28 June 2011

Have you heard of Boudoir Prive? . .

Evening followers 

Yes, it's my 2nd post for the day (I'm on a roll, I know lol). But I thought this topic however needed a blog post of its own, following my brief mention of them in my 'A lil update' blog post, so here goes.

You have more than likely seen over the past few days, an inundated amount of blog posts, tweets regarding the June glossybox, leaving many people not happy, after feeling this months box failed to match that of May, which as we all know featured a full sized NARS product. Not only this disappointment of the contents, but the email stating the P&P costs would be going up to £2.95, when it was originally free (there was no mention of p&p costs coming in at a later date, or if there was, many people didn't pay attention as glossybox emphasised a lot on P&P being free). Of course, this whole disappointment has resulted in many people cancelling, and feeling slightly annoyed, to say the least. However whilst the disappointment and upset was at full steam, a company by the name of Boudoir Prive caught my attention, controlla il nostro sito and I thought I'd do some digging, see what they had to offer.

Boudoir Prive are basically a company who have the same principle as that of glossybox, but instead of 5 products, you receive  6 products, P&P costs are included, all for £10 a month. Now I know what you're thinking ''Glossybox started out the same''. I personally believe if Boudoir Prive are to think strategically, and not make the same mistake as glossybox, I believe they will generate a lot more custom and interest. Whether they become more superior to the 'godfather' Glossybox, who knows. But I think following this glossybox backlash, they will do pretty well. For a start, 6 products instead of 5 for the same price of £10 a month, immediately caught my interest, so I signed up. 

This company are due to be launched beginning of July, however the first boxes are limited. So if you want to be in with a chance of getting your mitts on a box, then sign up here for more information and updates.

Hope you have found this post interesting and informative.

PS: Don't forget to follow Boudoir Prive on twitter: @boudoirprive
PPS: I have not been paid or asked to write about this company, I am writing about them through my own interest to inform followers/readers.


Afternoon followers

Hope you're all well, feeling slightly cooler after yesterdays UK mini heatwave (although todays weather seems to have taken a sudden turn with rain, thunderstorms and lightening!). Anyway . . back to the blog post. . .  

You're probably wondering what is the blog title about, well I'm not going to start talking about vampires or anything like that, no but I am going to introduce you to a company that I had never heard of until recently, who go by the name of 'Youngblood'. Now I'll be honest, I had never heard of them before until a few days ago I saw them on twitter, and of course this immediately caught my attention, and I proceeded to try and find out more about them.

Youngblood was founded in 1996 by the wonderful Pauline Youngblood-Soli, specialising in mineral cosmetics. Previous to her discovery of this brand and its products, Pauline was a licensed medical aesthetician, working alongside many plastic surgeons and dermatologists. Of course this is where she came into contact with many people who wanted natural looking make up in a bid to conceal and soothe bruising and irritation, from procedures such as laser treatments, acne, rosacea. Working for many years in a bid to find make up that was satisfying and gentle for the skin, came the discovery and benefits to pure minerals and natural pigments, without petroleum dyes and parabens, creating the break through for mineral cosmetics. Since its discovery, the company has gone from strength to strength now offering high quality makeup for face, eyes and lips, in the most natural looking shades. The company has now become extremely popular and has expanded its domestic and international distribution.

Youngblood vision:

Pauline Youngblood-Soli had a vision to develop a new mineral makeup line that will bring out a woman’s natural beauty. Makeup made from only the purest, most luxurious ingredients in nature because every woman deserves only the best. Makeup that all women, no matter their age and skin type, can feel good about putting on because it will keep skin healthy and protected from irritants. That’s the Youngblood difference. Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics is Pauline’s dream realized. (Youngblood, 2011).

