27 November 2013

Aladdin . . .water bottle?!

Aladdin 0.6 'Coral'

. . .You've probably clicked on this thinking ''What the heck . .?'' Well I can confirm you are not seeing things, but I am blogging today about a water bottle, but not just any ol' water bottle. Ever purchased a drink that comes in bottle form, drink the contents and then said to yourself ''Ooo I'll keep this as it makes for a good water bottle to take to the gym/work?'' Yep we've all done it. However little do we know that by reusing plastic bottles actually does us no favours!

I'm not going to pretend I am some boffin of an environmentalist and give you 'chapter and verse' about the make up of plastic bottles, but what I do know that reusing plastic bottles over a long period of time can be harmful to you and your insides. Studies have indicated that food and drink stored in reused plastic bottles and containers does infact have traces of Bisphenol A (BPA), a synthetic chemical that interferes with the body’s natural hormonal messaging system. 130 studies have been conducted and BPA has been linked to to breast and uterine cancer, an increased risk of miscarriage, and decreased testosterone levels (About.com, 2013). Scary findings, huh? I tend to drink a lot of water during the day and I often found that the plastic water bottles were never big enough to hold a large quantity of water, which is what originally prompted me to search for a decent water bottle.

Amazon is where I found myself searching for a decent water bottle. I did come across quite a few brands, but I decided to go with the Aladdin following the positive reviews. There are 2 sizes available; 0.35 (small), 0.6 (large), which come in a variety of colours and designs. I opted for 'Coral' as at the time of purchasing this was the only colour available. The bottle has an easy drink spout, removable lid for easy filling, a carry handle, and it is 100% leak proof (this is true as I've had it in my handbag and had no spillage). The bottle is also stain, smell and shatter resistant. I have had this bottle for approximately 3 months and I absolutely love it; it comes everywhere with me. I also find it encourages me to drink more throughout the day . .I don't know why but it just does (for some reason). I have also noticed this has saved me money, in terms of I am no longer buying bottles of water which seems to be quite expensive these days. 

Many brands are now 'catching' on to producing water bottles along the same lines as Aladdin and trying to educate consumers of the dangers of continuous use of reused plastic bottles and containers. However with such a product like this that is unique and different from the norm, it does come with a little price tag. I purchased mine from Amazon at £9.99, which is a little expensive for a water bottle. But my justifications were it'll save me money as I won't need to buy water (which is true), viagra generika 100mg rezeptfrei and it is reuseable and safe (which again is true). So although at first it is quite 'steep' to purchase, it is in the long run reasonably priced.

I never imagined that I would pay such price for a plastic water bottle. But taking into consideration the information mentioned above, I think it is definitely a good investment and worth it.

Have you tried Aladdin? For more information please click here.

25 November 2013

Little Mix by Collection

If you didn't already know Little Mix have teamed up with the cosmetics brand Collection - 'Little Mix by Collection' to launch their own range in makeup. I have to admit I am not a huge fan of the girls (or their music to be blunt), but I thought I would review some of their products.

Within the collection, each girl from the group has created their own range to reflect their own individual style:
  • Jade - Vibrant
  • Jesy - Bold
  • Leigh Anne - Bronzed
  • Peirre - Daring
If you see yourself fitting under one of those umbrella categories, there is a range for you. If you fit all of them, then you can mix and match as you so wish. 

Jesy's Rock It Liner* £2.99

Jesy's collection is described as being 'bold', and I can see why. The Rock It Liner is a bold, vibrant metallic gold liner that is guaranteed to catch the attention of many. Easy to apply, fast drying, water resistant and long lasting. I personally am not one for bright, bold colours and could not see myself wearing this. But for the festive period coming up, it sure is a lovely colour to add to a glam outfit you may have in mind.

Jade's Rock It Liner* £2.99

Jade's collection is describe as being 'bold', and again, I can see why. The Rock It Liner is a bright electric blue, filled with lots of glitter. This certainly is not one for me; very 'tacky' looking in my opinion, was an absolute nightmare to remove and I found it was making my skin burn. That said, it was very easy to apply and did take a few coats to get a reasonable pigment of the true colour.


Leigh-Anne's Bronze It* £2.99

Leigh-Anne's collection is described as being 'bronzed', based on having a natural day look and then lots of shimmer for the night. Bronzing personally doesn't suit me, but this bronzer I thought was really nice. Definitely gives the a natural glow, finish to the skin without being over the top. It also highlights in all the right places.


Pierre's Blush It* £2.99

Pierre's collection is described as being 'daring'; if you like to make a statement with your lips, eyes, cheeks then this is the collection for you. I am quite picky when it comes to blush; I hate shades which are too pink and make me look like a clown. This blush however is very subtle, with a slight sweeping to the cheek is enough to give a lovely finish. The pigmentation on the skin (cheek) isn't brilliant, but as it is quite subtle you can keep adding more product until you get the desired look. 

