17th Oct, you'd get the beauty box half price. Constant nagging to the bro to lend me some cash paid off, and my beauty box landed on my front door 4days after. 

. . .And this is what I got:

  • Balance Me 'Super Moisturising Hand Cream'
  • Daniel Sandler 'Eye Delight in Peach'
  • Trind 'Nail Repair Natural' (Full size)
  • TheBalm 'FratBoy All-in-one shadow/blush (Full size)
  • Caudalie 'Quenching Sorbet-Creme
I have to say in comparison to that of Boudoir Prive, I feel like I can relate to a lot more in this box; it's suited for my age bracket, and I can see myself using everything. I won't go on too much about this box, as there are loads of Carmine beauty box reviews, but a few things I will say is this:
  • The leaflet detailing the products included in the box are not priced; there is no information explaining full sized product costs which is really annoying. But the prices are on the Carmine website, which are as follows:
    •  Balance Me 'Super Moisturising Hand Cream' 100ml - £14.50
    •  Daniel Sandler 'Eye Delight in Peach' - £10.25
    •  Trind 'Nail Repair Natural' 9ml - £12.95
    •  TheBalm 'FratBoy All-in-one shadow/blush - £16.34
    •  Caudalie 'Quenching Sorbet-Creme 40ml - £20.00
  • Getting into the box - what a mission! It took me about 10minutes to get into it, before giving up, and giving it to my mum to open. 
  •  Found the inside packaging (the shredded paper) to be a little on the scanty side, which resulted in all my products settling in one end of the beauty box.
Regardless of the minor grumbles, I do quite like this box, and I shall continue trialling until December, before deciding whether or not it is a box suited for me.

If you are interested in subscribing to Carmine, then click here.

So what do you think of the first box? Are you going to subscribe to Carmine? Or are you not convinced, and had enough of beauty boxes?

25 October 2011

Battle of the Oil Absorbing Sheets

I first discovered oil absorbing sheets about 10-11years ago from the Avon book, and immediately thought ''Amazing''. I tried reordering more, but they were no longer available, until I discovered the brand 'Clean and Clear' were selling them on the high street. Again, I went back to repurchase more, only to discover they had become extinct! For years I searched high and low for the product, but could only find the sheets that contained powder, which just doesn't cut it for me. Last summer I went to the US, and of course popped into MAC, where I finally found the oil absorbing sheets. Of course I purchased a few packs to keep me going until my stash had run out. In preparation for when my stash ran out a friend suggested I try Ebay, and hey presto! I managed to find the Clean and Clear oil absorbing sheets. And just a few weeks ago Kleenex launched their own oil absorbing sheets in Superdrug, which of course I purchased.

Now swimming in oil absorbing sheets, I thought I would review all 3 brands, and really try and explore which of the 3 win the battle of the best oil absorbing sheet. First stop . . MAC . . .

MAC Blot Film x30 sheets 

When I started using these, the first thing I noticed was the thickness of the sheets. I found them to be very absorbing, and the sheets very luxurious. However 30 x sheets per pack for £10.50 (I think I paid £9+ in the US last summer), is very pricey for what it is. 

Clean and Clear 'Oil Control Film' x60 sheets
£1.46 +P&P 

Upon using these sheets, I found them to be very absorbing, soaking up the unwanted oil very well. I did find however that perhaps the sheets absorbed too much oil in one sweep, which resulted in me having to use 'x' amount of sheets in one session, i.e. between 5-6 sheets, resulting in the product finishing quicker. I also found them to be very thin in comparison to the MAC and Kleenex sheets, but it still is a decent product. There are 60 sheets per a pack which is a bargain, although P&P costs can sometimes be a little on the pricey side.