Youngblood have gone several steps beyond to promote the quality of its products and how they differ from other mineral companies:

  • Pure natural minerals with a specialized milling process for superior, weightless, and adjustable coverage.
  • Offers a healthy, radiant, and natural look with less shimmer.
  • Offers both loose and pressed minerals that can be mixed and matched for endless choices in shades and coverage. Ideal for all skin tones.
  • Satisfies all skin conditions: Sensitive, oily to normal to dry, rosacea and acne, hyperpigmentation and sun damage, broken capillaries, even allergy sensitive.
  • No zinc oxide, so minerals are non-drying.
  • Contains titanium dioxide for broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection.
  • Has no fragrances, oils, or talc
  • Makeup is water-resistant and lasts all day without touch ups.
  • Non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic. Cruelty-free.
  • Youngblood has been making strides in becoming a greener, more environmentally friendly company. Most of the packaging is made from recycled material and our cartons are being produced in FSC certified stock and soy ink.
(Youngblood, 2011)

I have probably bombarded you with enough information, and you think that's it, right? Nope . . I have more.

Of course with anything new that we've never heard of, we immediately ask ''How much are they?'', or ''How much is it?''. Well I can tell you, as with anything that is of high quality, comes with a price tag to reflect its premium. The cheapest items on the website are the Lipliner pencil and Eyeliner pencil, which both come in at £10, and the most expensive item is the Liquid mineral foundation, at £35 (although there is a summer makeup bag set for £39.83). Now I personally am not one to skimp and save on makeup, as I learnt from a previous mistake; face the colour of a raspberry due to irritation, with the added look of stinging nettle rash (result from cheap blusher = not a good look). So from that day I always vow to spend a decent amount of money on makeup. Looking at the pricing of all their products, I personally think they are not badly priced. Ok some may argue that they are too expensive, but I guess it just depends on the individual and their price range. (Please note I am not disregarding drugstore makeup or anything like that, it just doesn't agree with me personally).

Youngblood is also a brand that is not just aimed at the 'young', but is also for those who are of mature age. And youngblood also cater for all skin complexions, which is brilliant to me. My skin is that of Afro Caribbean, and I often find it a nightmare to find foundation to fit my complexion, without being too pale. Having had a look on the website, depending on what product you want, there is a good choice of shades, although not a wide range. But it's great to see that the shades don't just stop part way through the colour spectrum, and have gone that bit further to cater for all skin complexions.

Having had a look around the website, a read of the company mission statement, and what it sets out to achieve, I have to say I am really impressed. Not because it's a company that offers a great selection of cosmetics and tools, but the fact that the founder has taken the time to research and discover products that would be suitable for those with incredibly sensitive, problematic skin, using the naturalist of ingredients to create these products. The prices are very affordable to the majority, and all skin types and complexisions have been catered for, which makes me like the company even more. Although the company only came into the UK in 2008, and there aren't many stockists apart from beauty/spa salons, it is definitely worth checking out Youngblood (if you haven't already), as I can guarantee you won't be left disappointed or unsatsified in what you seek to discover.

Phew! That was a long blog post ('', ). But I do hope you find it immensely interesting and informative. 

PS: Don't forget to follow Youngblood on twitter: @YoungbloodUK
      Also 'Like' their facebook page: Youngblood UK

PPS: I have not been paid or asked to write about this company, I chose to as I truly believe it's a company that deserves more praise and recognition.

26 June 2011

NOTD - OPI Rosy Future

Afternoon lovely followers

How are we all? All enjoying the wonderful British weather (I hope), that for the first time in ages has hit 28 degrees (c) where I am in the UK, amazing :D. However if you are sunbathing, please make sure you are sun creamed up and keeping hydrated. 
Anyway I blog today with a NOTD post. I love a variety of colours, but due to my line of work where colleagues are not allowed to be an 'individual' and wear what they like, I have to keep my nail polish subtle; it's either no polish, clear polish or a french manicure. I can't always get to the nail bar, who french manicure my own nails for a mere £5 (bargain), so I opt for a polish that isn't obvious but subtle. 

OPI Rosy Future is currently retailed at Sally's for £10 (I think), which in my opinion is not worth the money. So I take to Ebay and found the seller 'Beautyzone2007' in the US, who sold the exact same genuine polish for £5-6 (inc. p&p). It took approximately 5 days to arrive, and came in immaculate condition, brand new. Of course immediately opened and tried, the colour is just exquisite, it's not in your face or obvious, just very subtle and quite cute, I thought.