The price for the products is fairly reasonable, although a few of the items are not very well pigmented. That said, the range is clearly aimed at a certain age range, with prices reflecting the potential 'pocket' of such consumer.

Little Mix by Collection is now available in Superdrug, Boots and other high street stockists.

Hope you've enjoyed this blog post.

*PR Sample

23 November 2013

New handbag . .

I have been meaning to do this blog post for quite sometime, but due to poor lighting (I hate the winter), and finishing late from work most days, has made it more or less impossible to blog this handbag. However today in the UK it is incredibly sunny, so of course I have taken advantage of this as much as possible by snapping everything I have accumulated over the past few weeks. 

Anyway those of you who follow me on twitter will have probably seen me tweet a few times with regards to wanting a new handbag. After 2 years my little Harrods bag was beginning to look a 'little' tired and it was beginning to frustrate me with the lack of organisation compartments. I am very picky when it comes to handbags, so finding the 'right' handbag has been a mission to say the least. I have had my eye on the Modalu handbags, not because they are well known for being used by Pippa Middleton but because they are incredibly spacious with compartments. However the cost of £229 I couldn't justify spending on a handbag that use to be priced in the region of £80 . .! Anyway my good friend Nicola tweeted and told me Modalu have a sale on . . of course, I immediately 'hot footed' it to the website and had a look, and boy was it a good sale! Of course the most popular colours of the Pippa bag (black/dark brown) were not in the sale, however the colours that were available was still a good selection. Most of my handbags are usually black or dark brown, but wanting to 'step out of my comfort zone', I opted for the 'Camel' colour; a light shade of brown.

After I had ordered I started to doubt my choice of colour, however when it arrived and I got use to the colour, I decided that I had chosen the right handbag. I have to say the bag was well packaged; the care in ensuring that this bag arrived in the condition that it left Modalu HQ/warehouse was simply immaculate - reems and reems of packaging. Before I even opened the box, I could smell the leather, which I like in a new handbag. But I could tell straight away that it was of good quality, purely from feeling the incredibly soft leather.

First impressions of the bag - very pleased with it. Unsure of whether it would be too big or too small it is infact just the right size for me and my 'usual handbag' junk. Bags which are too big tend to annoy me as they are bulky and cumbersome. I am impressed with the various compartments of this bag; 3 main compartments, 2 side pockets, 1 inner zip pocket and a zip compartment on the back of the bag. I honestly didn't realise just how many compartments this bag had which to be honest is a good thing as I am now able to organise my handbag properly.

One thing I was curious about is whether or not my iPad would fit into this bag and to my surprise it fits snuggly into one of the compartments, no problem at all. I can also fit A4 documents into my bag, water bottle . .and a pair of Ballet pumps with no problem whatsoever.

Two things which I absolutely love about this bag is the 'shell' design which is on the zips and inside lining of the bag. I just find it so so cute and different to your average handbag on the highstreet.The shells are 'Gold' which I didn't realise actually go nicely with my everyday jewellery as I tend to wear Gold. 

The RRP for this handbag is £229, however as I got it in the sale, I only paid £112 - bargain!! 

I have received a lot of comments on this handbag, in particular the colour which I am quite surprised about. But it is a handbag that at first purchasing is perhaps expensive, but I think I have purchased a very good investment that will last for a considerable amount of time. Who knows . . maybe I might get another . .in a different colour? . . . 

If you are interested in finding out more about Modalu and their selection of handbags, please click here. 

Hope you've enjoyed this blog post.

21 November 2013

''In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different''

. . .I came home from work today and sat pondering for a few moments. I had a few moments to reflect over my past week and myself. I am settling into the swing of things at my new job, learning procedures and 'in-house language' which is like a foreign language to me. I've been catching up with old and new friends, reminiscing over old times and constantly asked ''Do you still dance?''. I step back and think for a few moments ''Have I really been dancing for 23 years?. . . yes''. As hobby which I have religiously stuck to makes me me . . unique, different from the norm. I am someone who doesn't follow trends, but an individual who likes to remain true to myself and with my own sense of style. The quote above pretty much sums me up; I am irreplaceable (to my family, close friends), but I am different in more ways than one.  

Having a browse on the Watch Gallery website I have come across some (in the words of Sharon Osbourne) 'fabulous' watches which are so so glamourous. I have to admit I did spend a good while browsing the website gawping at the watches; some simply are incredible. I did however find a favourite which I thought has my name written all over it.

Chanel J12 33mm White Diamond Watch
. . .How gorgeous is this watch??? Etched with 61 diamonds, dazzling brightly in the light I simply have fallen in love with this gorgeous watch. It is perhaps a watch not to everyone's taste, but that's what makes me different and unique. Chanel is a brand I have always loved and adored; it is simple, timeless, chic yet very classy. A brand and its products that will never go out of fashion, in my opinion. A girl can never have too many 'fabulous' things, of course . . .