Kleenex 'Shine Absorbing Sheets - Powder Free' x50 sheets 

The oil absorbing sheets are part of a new facial cleansing range launched by Kleenex, and of course I had to purchase and road test the product. I have to say these oil absorbing sheets are pretty good; they absorb excess oil well and glide across the skin pretty nicely. I did find however that they were slightly on the thin side, and given a bit of force the sheets tore pretty easily. On the back of the sheets I did notice a floral print, which I thought was quite nice, but didn't really add any benefit to the sheet. In this pack there are 50 sheets at the cost of 2.99, which is quite good value for money. (Currently this product is on an introductory offer of £1.49 in Superdrug).

Sheet Size
If you haven't already noticed, all 3 sheets are of varying sizes. Of the 3, MAC sheets are much bigger, whereas Clean and Clear and Kleenex are smaller. I did find the MAC sheets to be better, as I was able to handle the sheet easier without sweeping my face with my finger tips (as they got in the way when handling the small sheets!).
From L to R: MAC, Clean and Clear, Kleenex

Winner of Oil Absorbing Sheets is . . . 

It's a tie between MAC and Kleenex!
I love the quality and size of the MAC sheets, although I am not a keen lover of the price tag, considering the amount of sheets in a pack. But I love Kleenex as it's good value for money, decent amount of sheets in a pack and is of a decent quality, although the size of the sheets are quite small.

Either way all 3 products do exactly the same job, but if you're looking for a product with good quality and don't mind the cost, then I'd say MAC. If you want a cheap alternative that isn't going to break the bank, then I'd say either Kleenex or Clean and Clear. 

If you are interested in purchasing any of the above then please check out the following links:
  • MAC Blot Film
  • Clean & Clear Oil Control
  • Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets {Free delivery on all orders until 24th December 2011}

So what do you think? Will you be purchasing some oil absorbing sheets? Or are you not buying into it? Would love to hear what you have to say.

PS: All products were purchased with my own money. As always my reviews/comments are 110% honest, genuine and true.

23 October 2011

REVIEW: The 'Dirty Works' - Go Balmy!

Hello All

I popped into Sainsbury's to get a few groceries, and of course I took a slight detour to the beauty aisle (as you do!). I came across a range of products that are currently half price, and that included 'Dirty Works'.

Dirty Works are a bath and body range, with products priced on a budget friendly scale. As mentioned above, they are currently sold in Sainsbury's with a wide selection of products ranging from shampoo, face mask, face wipes, hairspray, to name but a few. Numerous times I have been into Sainsbury's and seen this brand, but never really bothered to try any of the products, incase I didn't like it and wasted my valuable pennies! But seeing as some of the products are 50% off, I decided to try one of the products; Go Balmy 'Berry Lip Balm'.

As of late, I have developed a very unhealthy addiction to lip balms (not good), so of course any I see that I like the look of and does not contain petrolatum, I will try it.

As you can see Go Balmy is a Berry Lip Balm, which is no surprise to obviously smelling divine, strawberry scent to be exact. It's consistency is pretty thick, quite moisturising, and very pleasant on the lips. The lip balm can be used in a variety of ways; under or over lipstick, under gloss, or on its own for that nude look. 

As for cost it is usually £2.99, but as the lip balm is in the 50% saving, I purchased this at £1.49, which I thought for trialling a product, isn't bad. However I do believe £2.99 is perhaps a little on the pricey side for 15ml tube.

What do I think?
I do quite like this lip balm, quite different from the usual type of lip balms I purchase. I do think it's a brand that is very similar to that of Soap and Glory (agree?), but its prices are much more appealing to the consumer. Whether I would repurchase this product again, I am not sure, but it all depends on the product living up to what it sets out to achieve!!!

If you would like to see the full range of Dirty Works, then click here and type in 'Dirty Works in the search bar.

PS: This product was purchased with my own money. As always my review is 110% honest, genuine and true. 

PPS: I wrote this piece a while ago, but didn't publish it, not sure why. So I have uploaded it now for you all. 

21 October 2011

Boudoir Prive - October Box

Afternoon All
Thought I would blog to you all regarding the October Boudoir Prive box, and whether or not my subscription will continue or cease as of today. . . .

