20 August 2013

Chanel | Rouge Coco '51 Ce Soir'

''Rouge Coco dresses the lips in an easy and self-evident daily beauty step. Thanks to its soft, creamy texture and its luxurious, timeless packaging.''
(Chanel, 2013)

I seem to have developed a slight obsession with Chanel . . from fragrance (Coco Mademoiselle being my all time favourite) to now scratching the service at the makeup range. As I mentioned in my previous chanel post, I had a 'mini' makeover, and was simply blown away with the products used. I opted for the foundation, which you can read about here, but also the lipstick. Now I am very very particular on what goes on my lips; I personally am not one for bright, in your face lip colours as I feel they aren't me, but I like understated, easy on the eye colours. The sales assistant on the Chanel counter took on board my likes/dislikes, and selected '51 Ce Soir' from the Rouge Coco range.

The 'Rouge Coco' range has been described as hydrating with comfort. The hydratender complex, created by Chanel, claims to offer 8hours of hydration with a single application. Its finish has been described as satiny with a luminous result, offered in a range of shades suitable for the majority. Having never used a high end lipstick before I was very impressed with what the liptstick is able to offer, not forgetting the luxurious packaging and feel of the overall product in its classic finish.

(With flash)

As mentioned above I opted for '51 Ce Soir'; a plummy brown shade that isn't too overpowering, or dark. At first I wasn't too sure, I instantly thought it would be too dark and make me look 'odd'. But actually I was really impressed and surprised at how well it suited me. The formula of the lipstick is lovely; very soft, creamy and lightweight, and glides on to the lips, leaving a lovely finish. However what I have noticed during the day this shade tends to develop into a plum/rose colour than brown, which I think is really nice; leaving the lips with a slight stain.

 Chanel Rouge lipsticks RRP £24 which some may say is a little bit pricey. But it is a gorgeous lipstick, and is of great quality.

Are you a fan of Chanel lipsticks?


  1. Gorgeous lipstick.

    1. Serenity of Beauty21 August 2013 22:04

      Lush, isn't it? :) Will definitely be getting some more . . . :)