16 July 2012

16 Random Questions

Hello All

So I very rarely do these sort of tags because quite frankly I don't really have the time. But seeing as I am gradually easing myself back into my blogging, I thought I would do a random tag, answer some questions, so you can see a bit more of my personality (I hope)!. I originally saw this tag on 'Nina's Bargain Beauty' blog so please do go and check out her blog. Right here goes Wenn Sie heute bereit sind, den ersten Schritt zu tun, stehen fürsorgliche Lemonaid-Ärzte oder Krankenpfleger bereit, um mit Ihnen über ED zu sprechen. Nach Ihrem diskreten, einfachen Online-Videotermin schreiben Ihnen unsere Ärzte oder Krankenschwestern ein Rezept für Viagra, wenn es die richtige Behandlungsoption für Ihre Bedürfnisse ist. . . .16 random questions . . .

1) What was the last concert you went to?
Leona Lewis 'Labyrinth' tour 2010 - that was absolutely amazing. Originally my friend and I were going to go but tickets sold out, until her mum managed to find us some tickets last minute. Seats were pretty decent, got a good view and the night was in fact a very good evening. My favourite songs of the night were 'Run', 'First time ever I saw your face', and of course 'Bleeding Love'. 

2) When did you last drink Champagne?
Ummm my birthday this year; as a result ended up very drunk and sleeping on a minibus for the rest of the evening (classy)!

3) Have you been dancing recently?
 Yes, I went dancing on last week Monday. I do Tap, have done for 22years. Thoroughly enjoy it and is a great way to exercise and take my mind of day to day stress. 

4) Put your iPod on shuffle - what is the first track?
 Tom Baxter 'Light Me Up' - I first heard this last year as part of ITN news Royal Wedding Montage. I kid you not, I actually shed a tear, purely because the song is beautiful, but the Royal Wedding was just utterly stunning. (Click here to see the montage)

5) If you could compete in any event in the London 2012 Olympics,  what would it be?
4x100 Relay - I use to run for my school, and this was one event I always use to enjoy; great team work, fun and competitive. 

6) What is your favourite children's book?
Beatrix Potter books. I don't have a favourite as such, but I always loved reading/having them read to me as a child. 

7) How did you choose the title of your blog?
All has been explained here.

8) What would you regard as your biggest achievement?
Completing my university degree. I came very very close to quitting on numerous occasions purely because I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel. But through sheer determination and support from family and class peers I kept plodding on until I finished. Was so nice graduating, wearing that heavy mortarboard and cape for 3hours! 

9) How much time do you spent on blogs and twitter each week?
LoL Oh gawdddd, far too much time! 

10) Who are you inspired by?
Darcey Bussell; her commitment and dedication to dance is something that I have always taken on board, and learnt to apply to all aspects of my life.

11) Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?
It wasn't me . . it was the person over there ---------->> {look to your right} LoL

12) If you could introduce one law, what would it be?
Clamp down on sexual exploitation and human trafficking. A topic that I studied in great depth whilst at university, and it is incredibly surprising to see that although laws have been implemented to some degree, there are still 'loop holes' which have not been 'sealed'. 

13) What book do you think everyone should read at least once? You know, the one you read, fell in love with and have since taken to recommending it to people at every opportunity?
Usain Bolt '9.58'. As a fan of the worlds fastest man, it is an incredibly interesting and fun book to read.

14) If you could wake up anywhere in the world, where would you be?
Jamaica - sun, sand, sea (and cocktails, of course).

15) When was the last time you did something that scared you?
I put my hair up into a ponytail, but obviously missed a few strands of hair. I felt this thing 'tickling' the back of my neck, and I immediately thought ''SPIDER''! 

16) Are you a believer in telling the truth, no matter what the consequences, or are there times when it's best to keep your mouth shut?
I am a firm believer of ''Honesty is the best policy'', but at times it's best to stay quiet - it all depends on the situation, who is involved and what it's about.

Hope you enjoyed my responses.
If you decide to do this tag, please do let me know as I would love to read your responses

12 July 2012

Alexandra Burke's Lip Boom MUA Cosmetics

When I first heard Alexandra Burke (x factor winner 2008) was teaming up with MUA and launching her own lipsticks, I did think ''Oooo, great collaboration''. Invited to the launch but unable to attend, I was kindly sent 3 of the lipsticks to sample.

 {L to R: 'Cheeky', 'Vibe', 'Doin Good'}

 {L to R: 'Cheeky', 'Doin Good', 'Vibe'}

The lip booms are a duo product; a lipstick on one end and a highlighting lip gloss on the other. You can either use each product on its own, or use the lip gloss on top of the lipstick (in the centre of the lips) for a fuller curvacious 3D look. There are 8 shades which have all been given catchphrases Alexandra is known for saying, such as OMG, Cheeky, Doin Good, Vibe, Bring It, LMK, It's a situation, and yes the Ok.Com, which quite frankly didn't quite go down well with the British public last xfactor season! Anyway I did notice at the bottom of the duo product is a little twist off 'pot' with product in it, which I did try to sample, but had solidified. But that aside, I can't for love nor money quite figure out the point of it? (Any ideas would be much appreciated). The overall look of the product and its packaging I do quite like; not too in your face, but on the other hand it is catching to the eye due to Alexandra Burke on the packaging and its design. 