As with the previous boxes, same baby pink outer packaging, with its magnetic open and close catch. Black tissue paper inside, wrapped with the classic pink ribbon, finished off with an ornate mirror seal.

. . And here are the products for the October 2011 box . . . 

  • Skincare: Cetuem 'Illuminating Mask and Creme de Lite (5ml samples)
  • Bodycare: Korres 'Quince' Body Butter (50ml)
  • Haircare: Leonor Greyl 'Huile de Palme' (25ml)
  • Fragrance: Memo Paris 'Les Echappees' (sample)
  • Lifestyle: Rose & Co Apothecary 'Rose Petal Salve' (20g - full size)
  • Makeup: Studiomakeup 'Liner Styler Pen Black' (1.1ml - full size)
 And you have probably noticed Boudoir Prive added a little extra; 'RMK Skintuner' invitation for Boudoir Prive members. This includes a complimentary skin consultation and a relaxing mini facial.

I will now go into a bit of detail about the products before concluding my 3 month Boudoir Prive trial.

Cetuem 'Illuminating Mask and Creme de Lite 5ml (samples)

Boudoir Prive wrote the following regarding this product:

Listed as one of the top 100 beauty brands by Harper's Bazaar, Cetuem is a breakthrough in skincare. These products will help you maintain a youthful complexion whilst brightening the skin and eliminating uneven skin tones.

I am in my mid 20s, and still believe I look pretty ''youthful'', I mean come on I got ID'd a few weeks ago for a lottery ticket - minimum age in the UK = 16!  That aside, using a product to lighten my skin and make me look youthful, for some reason doesn't quite sit right with me. I am not sure whether I will try this product, or give it to someone who is looking for a product like this? But I think for the time being I will sit on the fence with this one . . . {If I decide to try it, watch out for a blog post!}.

Korres 'Quince' Body Butter (50ml)

Since LondonLipGloss blogged about Korres and their lip butters, I have become hooked on this brand, so to see a Korres body butter in my October box, I was very pleased, until I sampled it. It smells very sweet, but leaves a lingering 'gone off' scent which I do not like. I'm very disappointed as I truly thought this was going to be fab. I do believe however that other boxes included either 'Guava' and 'Citrus', which I would probably have liked. 

 Leonor Greyl 'Huile de Palme' (25ml)

This product I can see being 1 of my favourites! When ever I wash my hair, I always pre poo {I will be blogging all about my updated hair care/routines very soon), and 1 thing I always put in my mix is natural oils. This product is ideal for my pre poo mix and I can not wait to use it. This product sure looks incredibly promising, and smells very fresh and clean, which is what I like. The product has solidified due to cold temperatures, which is easily rectified by simply putting it in a warm cup of water, until it turns to liquid. 

Memo Paris 'Les Echappees'

When I saw the packaging of this, I did think ''Ooo I think I am going to like this'', but when I sampled it, it just didn't quite like up to my expectations. If anyone can remember the classic CK (Calvin Klein) perfume, it smells very similar to that, apart from this leaves a lingering rustic scent. I can't say I will be purchasing this fragrance, but as always it's nice to sample new and different scents. {Please do bear in mind however that how I have described it is how the fragrance smells on me, but could smell different on you. Everyone's body chemistry is different.}


Rose & Co Apothecary 'Rose Petal Salve' 20g (full size) - £5.00

When I saw this I thought ''OMG lipblam'', as I am a sucker for lipbalm (think I have an addiction!). Not only is it a lip balm, but it can also be used on rough skin, tame eyebrows and lashes, basically anywhere that needs a little shine. It has a slight hint of rose scent (not overpowering, which is good), and for 20g there is a lot of product. As with any product I don't know about, I always read the ingredients, and unfortunately this product contains petrolatum, which I am not a fan so I won't be applying it to my lips. But it does contain beeswax, which is a great ingredient. As for the price tag (£5.00), I don't personally believe it's worth the money, as I truly believe there are better products that do a similar job on the market. Still a nice product, but don't think I will be purchasing when it finishes.