As you can see, it looks pink, and you immediately think ''oh gawd, it's going to be a baby pink shade'', but actually it's not. It actually is very opaque and leaves a bluey, purpley, pinky colour when the light hits the nail. This I thought was right up my street, as I can wear it to work and not face being told off. *rolleyes*. 

Here are a few more snaps:

So then ladies, what do you think? Is it a shade that you want to try? Or are you not keen? Really would like to hear your thoughts.

24 June 2011

A lil update . .

Hello all (welcome new followers),

Just thought I would do a little update for you all.

If you follow me on twitter, you may have read earlier in the week, my laptop blew up! Well I say blew up, it almost did. My charger split, exposing the wire, and as I turned my back to look in the mirror to apply some cream, I heard a massive spark and saw a bright flash of light.Yep, my laptop was on the verge of catching fire, and almost taking my TV with it! -_-. My old laptop has since been out of action as no charger, but I have since got a whole new laptop, which I am busy trying to work my way around. Of course, I have been unable to access my old laptop and pull all my blogging bits off, which is why my blogging has been null pwoah these past few days. I am however hoping to have it all sorted by early next week, and I shall be back to my normal blogging self shortly. Promise :).

In other news, as many of you might know the Glossybox for June was sent out mid this week, many people receiving their boxes today. Following the hype from the May box, which included a full sized NARS 'Orgasm' Illuminator, many people who had not previously subscribed, immediately joined. However following comments on their facebook group, and twitter discussions amongst other bloggers this evening, it appears that not everyone is happy with what they have received this month. Not only this disappointment, but as of September ALL glossyboxes will be posted at the fee of £2.95, for 2nd class delivery. So in total you will be spending £12.95 a month. This has now prompted many people to cancel, following the disappointment of the items and the P&P cost. If I am truly honest, I didn't think glossybox would be able to sustain the hype it set with the May boxes, which is a shame for something which seemed so promising. However July's box could be better . . . who knows?

Obviously the idea of receiving luxury items, and sampling in the comfort of your own home is a very appealing idea to many. And this is an idea that seems to have caught onto another company, that came across my path this evening, goes by the name of Boudoir Prive. Boudoir Prive have taken the same principle of that as Glossybox and Birchbox, but this time they are providing 6 products, including P&P all for £10 a month. Of course this is how Glossybox started, but I believe if they are smart enough, they will continue with this pricing strategy and not fall head first into a puddle like glossybox have with its new additional fee! I have signed up to this box, as receiving 6 products instead of 5 seems far more appealing and value for money. Although I have previously stated in my 'To glossybox or not to glossybox' blog post last month, that the idea of receiving products that may not be suitable for my skin doesn't really grab my interest, I am willing to give this a try, to see what items are included and how they compare to that of the glossybox. So if you're interested in signing up for this box, then click here for more details.

And that's it for now. . . . I just wanted to let you all know that I am still around, I haven't deserted my blog or anything, I am just trying to sort everything out before I get settled back with my blogging. Hope you're all well and you have a wonderful weekend (minus the awful weather if you're a UK follower).

Ps: Don't forget to check out my 'Caribbean' Giveaway post here . .something definitely worth reading, and becoming a follower of my blog if you're not already. . . .

21 June 2011

It's that time again

Hey all,

Some of you may know or may not know that a few weeks ago I made 2 blog posts regarding discount codes. And  yep you've guessed it, I come bearing more codes for June and beyond. So here goes: 

1) Dune - seen some fabulous shoes, but don't particularily want to fork out on P&P? Then grab yourself this free delivery code. Code: VIP234, valid until 30th June 2011. This code can also be used with shoes in the upto 50% sale.

2) Barratts - If Dune isn't enough, fancy saving more P&P costs on shoes? Then how about Barratts? Code: MOV5B, valid until 31st December 2015. However the order must be to the value of £50.

3) La Redoute - Order £30+ worth of goods, and get £15 off? Bargain. Code: 8004, valid until 4th July 2011.