  {L to R: 'Vibe', 'Doin Good', 'Cheeky'}



I found with all 3 lipsticks to be very drying, which is no surprise as they are matte. None of them I thought suited me personally (hence no lip swatches), and the lip gloss (like a lot of people have echoed) are very gritty. I found them to be heavily scented with vanilla which isn't really a put off for me, but I can imagine would probably annoy me after sometime. However that aside the product is RRP £3, which to be honest is pretty good value for money.
My overall thoughts about the product I do like the whole concept, but the actual product itself I am not too 'bowled' over by which is a bit of a shame. Should there be more colours in the near future that might suit me, then I would more than happy try again because lets face it £3 is a pretty damn good buy! 

Have you invested in a Lip Boom? If so, what do you think?

*PR sample

11 July 2012

GHD Oval Dressing Brush

*I hold my hands up* I never really have been one to take too much notice on what brand of hair brush I use; so long as it does the job well, I am a happy lady. However having had the opportunity to 'test drive' the GHD Oval Paddle Dressing brush, I am hooked! 

Best for . . .Daily grooming. This grooming brush is a styling classic for mid- to long-length hair. Made from natural bristle, which helps distribute the hair’s natural conditioning oils along the hair shaft, the Oval Dressing Brush adds shine and lustre as you brush
(GHD, 2012)

As we all know GHD are best known for their straighteners, which I can imagine the majority of you own, or have owned in the past. Not only do they produce heating appliances, but also have products to protect the hair and finish/style the hair. However they also have hair tools to really help achieve a professional hair style. I had no idea GHD had hair tools, so was very excited to see what their products are like. 

First impressions - very impressed. Very GHD, and I like the modern contemporary styling, look and choice of colours of the outer packaging. Not sure if it would 'catch my eye' if I saw this in a store, but the choice of design of the packaging is very 'edgy' and unique.

The back of the outer packaging I found really useful to some degree; giving a realistic impression of the hair brush. Although I can imagine the majority of people would still be tempted to open the box and have a proper look, and 'feel' for the product. But nevertheless, still a cool feature to add to the packaging.

 . . .And the product its self . . . .violá . . . how fabulous does the hair brush look?

When I took the hair brush out of the box, immediately I could see quality and was very eager to actually get using on my hair. The natural bristles are short which I thought ''Noway will this brush penetrate through my hair, due to being quite thick'', but I was wrong. Adding a little bit of pressure, I found this hair brush really penetrating, working itself through the entire depth of my hair, leaving it soft and smooth. I also noticed my hair was very shiny thereafter, which was very surprising. I have also noticed that this brush is brilliant for smoothing down those 'flyaway hairs' that never do as they are told. 

The brush also feels very professional; not heavy, but of the right weight, has a rubbery feel for a good grip, and has 'GHD' stamp at the bottom of the brush, which I think is a very cool finish.

RRP £20 which is a little of the steep side, but it is a good hair brush that does exactly what it sets out to achieve. 

If you are interested in purchasing this hair brush or viewing other GHD hair products, then please click here. 

*PR Sample

6 July 2012

Accessorize 'Enchanted' Fragrance

Hello All

So my blogging at the moment is a lil hit and miss (due to busy personal life and whatnot), but I am trying to get the blogging up to date as quickly and speedily as possible, so please do bear with me.

Back in June I was invited to the new Accessorize Beauty collection, which I desperately wanted to attend but couldn't due to work commitments. So I didn't miss out on the gorgeous products, I was sent a selection of items to sample and blog for you all, which I am til this very day extremely grateful for so thank you. Instead of reviewing all the products in one go, I will be uploading a review every few days, detailing my thoughts and opinions  The first product which I will review for you all today is the 'Enchanted' Eau De Toilette fragrance.

. . . . Sweet fruity floral accord consisting of ripe Raspberries, Candyfloss, soft Jasmine, Violet and Rose with supporting notes of subtle Chocolate Musk, Vanilla and Sandlewood.
 (Press Release, 2012)

My first impressions of the product (packaging and design) - wow, very very chic and I have to say very up my street. I currently have an obsession with Butterflies so to see it on perfume packaging makes me adore it even more. The use and choice of colours are very striking and catching on the eye, and very representative of its name 'Enchanted'. The perfume bottle itself is very strong and sturdy, with see through glass which makes it incredibly consumer friendly to gauge just how much product is actually left in the bottle. The opening of the perfume has a 'pull' off top which can be easily secured tightly back onto the bottle. Now you're all wondering ''What does it smell like?'' I personally have mixed opinions.

When I first sprayed it onto my wrists, I found it to be quite overpowering with its sweety floral scent. The vanilla and candyfloss are two of the scents that I find quite strong, and as a result came across quite sickly after a while. I personally am not a keen lover of sweet fragrances which brings me onto the 'dupe' I think it smells like; Britney Spears 'Fantasy'. If you have ever worn, or sampled this fragrance, you will know it's very sweet and I can't help but think that this fragrance is somewhat similar, if not the same to some degree (maybe less intense/strong). On the other hand, giving this fragrance a few minutes to settle onto the skin, and work with your body chemistry, it does become not so strong, and a bit bearable albeit still a little sweet.

As a result I am somewhat stuck on the fence with this fragrance; the packaging is beautiful, very eye catching and 'enchanting', but the fragrance unfortunately isn't quite to my liking, but after a while does settle and become less intense.

The fragrance is currently retailed at £15.00 for 50ml and can be purchased from The Perfume Shop, Boots and Accessorize.

*PR sample