StudioMakeUp 'Line Styler Pen' 1.1ml (full size) - £12.00

I have never used liquid eyeliner, so to get this in the box, I am very intrigued. Boudoir Prive have also ensured the colour is black, which is pretty much a standard colour worn by the majority, and it's a full sized product, which is great. {I will at a later come back with a thorough review}.

Conclusion for October Box

Overall, I am quite happy with the box. As usual some great high end quality products, which are always a joy to discover and sample. However there are some products, which just aren't my cup of tea, and definitely will not be purchased in the future. I do feel this month, the box has perhaps tried to catered for both markets (the younger and mature generation), but I still feel it's 75% geared towards the more mature, which leads me onto my final question . . .

Will I keep my Boudoir Prive subscription or will I be waving byebye to it?

 . . . Unfortunately, it's the latter part of the question! This is a great box, with great brands carefully selected each month. But for 3 months on the trot, I have liked the products, but I don't love them all, or have I been 110% happy with everything. From the start of the Boudoir Prive journey, I immediately thought the box is suited for the mature, and I can't enjoy my box each month without having to pass on products unsuitable for me or just not to my liking. I don't mind giving my products away to my mum, or bloggers to try, but I just feel like I'm spending £10 a month, to essentially give half of it away. On those grounds alone, I will be unsubscribing from Boudoir Prive, and I will continue looking for a box that is more up my street, to my liking.

PS: This box was purchased with my own money, and my opinion is, as always, 110% honest, genuine and true.

17 October 2011

There's going to be a few changes around here . . .

Hello All

 Just a very quick blog post to inform you all that there are going to be some changes on my blog over the next few days/week or so. So please don't be alarmed if you visit my blog one day and find it's either down or something has moved elsewhere and etc. I can't give an exact date on when things will be completed (maybe 2 weeks?) but I do hope you like the new changes when it's all done.I am also hoping when my new blog is complete, I will be back into the blogging swing. 

Hope you're all very well.

10 October 2011

Bio Oil Skin Stories Campaign

Hello All
Hope you're all having a good start to the week. Today I am going to be blogging about a new campaign launched by Bio Oil. 

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Bio Oil, offering me the opportunity to take part in a skin stories campaign. As a big fan of this product, I immediately put myself forward, as I truly believe it is a fantastic product.

About Skin Stories Campaign

Bio Oil is renowned for its wonderful properties of eliminating blemishes and scars, which have been an issue for many. According to Bio Oil (2011) out of 3,000 women, research found that 1 in 3 are embarrassed, self conscious, worried or even ashamed about having blemishes or scars. The following are more interesting results:
  • Nearly 1 in 5 women (18% report that scars and stretch marks have a negative impact on what they choose to wear
  • Nearly 1 in 10 women (8%) admit that scars and stretch marks are a hindrance to, or even stop them completely from, being intimate with their partner or going out on dates
  • 27% of women are most embarrassed about their work colleagues seeing their scars/stretch marks whilst an incredible 20% find their partner the hardest person to show
  • 8% of women try to hide their scars or stretch marks from their children 
 (Bio Oil Press Release, 2011)

The aim of this campaign is encourage women to gain greater confidence in the appearance of their scars and blemishes. Not only gaining confidence, but also inspiring other women to share their stories, empowering each other to think positively about their own skin. The campaign will take place on the Bio Oil Facebook page starting from today (Monday 10th October 2011), and everyone is invited to take part and share their skin stories. Alongside real women will be celebrities who will be sharing their own skin stories. And there will also be experts offering tips and advice for improving skin confidence and reducing the appearance of scars and blemishes from mid October til Christmas 2011. 