The past 10+ years I have dreamt of owning a pair of shoes which are 'thee' must shoes of all female wardrobes .. yep you've guessed it Christian Louboutin. We all know how 'fabulous' (see, Sharon Osbourne 'lingo' catches on quick) these shoes are; again, they are classic and virtually go with any outfit. Of course, in keeping with being different, unique (and starting to get festive), I absolutely adore the 'Fifi' 100mm, etched with diamonds to give the effect of the 'Aurora boreale' (which is absolutely beautiful, I must say).

A simple black dress, complimented with these gorgeous shoes certainly will catch the attention of many . . especially if you throw some 'serious' shapes on the dancefloor with the lights bouncing off your 'twinkle toes' (get it . see what I did there?). So we've got the unique watch, shoes, but we need a handbag . . .

Guaranteed whenever I pop into town I head straight to my local department store and 'gawp' at the various handbags. Wanting to stay away from the normal black/brown, I tend to opt for handbags with a bit of colour and is different from the norm. This gorgeous leather handbag from Jack French certainly did catch my attention; bold statement leather handbag with a soft gorgeous purple velvet lining. Love it. 

 Writing this blog post has now given me the sudden urge to go out and shop - ha typical! But if there is one thing I have learnt in life is stay true to yourself, never be a 'clone' of something which does not represent who you really are. If what you like makes you the 'odd one out', so be it. Take it as your way of showing others ''It's ok to be unique and different'' .. it is what makes us individual after all . . .

6 November 2013

Scent your . . .draws. . .

. . .I am of course talking about my under garment draws. At present I have 4 draws. . . yes you read that correctly 4 draws stuffed of my under garments. My mum often moans ''You have far too much'' . .my come back ''A woman can never have too much''. Anyway years ago I given this roll of paper and told to put it in my under garment draw. Upon opening and realising it was scented I soon realised what it was; Rose scent draw liners. At first I found the concept most strange as I figured you've already washed your underwear and etc, why would this be needed. But I realised it is in fact a nice addition to have to make your draws smell 'less woody' (if they are new), and give your underwear a nice fragrance. Nowadays not only can you get said product in sheet form, but you some companies are now selling scented beads, enveloped sachets which is what I will be blogging about today.

Greenleaf brings nature home with fragrances that evoke the romance of delicate flowers, the freshness of ocean and air, the vibrance of juicy citrus, and the coziness of sweet cinnamon and vanilla. The vision of Greenleaf is to create products and fragrances that embody the joy of every season. The original scented envelope sachet was the first Greenleaf product, and continues to be our nature-inspired signature.
(Greenleaf, 2013)

What I love most about this company is the scents are made in-house and it's still family owned but has gained international success. And quality takes main focus in ensuring its customer receive the best products. I personally have never heard of this company or seen any of their products here in the UK, which is why I thought I would give them a try. 

Having had a browse on their website there is plenty of variety to choose from in terms of scents. I am however quite picky and sensitive so opted for a scent I know my 'nostrils' have adapted well to; Lavender. This particular scent is quite nice as it's fresh, calming and leaves a pleasant aroma for quite sometime. Unsure of what size to select I opted for 'slim' (small sachet) as I didn't want to choose something that was too much or I didn't like it. 

Upon arrival, I kid you not, I could smell the scent from the outer packaging which was a box with other items inside. The sachet was packaged in a clear plastic wrapper to ensure the envelope did not get damaged as it is paper. The packaging itself is clear in writing; you know what scent you have and the detailing is very minimalist but to the point. The sachet was not 'full' which was a little surprising but I can see why as the scent is really strong. However as with most things that have a smell, this will wear off eventually. I have currently had this sachet in 1 draw, and it smells so lovely; fresh. Everytime I open my draw I get a strong 'whiff' of lavender. 

What I also discovered with this little sachet is that it's also good for room fragrances, closets, office, vehicles, storage, pet areas and many more. There is even a suggestion on the packaging to place the lavender sachet near your bed, or slip into a duvet/pillow to help relax and induce sleep. I personally have not tried this but generally lavender is a good product anyway to help induce sleep, regardless of what form it comes in. 

Considering I only placed this sachet into my draw nearly 2 weeks ago, the scent is still really strong. Every so often when I get something out, I give the sachet a quick 'shake', giving the little lavender 'bits' chance to give off more scent and circulate in the envelope. I do however think it is a little expensive, but from what I have experienced so far (which I am quite impressed with), it's not bad. .

Greenleaf Scented 'Lavender' Sachet* £2.25.

So . . . do you scent your draws? . . 

*PR Sample