21 August 2011

Jamaica 2011

Hello Lovely People

I have been tweeting all week that I will upload a selection of snaps; some from the wedding (not all uploaded at the request of the Bride and Groom) and some of my own holiday snaps. So here they are, Enjoy!




PS: This is my 100th blog post (YAY me). So pleased I have done the 100, never thought I would have kept the blog going this long, but I really do enjoy it and have come across some wonderful bloggers who spur me on everyday to keep doing what I enjoy. So thank you all. ('', ). 


  1. Looks like you had an amazing time. I love Jamaica. I've climbed that waterfall too. Was so much fun. And well done on the 100 posts! x

  2. Lovely pics, looks really nice there :).

    Sadie xx

  3. That waterfall looks absolutely amazing, in fact... it all looks amazing. I was gonna buy that black and silver bikini you have on in one of the photos but they didn't have my size left booo!

    This has made me get a little more excited for my holiday!!


  4. Madame Gourmand21 August 2011 16:20

    I love the pics! The wedding flowers looked amazing! I bet you didn't want to come home! x

  5. Nice pictures! Looks like you had fun :). Though, if I'm being honest I don't enjoy the watermarks all over your photos. I'm not trying to be a hater and I can kinda understand why you might have them, but in my opinion it doesn't look very good. Great blog anyway :)

  6. TheBristolBeautyBlog21 August 2011 21:19

    Looks amazing! The wedding, the flowers and the waterfall! Glad you had fun! xx