19 April 2012

Bioré Pore Unclogging Scrub

A month or so I popped down to Bristol Cribbs Causeway as I had some errands to run. As an obsessive human of beauty products, I thought I'd take a lil nosey in Boots, see what offers, products were available in this store (my local store is very small, doesn't stock a lot). After spending a good 40mins (yes . . 40mins) browsing the store I left with my Origins Mega Mushroom lotion (which I have previously reviewed here), but I also picked up the Bioré Pore Unclogging Scrub. 

Our gentle yet effective face scrub uses perfectly spherical beads—not jagged edges—and the pore-unclogging power of salicylic acid to deep-clean clogged pores. The scrub unclogs pores by cleaning away impurities. Show the door to nasty pore-cloggers with this face scrub and get ready for beautifully clean, smooth skin.
{Oil Free} (Bioré, 2012)

My skin at the moment is somewhat in a complete and utter mess (hormones all over the place) and I wanted something that would unclog the pores, prevents the spots from rupturing and reduce the redness of the spots, which is what led me to picking up this scrub in Boots. I have given this product a good 2months trial and the verdict? I'm not so keen!

The overall packaging of the product is nice; it's see through so you can monitor how much product is left, and it has a flip top cap which makes dispensing the product easy. The container itself has lots of product information, including the ingredients and generally has a pleasant appearance; light and fresh.

The first thing I noticed with this scrub was how thick it was, which indicated to me that you only need a small amount to do the face and neck. Adding a bit of warm water or wetting the face first helped to lather the product even more, to get that deep cleanse of the skin. A lot of scrubs on the high street are heavily scented nowadays and I was expecting this one to be the same, but it wasn't too bad. Whilst gently massaging my face (ensuring the beads covered ever inch of my face/neck) I began to notice a slight tingle, which was a sign that the Salicylic acid was working. At first I did find it a little ''woah'' but after a while I got use to it. I used this scrub 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) which seemed to have been ok for my skin.

Unfortunately having used this for 2months I see absolutely no difference, change in my skin. I am still getting painful spots, the pores are still clogged and the complexion of my skin is no different to how it was before I started, if anything, it's a little worse. Considering the cost of this scrub I thought this product would have made a little difference to my skin, but unfortunately it's not for me. 

Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub RRP £4.99 and can be purchased from the following places:
*Boots, Asda, Sainsburys, Superdrug.

If you'd like to find out more about this product or Biore, stromectol preț then please click here.

*This review is as always 110% honest, genuine and true. I have not been compensated in anyway shape or form, and was purchased with my own 'moolah'.

17 April 2012

Happy '1st Blog' Birthday

A year ago today I was lying on my sick bed wondering if I would ever get better. Unable to work, socialise I was riddled with boredom, which led to the beginning of 'Serenity of Beauty.

I started this blog in a bid to keep my mind ticking; after spending 3 years at university busy studying, I still had that drive to keep tapping away at my laptop keys and writing about things I genuinely have an interest in. What became something to keep my mind ticking has now become something I thoroughly enjoy on a regular basis.

Never in a million years did I ever think 1 person let alone almost 500 of you would be interested in reading what I have to write on a regular basis. And I want to thank each and every one of you for subscribing, reading, commenting on my blog; it means a lot and I truly am grateful. I have also come across some lovely people via twitter who are an absolute joy to natter with on a daily basis and have truly made me feel welcome and part of a community.

Although my blogging has been a little sporadic over the past few weeks (work commitments and etc), I am hoping 2012 will see me have another great year blogging and the chance to try and meet some of you.

Thank you all once again.

11 April 2012

OOTN - Easter Sunday

Hello All

Sincere apologies posts have been somewhat sporadic on my blog; 1 has been very busy with work and other commitments and I have as a result neglected my blog a lil bit. I am hoping to try and get some blog posts going over the next few weeks but please do bear with me.

Anyway I have been meaning to do a OOTD/N post for absolutely ages, but I never seem to get round to doing it or I completely forget to ask someone to take a picture. So Sunday evening I took the opportunity to take some snaps before heading out onto the 'tiles' (town) to have a lil boogey woogey and a few bevvies. Originally this outfit was meant for another occasion which didn't happen, and as I am one for not wanting to let a good frock/outfit go to waste I decided to wear it out Easter Sunday. 

Here are some snaps. . . . 

 . . .So what do you think? I have to say I absolutely love the dress; I kid you not it feels absolutely amazing, fits like a glove and the fact the material is textured just gives the dress a complete different look and feel about it. It's also very good if you have those 'hang ups' on bits of your body that you're not happy with; disguises them with no problem whatsoever.

Dress: Lipsy   £40.00
Jacket: Matalan   £22.00   
Shoes: Jasper Conran (Debenhams) £28.00 (RRP £35.00)
Handbag: Debut (Debenhams)  

Enrapture Totem Styler  £39.98 (RRP £75.00)    -   used a 1-1-1 setting (loose curls)
Clip: Goody Butterfly clip £2.50

Make up
Foundation: Keromask Camoflague Foundation (Medium and Dark - mixed together)
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish  (Dark Deep)
Blusher: Lancóme Blush Subtil  '02 Rose Sable'
Mascara: Maxfactor False Eyelash Effect
Lip Tint: Barbara Daly (Tesco)
{I didn't wear a lot of make up purely because my skin isn't too great at the moment, and didn't want to clog, suffocate the skin}

Hope you enjoyed this post. Please let me know what you think; yay or nay to most OOTD/N posts?. . . .

*Everything I wore was purchased with my own 'moolah'*