4) Mybag.com - Handbag lovers fancy grabbing a fabulous handbag, with a fab little discount? Well here is your chance. Code: MYBAG15, valid until 3rd July 2011.

5) Moda in Pelle - A little discount off your first order? Then look no further. Code: NEWCUST valid until 31st August 2011

6) ASOS - We all love ASOS, and when there are a few codes going around, we just love to shop even more lol. So I have 3 codes for all you ASOS ladies: 
  • Free style delivery: Code: STYLESAVER, valid until 30th June 2011
  • Free standard delivery on all orders over £75: Code: STANDARD, valid until 31st July 2011
  • Free next day delivery on all orders over £100: Code: NEXTDAY, valid until 31st July 2011
7) Rare - Fancy something 'Rare' (get it? lol). . .Yea, well  today I come with a 15% off all orders code. Code: RAREW15L, valid until 30th June 2011.

8) YogoEgo - If you watched the programme TOWIE (click here if you're not sure what I am on about), then some of you may or may not know Samantha Faiers‎ does a lot of modelling for this company, and some of the clothes she wore during the show, were from this website. So if you fancy bagging yourself something Sam wore and a little discount, then look no further. Code: FIRST, valid until 25th June 2011. Be quick as there are only a few days left of this codes validity!

9) Body Shop - I am a huge fan of the body shop, always leave the store with some item in my possession. Here I have a code for 25% off for new customers 2nd order. Code: WELCOME, valid until 31st December 2011.If you find you're not eligible, then I also have a 10% off discount code, which is: VOUCHERCODE10, valid until 30th June 2011.

10) HQHair - Shhhh it's a secret! HQHair have a secret sale, with a code of 20% off. Code:
VIPHQ20, valid until 26th June 2011. Be quick, only a few days remaining!

11) Avon - seen a few items on Avon, but quite like to save a few pennies on P&P? Then look no further. Code: LS However the order must equal to the value of £20 to take advantage of this offer. 

 . . And that's it ladies. Do enjoy these codes, and I will be back again soon with more codes for you all. 

Please note:

I am not affiliated with any of these companies, nor have I been paid to blog about these discount codes. These are codes I am emailed with, and I care to share them with you all. 

20 June 2011

Attention Readers . .

Hey all,

Just a quick blog post to let you all know that if you haven't already noticed, I am in the middle of changing bits of my blog, and as you may know, it is incredibly frustrating, but also requires a lot of faffing lol. So you may see that some bits are not in synch with one another or the font is different and etc, but please do bear with me, I am working on rectifying these bits as soon as possible. But do stay tuned, as I have a few posts in the pipeline ready to go live . . . .

PS: Have you checked out my 'Caribbean Give-away'? . . .Click here for more details.

''That's a wrap'' . . .

Hello ladies,

If you follow my twitter, you may have noticed that for the past few days I have been tweeting a message along the lines of ''That's a wrap'. Now we all know that line is used a lot in the movie world by directors, but I have taken that famous quote and applied it to todays blog post which is in fact about my hair. Hair? do I here you say? All will be revealed . . . 

Some of you may or may not be aware that my hair is of African Caribbean descent, and of course my hair is originally curly. To make it manageable, I chemically straighten my hair every 3 months and of course, once you alter the hairs' natural state, it is important to take care of your hair and maintain it well. It is important for me to ensure my hair retains sufficient moisture/protein, maintain the growth and protecting my hair ends. We all know the weather can play havoc with out hair in particular our ends, which is wear the 'wrap'  now plays apart in what I do to my hair.

Every night I wrap my hair, secured with hair pins (if necessary) and then covered with a satin bonnet. Now I know it sounds incredibly odd but also quite grannyish, but it has made such a difference to my hair health especially my hair ends. So I am going to take this opportunity and show you all (the best I can) step by step how I wrap my hair. If you are suffering from damaged, frizzy ends, then this might be a method you'd quite like to try in a bid to help your ends.

You will need the following:

  • Wide tooth comb
  • Kirby grips
  • Boar brush
  • Satin bonnet scarf

Step 1 

Using a wide tooth comb, separate the hair into 2 sections, ensuring both sides are of equal amount.

