22 August 2013

Repertoire Online

The sales of online shopping has been rising each year by approximately 9% (BBC, 2013). With such reporting that does no surprise me. You and I have at least consulted in the internet for something or other. For example, insurance quotes, cheap holiday deals, educational textbooks to name but a few. But as of late, with highstreet stores closing and consumers unable to afford full price items, many of us turn to the internet. I, like millions of other online shoppers tend to 'shop' around, find the best deal, before committing to purchasing. This sort of consumer behaviour is something that a lot of people are now doing, especially when it comes to designer clothing.

Repertoire Online are a company who sell men and women designer wear, ranging from clothing, footwear to accessories. Now having established itself as one of the leading independent retailers in Southern England selling good quality designer labels. With 6 stores now selling over 100 designer labels, all forms of dress are covered; casual denim to formal dressing. To ensure consumers have a wide selection and variety to choose from, new and exciting brands are introduced regularly. Brands available from Repertoire Online such as Armani, Diseal, Vivianne Westwood, Juicy Couture, Superdry, Ted Baker, Barbour, to name but a few.

I tend to only purchase designer items if it's something I have had my 'eye' on for quite sometime, or is in the sale. Having explored the Repertoire website the prices are reasonable in comparison to some places on the highstreet/department stores. My brother, on the other hand tends to purchase designer clothing quite often, in particular Ralph Lauren as the clothing is great quality, and accommodates well for his long arms! I told him about Repertoire, and he commented at how decent the prices are to which I suspect he'll be making an order soon! . . .

Are you into designer clothing? Or are you not too fussed?


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