When I first read the results, I was nodding my head in agreement to the statistics because I behave in the exact same manner. I have sometimes even tried to cover scars with makeup in a bid to hide away, as I feel really embarrassed. But now feeling positive about my own scars and blemishes, I now feel positive and comfortable to tell you all about my skin story. 

My Skin Story

I was about 5/6 years old, and my dad's friend had just left the house. My brother, dad and I waved off his friend, until we could no longer see the car in the distance. Dad went back in the house, and brother ran inside, locking me out of the house. Desperate to get back in the house, I knocked and knocked, but dad couldn't hear my knockings. I tried again, but this time giving the single pane glass a firmer knock, and smash! My little wrist went straight through the glass, severely cutting my wrist. {Writing this, the pain, tears are all coming back, I remember it like it was yesterday}. I endured 20 odd stitches, and of course as a result I am now left with 2 very distinct scars on my wrist, which will never ever fade. Everyday I look at the scars, and think back to that terrible day.

Of course, where my scars are, they are very distinct, but are not very visible unless I show people. Those who do see the scars, immediately say these words ''If there is anything I can do, or if you wanna talk, feel free to give me a call''; people think I have tried to take my own life which is NOT the case. I explain what happened and people are instantly amazed, as they thought/assumed wrongly. In a bid to try and avoid the ''smothering'', I began purposely wearing long sleeved tops/jumpers/cardigans to try and hide the scars as I was embarrassed. I figured if I hid my main imperfection on my body, nobody would hassle or query it ever again. But, as I have got older, I have begun to realise ''Why should I hide away a scar?'', ''Everyone has scars/blemishes, it's part of life, it's part of me''. I have learnt to accept that this scar is with me for life, and no matter how much covering and hiding I do, it will still be there. This scar is by far biggest and most noticeable on my body, and although I do have other scars/blemishes (for example stretch marks), I have learnt to accept those too. I no longer look at my body in utter disgust, feel embarrassed and ashamed; I am proud of it and a few scars/blemishes aren't going to completely take away my self confidence.

Nowadays, I just carry on with my life, and I barely even notice my scars/blemishes as I have got use to them. Even today going dancing, I wore a t shirt, and my wrist with the scars were visible, but I didn't let it affect my confidence. 

Get Involved

I hope by sharing my skin story with you has inspired you to share your skin story over at the Bio Oil Facebook group. It truly is a great campaign to get involved with, and become part of an online community positively sharing skin stores. Another fantastic part of this campaign is that Bio Oil will be donating £1 to the British Skin Foundation for every skin story shared on the facebook group, which I think is a very good cause to get involved with. 

Before I sign off this blog post, I want to thank Bio Oil for giving me this opportunity to get involved. It is a fab product, where I have seen good results (on different blemishes/scars to that of my skin story), I will be doing a separate blog post on a blemish that I am currently working on with the oil, and I do hope everyone has enjoyed reading this blog post.

PS: Although this is a campaign, with featured press release statistics, my opinions, thoughts and skin story are 110% honest, genuine and true.

7 October 2011

Where is 'Serenity of Beauty'?

Hello All
I feel compelled to let you all know my whereabouts for the next few weeks, as I don't want to leave my blog disowned, without telling you all what is happening.

I will be taking a few weeks break from the blogging community while I take care of my health. Some of you may or may not know that the past year for me has been incredibly bumpy - health wise (to say the least), and although I am 95-98% better, I am now battling another possible condition (waiting confirmed diagnosis). I may blog about it but for the time being, I am stepping back while I put no.1 first. I may do the odd blog post, but I won't be blogging or on twitter as much for a few weeks 

Be good, keep blogging/tweeting, and I shall see you all soon.

Who's your Secret Santa? . . .

Afternoon All

I have decided to come out of hibernation (yes, I'm very cold lol), and blog about a wonderful idea created by a lovely blogger I natter with on a daily basis. 