 {Step 1 - parting the hair}

Step 2 

Using the wide tooth comb, start combing the hair to the right side, which you keep doing until the hair starts to mould into a circular shape. If you find your 'fly away' hairs are not following the flow of where the hair is going, use a boar brush to smooth the edges.

{Step 2 -  combing the hair to the right}

Step 3 

Whilst holding and combing to the right side, you merge into the right side. You keep combing until you form a cone. You may find loose strands of hair getting away at the top of the cone, but if you just brush those hairs into the direction of the flow of hair.

{Step 3 - holding the left side and merging into the right side}

Step 4 

Once you have finished combing, brushing the hairs into the cone shape, you'll have a perfect cone shape. If you find hair strands sticking out, use kiby grips to grip down the sides.


{Step 4 - cone shape}

Step 5 

Once you're happy with your wrapped hair, take your satin bonnet scarf and fix securely to your head, trying not to disturb the cone you've formed neatly. Tie securely and grip if necessary.

 {Step 5 - Satin bonnet used to protect hair}

 . . .And that's it!! :-)

As previously mentioned I have found using this method to be extremely helpful to my hair especially my ends. Also sleeping on a satin pillow helps the hair even more; prevents split ends and drying out the essential moisture/protein from the hair.

So there you have it ladies . . . ''that's a wrap''!


Apologies for the background and the slight clutter! lol

16 June 2011

''Hmmm, that smells gorgeous, what are you wearing?'' . . .

Hey ladies,

Today I thought I would blog about perfume, as I am sure many of you have had the title words above said to you on a few occasions. So I thought I'd share with you all my collection of fragrances that I love.

{L to R: Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, D&G Feminine, Cynthia Rowley 'Flowers'}

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

I can't remember where I was but I went past a Chanel counter, and as you do sniff sniff squirt squirt every perfume, which is of course what I did. I then came to this and O M G I just absolutely fell in love with it. Since then anytime I went past a Chanel counter, I couldn't help myself but spray myself with it before darting out of the store smelling absolutely divine. Completely unexpected, I opened my Christmas box to find this neat little package. Opened it and to my surprise my parents purchased the big 100ml bottle for me. I was not expecting it, and of course absolutely love it. I have only worn it once, due to its expense it's not a fragrance I wish to wear everyday, but just for special occasions. The 100ml is approximately £89 in Debenhams.

D&G Feminine

I have been wearing this fragrance for years, and to this very day I still absolutely adore it. Its scent is fresh, clean, fruity floral with a hint of musk. However finding this perfume is like getting water from a stone; it is incredibly difficult to find, since D&G stopped advertising it so much in favour for the D&G 'The One', which you most likely have seen in stores. This bottle use to cost in the region of £20 for 100ml, but due to its elusive availability, it now costs in the region of £30-£40 for 100ml.

Cynthia Rowley 'Flower'

I previously mentioned this product in my May favourites, and I just love it. It is incredibly summery and as the perfume title says 'flowery'. Only a little bit of this perfume can infact go an incredibly long way and lasts allday, which is wonderful. I like to alternate between this perfume and my D&G Feminine. As I have had this perfume a while, it is no longer available and I therefore do not know the price.

My collection isn't big as I personally like to use up what I have before purchasing any others. And as a tip learnt from my mum I like to keep all my perfume in their boxes. Why do I hear you ask? Well it apparently helps to keep the scent of the perfume and away from natural light! So if you were like me and you threw out the perfume boxes, it might be a good idea to keep them and store your perfumes in them from now on.

So what is your favourite perfume? Is your collection big or is it miniature like mine? Do you store your perfumes in their boxes or do you throw them away?

Please Note:

I am not affiliated or was I paid by any company to do this blog post. All products have been purchased with my own money or was given to me as a gift. 

14 June 2011

Are you 1 of my favourite blogs for June?? . .

As I mentioned in May, every mid month I will update my 'Favourite Blogs' of the month to highlight to my readers which blogs I really enjoy reading. Although I said I will list between 3 - 5 blogs, the past few weeks I have seen soo many fab blogs, that I am just going to list more than 5. So are you one of my June favourites? Go check it out here  . . . 

