14 September 2014

NEW! Soft & Gentle Orange Blossom and Grapefruit Deodrant

Good Afternoon Gorgeous People

How are we all on this fine sunny day? Hope you are all having a nice chilled out Sunday. Anyway I thought I would blog about deodrant today . . yep exciting! I personally am quite picky with what I use under my armpits; I tend to find certain brands do nothing but make me very very hot and bothered under my 'pits', and ruin my clothes, i.e. deodrant caked onto the armpit areas! I use to swear by roll-ons but stopped using them as they kept giving me ingrowing hairs (painful and very sore). So I switched back to deodrant and have had no problems since. Although summer is now drawing to a close, the evenings are beginning to get dark early, I am still hanging onto that last bit of summer in someway shape or form. 

Soft & Gentle has launched a new deodrant, in the fragrance Orange Blossom and Grapefruit. It promises to have a hard-working body responsive formula that promises to give up to 48 hours protection. I have been using this for a few weeks now, and I have to say it smells so lovely; fresh and clean. I sometimes find some deodrants can often be 'too much'/choking once sprayed but this deodrant does not choke you. In terms of keeping me fresh throughout the day, I have to say yes it does, although I wouldn't say it lasts for 48 hours . . more like 8am to 5pm?. But that said the best bit? I don't have any white deodrant marks on my armpits or my clothes, nor does it sting if I haveshaved my armpits prior to spraying. 

Although it doesn't last as long as it suggests, I think I will probably purchase as it does smell incredibly gorgeous. Soft & Gentle 'Orange and Blossom'* RRP £2.75/250ml and can be purchase from most supermarkets/chemists/pharmacists.

*PR Sample

4 September 2014

Sk:n | Laser Hair Removal - #Session 1

If you read my last blog post, then you will know that I decided to go ahead with the laser hair removal treatment. I kinda figured before I embark on a very large commitment (blog post explaining all soon), now is the perfect opportunity to do this whilst I can.

Booking my first session

Like I did for the consultation, I called Sk:n HQ and spoke with a very pleasant and friendly young lady. I explained that I wished to proceed with the laser hair removal following the no issues/reactions to the test patches I had done several days before. I was asked when I would like to have my first session, to which I confirmed Wednesday preferably after work. I was given a time of 6.10pm which was absolutely perfect as it enabled me to beat the 'rush hour' traffic and attend a session which was not in the middle of my working day. Payment was very straight forward; I was asked for the usual information in order for payment to be taken and because I had already paid £25 for the deposit of my consultation that was deducted from the original treatment plan price. Once payment had completed, I was informed that I would receive a receipt via email (which came through pretty quickly), and I would receive notification of my appointment via email and text. Brilliant. That was the end of that and my first session was booked. Eeeek! https://polska-ed.com/gdzie-kupic-red-viagra-bez-recepty/

Day before treatment

During the consultation the Nurse informed me the day before any treatment I must ensure that I shave the area 24 hours before treatment takes place. This is because any hair on the skin will absorb the laser energy, making it less effective, and it could potentially burn you. 

Treatment Day

So . . treatment day, first session has arrived. All morning I have been feeling a little nervous but I just think ''No pain, no gain''. I arrived early for appointment, greeted by the Store Manager on Reception with a bubbly friendly smile. I only had to wait a few moments until the same nurse I saw for my consultation was ready. Again, I was greeted by a warm and friendly smile, and taken away to the room I was taken into when I had my consultation. 
Before the treatment could proceed I was asked to confirm important things, i.e. date of birth, my name and etc. I was also asked simple yet very important questions, like ''Have I been in the sun in the last 7 days'' and etc. Such questions may seem odd but they can have a severe impact upon the laser treatment you are having. I was also asked if anything had changed in the last 7 days in terms of my medical records, which they have and I ensured I informed the nurse and what exactly that was. Once everything was asked, I had to sign confirming all was correct. Paperwork done, it was time to start the session . . so off I trotted and hopped onto the bed.

The Nurse proceeded to asking if I had any lotions/creams on my skin which I did, so I was kindly asked to remove this, using wipes I was provided with. I ensured that every bit of cream was off as I didn't want this to interfere with the laser. The nurse then proceeded to drawing on the area to be treated with a white pencil outlining the area to be lasered. I was panicking ''I hope this stuff comes off'', but it's simply a chalk like pencil which does not irritate the skin at all. I was given the swanky glasses to protest my eyes, the nurse put her gloves and glasses on, and 'whoosh', on the goes the machine and operation laser begins. 

As described previously the sensation is exactly the same as an elastic band being flicked against your skin. The pain isn't unbearable as it is so quick, plus the nurse has a 'cool' nozzle attached to the laser which is cooling the area immediately once 'zapped'. I was asked several times if I was ok, which was very reassuring to hear. The whole procedure took about 5 minutes, and before I knew it I had the Avene Thermal Cooling sprayed on the treated area, Aloe vera gel put on to soothe and cool, and I was done, ready to leave the room. 

The nurse took me back to the Reception area, booked me in for my next treatment which is in 6 weeks time, and because I have booked 8 sessions, I was given a complimentary bag of products (Avenue Thermale Spring Water, Sk:n Aloe Vera Gel, and Sk:n Sunscreen SPF 30 to use during the treatment). 

I am now 3 hours after my first session, and I was expecting severe redness, soreness but honestly? I have absolutely nothing! I have a bit of tingling on the treated area, but nothing to cry, complain and whinge about which I am astonished by. The nurse did say the hairs will begin to grow back but a lot slower and some will proceed to 'fall out'. As insane this may sound I am looking forward to seeing that happen; something that has made me unhappy for so long, will be a final good riddance, once and for all (I hope). 

Tune back in 6 weeks time for my 2nd installment of my laser hair removal journey.