The lovely Nav over at 'Navilicious Beauty' has put together bloggers first ever 'Secret Santa' for Christmas 2011. I think this is a brilliant idea, and I firmly take my hat off to her for coming up with this idea. Jade from 'Fashion and Beauty Disaster' has also kindly been helping her set everything up, so I say a big well done to them both. I won't go into too much detail here, as everything can be found here, but you have until 25th October 2011 to get your entries in. 

So if you want to surprise a blogger friend this Christmas, then get your entries in now.
{I sense this is going to be a great success for 2011} . . . 


4 October 2011

ByBox . .

Hello All

Today I thought I would blog about something a bit different, and that is ByBox. Confused I hear you say? Read on . . .

ByBox is a service that delivers personal and business packages to a secure electronic locker bank when you're not at home. Using this service gives you 24/7 365 days a year access, and you will never miss a delivery.

How does it work?

When you sign up you'll receive your very own unique delivery address. When shopping online or being asked for an address, instead of giving your personal home address, you enter your unique delivery address. Once the goods are received to your unique delivery address, ByBox forward on the delivery to your nearest ByBox location and you'll receive a text and email with a locker code. Entering this code will unlock one of the lockers, where your delivery will be waiting for you. How simple and easy is that? :). Now I hear you say  ''I wonder how much it is?'' Well keep reading . . 

How much is this service?

ByBox are offering new customers a free, no commitment 4 week/month trial of the service. If you are happy with the service and etc, there are 2 payment options; advance or pay per delivery.

Advance works on the basis of a set period; 3, 6 or 12 months. The costs are as follows:
  • Monthly - £10
  • Yearly - £50
Alternatively if you feel you won't use the service as much as you think, then you can pay per delivery. This costs £2.00 each time of use.

Where are the ByBox locations?

There are currently over 400 ByBox locker locations across the UK. You can find your nearest ByBox location here.

What do I think?

I have used the service before with a Figleaves order, and I have to say it is pretty cool. No fuss, hassle or hanging around at home waiting for the delivery man to arrive; you just wait for your code, punch it in at the lockers and hey presto, there is your package waiting for you. This was an option however offered by Figleaves, (free of charge), which guaranteed my order the following day (depending on what time you order, of course)!

Another reason why I think this service is pretty good is you're protecting your personal home address, which I think is a brilliant idea for when placing orders online or being asked for it by people not really known to you. I also think it's a fab idea to get away from the barrage of junk mail that drops through your letter box from a company you've placed an order with once. It's soo annoying!!

Although at the moment I am trialling this service, whether or not I would sign up is questionable. I think the monthly and yearly price plans are pretty reasonable, although it will only really benefit those who receive packages on a day to day basis, so businesses for example would be most suited. The option of pay per a delivery, again is a great pay as you go option, and at £2.00 per delivery, isn't bad, if you use the service now and again.

Here are some pictures from my local locker bank when I went to collect a package today:

What do you think? Will this be a service you will be using? Or are you not convinced? Really would like to hear what you have to say.

If you are interested in knowing more about ByBox click here.

PS: I have not been paid to write about this service, nor am I affiliated with ByBox. My opinions and thoughts are always 100% honest and that of my own. 

3 October 2011

NOTW - Models Own 'Nude Beige'

Afternoon All

A few weeks ago I won a giveaway over at the blog of Super Gorgeous, and the prize included 3 models own nail polishes, and a nail art pen. This week I have decided to wear one of those nail polishes, 'Nude Beige', as I want to keep my nails neutral.

What do you think? I absolutely love the colour; a nude nail polish that actually suits me. I have been looking for a nude nail polish for ages, and what ever I tried, nothing looked right or suited my nails. So I am very pleased with this polish, and I thank Super Gorgeous for including this colour in the giveaway prize. I will be wearing the other two nail polishes included in the giveaway sometime soon, so stay tuned for swatches.

Is this a shade that you'll be purchasing yourself? Or are you not keen? Would love to hear what you have to say.