13 June 2011

Only went out for 10minutes and came back with this lot . . .

Haha yes . .a strange title for a blog post, but I literally only popped out for 10minutes to collect something from the post office and I came back with a few extras.

So what did I get? Well I popped to the post office to collect my parcel, which arrived on Saturday, but nobody was in to sign for it, and it was in fact my order from CheapSmells. I use to order from this company years ago, but when I saw the p&p costs rising to something ridiculous, I decided to go elsewhere. Following a tweet from LondonBeautyQueen, which mentioned something along the lines of Burt's Bees being a certain % cheaper than high street AND delivery cost included, I immediately went to the website. There I managed to get the Burt's Bees lip balm which I have read and heard fantastic reviews about and the Burt's Bees Lemon Cuticle balm. I am a big fan of ensuring my cuticles are well maintained and my lips are not sore and dry, (I literally don't leave the house without either stuffed in my handbag),I just had to get myself these little treats. And to my surprise they are actually very moisturising and smell divine. Of course, only sampling for 5minutes is hardly long enough to really give the product a good review, but I can already tell that both products are just wonderful. I will however do a thorough review in approximately 8 weeks, as I believe that is when my body starts to notice a good difference when using products which are completely new to my body.

On my way back from the post office I decided to stop off at my local grocery store, Tesco. I don't usually shop in this store, but from time to time, they usually have fab offers on their health and beauty range, which are really good. So what did I get from here? Well I purchased the Nivea 'Smooth Nourishing' handcream, £3.50, but it's BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free) so of course I got 2. This handcream is pricey, but it is my ultimate staple handcream, guaranteed I will have it stashed in my handbag, again another product I do not leave home without. I also managed to get Oral B Pro-expert toothbrush, usually £4, but it's half price so £2, so I got 2. I have soft gums and find other toothbrushes just naw my gums to shreds (sorry too much info lol), so I use this one, which is incredibly soft on my gums and does clean very very well. There are many other offers in store, but those are the 2 which I just thought were a bargain, and are products I love using. And just as I was about to leave for the self service machines, I decided to divert to the magazine aisle and pick myself up the July issue of InStyle, which has a free Body Shop £5 voucher. Amazing. This offer was blogged about by the lovely 'BeesKneesofBeauty' a few weeks ago.

So my quick dash to the local post office turned out into a mini, well haul, if you like.

Please Note:

I am not affiliated or was I paid by any company to do this blog post. All products have been purchased with my own money.

How does she do it?

I feel like I am becoming slightly obsessed with this person, but I just love what she wears everytime she is snapped in the public eye. Who am I talking about? Yes you've guessed it, the Duchess of Cambrige, Catherine Middleton again.

I blogged a few weeks ago, regarding her outfit she wore when meeting The Obamas, and within a few hours of her being pictured in that 'camel' Shola dress, it had sold out online, and the rails in shops were bare. The sudden rush of people wanting 'that' dress, crashed the reiss website; everyone fighting to get a dress famously worn by the Duchesss. I personally loved the dress, but not enough to warrant getting myself the same dress, as what many people seem to forget, what might suit one person may not suit another. But she just looked absolutely stunning, glowing with her honeymoon tan.

Yesterday here in the UK, was the famous 'Trooping the Colours' (if you're unsure of what this is, click here), and of course for the first time the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Catherine attended this occasion. Prince William took part in the processional duties, riding behind his Grandmother, whilst Catherine took a back seat, and of course, the world was more focused on what Catherine wore. Dressed in a cream formal fitted double breasted ivory jacket and dress, finished off with a black statement hat, she just looked absolutely stunning yet again. 


After attending the Queen's 'Trooping the Colour', Catherine was later spotted attending the wedding of close family friend jockey Sam Woley - Cohen. Catherine was spotted wearing a black and white monochrome dress, finished off with the same hat from  her 'trooping the colour' outfit and a pair of simple, elegant black shoes. Again, her outfit looked simple, yet elegant and still looked presentable for the wedding. 


