7 October 2011

Where is 'Serenity of Beauty'?

Hello All
I feel compelled to let you all know my whereabouts for the next few weeks, as I don't want to leave my blog disowned, without telling you all what is happening.

I will be taking a few weeks break from the blogging community while I take care of my health. Some of you may or may not know that the past year for me has been incredibly bumpy - health wise (to say the least), and although I am 95-98% better, I am now battling another possible condition (waiting confirmed diagnosis). I may blog about it but for the time being, I am stepping back while I put no.1 first. I may do the odd blog post, but I won't be blogging or on twitter as much for a few weeks 

Be good, keep blogging/tweeting, and I shall see you all soon.


  1. About Makeup Savvy8 October 2011 00:14

    Aww I didn't know about any of this and you always tweet me when I'm ill, so I feel bad now.

    Hope everything will be okay and your healthy improves.

    Fee xxx

  2. :( I hope you're ok, let me know if you need anything xx

  3. TheBristolBeautyBlog8 October 2011 00:40

    Hi hun - your health is way more important than blogging - take care of yourself - we'll all still be here when you're better! xx

  4. I really hope you get better soon and feel well enough again to blog. But until then, take your time to relax and recover from this condition. I'm sure your readers will patiently await for your return, so please don't feel compelled to blog if you aren't well enough to do so. I'll be wishing you the best :)

  5. Hope everythings okay, concentrate on getting yourself better xoxo

  6. Jessica Beautician8 October 2011 23:28

    I hope you're better soon, just take the time out to relax and give your body the rest. We'll all miss you but look forward to your return! You have my email if you need anything, just give me a shout! :-) xxx

  7. Hair and Beautylicious9 October 2011 22:38

    Awww thank you all very much for your kind words.Sincerely does mean a lot. I will be popping in and out of blogger, doing a few draft posts and in and out of twitter. :)


  8. Sorry to hear you're going through a tough time. I hope things get better for you. Take lots of rest. <3