5 August 2011

*Guest Blog Post* - Current Favourites

 Hey Lovelies 
As you all know I am on holiday in Jamaica. I have decided to give my week away to guest bloggers, who have all done a variety of topics, which I hope you all enjoy. To kick off of the guest blogging week, here we have 'Beautyful-Fashion'.

Hey everyone, so this is going to be my guest post about my currect favourites, for the lovely blog 'Hair and Beautylicious' :)

I've tried my best to keep the products down to a minimum as I find reading lengthy posts quite boring! Anyway so here are my current favourite products...

Starting off with face products:

Piz Buin In Sun Radiant Face Cream - I know that most days England still thinks it's winter but I still wear this sun cream as it smells incredible and reminds me of being on holiday! Oh and they say you should still wear sun cream on cloudy days therefore I suppose that's another reason why I wear it even when the weather is crappy! I apply this on after moisturising and before applying make up and it gives my skin a nice healthy glow :)

MAC Blusher in Trace Gold - As the sun seems to be playing hide and seek in the UK at the moment it's been hard to catch a tan! Like most of you dolls, I love tanned skin so I've been using this blush to fake sun-kissed skin :)

Now onto hair products:

Lee Stafford Messed Up Wonder Web - As we all know (but don't like to be reminded) back-combing is very damaging to the hair but we still do it as we love the textured hair it creates. For me, this product is an alternative to back-combing because it creates the textured, messy-look hair, only without the damage!

Finally, onto lip products:

Revlon Lipstick in Nude Attitude and MAC Lipstick in Politely Pink - Lately I've been loving these two lipsticks and switching between the two of them.

MAC Lip Conditioner in Pink Fish (HK Collection) - I'd completely forgotten that I even had this until a couple of weeks ago I re-discovered it! I love using this when my lips are not in good enough condition to be wearing lipstick or if I want to bring a slight colour to a nude lipstick.

So that's it then lovies, dont forget to leave a comment with your current favourites :)

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Lots of love
Author of Beautyful-Fashion


  1. The blush looks pretty, and the hair product sounds interesting! rachinald.blogspot.com :)

  2. I happen to have the chance of using Piz Buin In Sun Radiant Face Cream. My aunt work on some of England famous hospital and she gave me this beautiful product. Your right about the holiday smell that it has. Now I keep on asking my aunt to send me the same product.