And finally today, attending the Duke of Edinburgh's 90th birthday celebration church service, Catherine was seen wearing a gorgeous blue jacket, with a blue dress underneath, finished off with LK Bennett nude heels and a blue hat, she just looked absolutely beautiful. It has been reported by the press that she sported the same outfit as she did in 2009, attending a friends wedding, but I think it's great that she is recycling her outfits, proving that regardless of status and who you are, everyone can recycle, re wear what has already been worn before, and that is something I like about her. I also love the fact that she is wearing high street shop clothing/footwear, which of course is doing wonders for the balance of high street shops, but it just proves you don't necessarily have to have £1000s+ to look fabulous. 
The only outfit which I wasn't so keen on Catherine wearing this week was the dress worn to the charity ball, she attended with Prince William. Although some have said she looked absolutely gorgeous in her outfit, which she did, I just wasn't too bowled over by it and found the colour to be abit wishy washy. Although I absolutely love her shoes, which of course you've guessed it are from LK Bennet, and surprise surprise has completely sold out in the 'pink' colour she wore. The clutch purse she had was also very cute, darker baby pink, which finished off her outfit beautifully. 

I have never been a Royalist, and to be honest wasn't that bothered about what they did and etc, but since the wedding, I have been besotted with Catherine and her choice of outfits, which have all been spot on and right up my street. I think with the up and coming engagements that have been scheduled for the year, it'll definitely be interesting to see what she wears.
So what do you think about the Duchess of Cambridge? Do you like what she has been wearing? Or are you not at all impressed? I'd like to read what you think. I'm just curious to know just how does she do it? . . . lol

10 June 2011

Something different . . .

As mentioned in my blog introduction, and previous odd blog posts you may have seen, from time to time, I will blog about things which are non beauty related, and tonight I will be rambling about Frozen Yogurt.

Back in 1999, I went to the Caribbean and sampled, for the first time, Frozen Yogurt, and I absolutely loved it from then on. I have visited the Caribbean several times since then, and unfortunately I couldn't find it anywhere in the places I visited in 1999. I did however visit the U.S last summer, and to my amazement I found frozen yogurt, in New York City (NYC) at the NBC studios! (My brother and I were due to attend a tour around the studios, and whilst browsing we saw the small frozen yogurt kiosk). For a small pot though it set me back $6.99, and that included NO topping! If you wanted toppings, it was a further $1.99 each; I opted for mango, and for the amount of chunks I go on top of my frozen yogurt, it didn't quite reflect in the extra $1.99 I had paid!! Anyway I did enjoy it, and I was kind enough to share the rest with my brother, who quite enjoyed it too. But for some reason, it just didn't taste as good as my first try of it back in 1999.

Whilst on twitter a few evenings ago, the lovely 'iheartcosmetics' tweeted about Yeo Valley Frozen Yogurt, and of course that immediately caught my attention. I politely enquired where it was available, and I toodled off to purchase a tub of this frozen yogurt. I ate some this evening and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how yummy it actually tastes. I only had a little bit, because I didn't want to take lots of scoops incase I wasn't bowled over, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's lovely and creamy and tastes wonderful. I purchased this tub from Sainsbury's at the cost of £3.49, which might sound a little pricey, but it was yummy (sod the price lol). So I shall be nibbling more of this wonderful treat tomorrow evening, after my dinner.

Have you ever eaten frozen yogurt? Or are you not a hardcore fan?

9 June 2011

Benefit Goodies. . . .

Hey ladies,

Just a brief quick blog post to let you all know that in Glamour magazine for the month of July, are free samples of Benefit High Beam, Posie Tint, and BeneTint. If you're like me and you've walked past countless Benefit counters, and always been intrigued by these products, then this is your opportunity to sample. I got the Posie Tint with my Glamour issue, and unfortunately it is too bright/pink for my skin tone. I am tempted to buy the magazine again, but to try BeneTint, and see if that suits me. For £2 a copy of Glamour magazine, you can't really complain!

So if you haven't already, get out there and claim your Glamour magazine for July.