30 August 2012

Embrace your curves with Boux Avenue

Boux Avenue is embracing your curves. This season the label for lingerie lovers is celebrating all shapes and sizes with a stunning new collection. With its signature style and elegance, Boux Avenue is championing its inclusive sizing options that range from a 30A to 40H and sizes 8-20. Placing an unrivalled emphasis on detail and sizing, complimentary expert bra fittings in store ensure all women can buy beautiful and affordable styles that fit perfectly. Available in Boux Avenue stores and online at www.bouxavenue.com from early August, this is a collection for every woman’s curves.  

Powerful, sensual and seductive, the new autumn styles will make every woman feel sexy and confident, whatever their size. With this in mind, the collection is modelled by size 16 Australian supermodel, Robyn Lawley. An ambassador for healthy body shapes, Robyn has recently graced the pages of French Vogue, French Elle and Australian Vogue.

“I am delighted to be chosen as the face and body of Boux Avenue lingerie. The brand is striving to promote a healthy body image and their size range reflects this. They are making beautiful and exquisite lingerie accessible to every woman.”
Robyn Lawley, Supermodel

The campaign to accompany this latest collection has been influenced by the charm and appeal of a bygone era.  Featuring two seductive stories, The Hidden Allure and After Hours Glamour, there’s a look and feel for every shape and size. 

The Hidden Allure features a selection of sensuous lingerie sets in sumptuous satin and delicate lace, offering a little piece of everyday luxury. Deep raspberry injects an irresistible dose of colour into the collection alongside chic black, blush cream and soft leopard print. Boux Avenue’s signature Chloe Lace set in teal promises to add a rich jewel tone to your lingerie drawer, whilst the balconette style offers superior comfort and support.  Featuring an all-over lace design, the lace T-shirt bra adds a touch of elegance to a beautiful basic. Wear with the matching brief for an effortlessly feminine look. 

For a sultry, more seductive feel, become a teasing temptress with a selection of must-wear styles from the After Hours Glamour collection.  Black lace, flirty frills and intricate floral embroidery create a luxurious feel, while cerise pink adds a hit of desirable colour. In powder-room pink, the Nancie set is made for glamorous nights, while the high waist briefs will add a hint of vintage glamour. For something a little sexier, turn up the heat in the Jessica babydoll. In sultry black polka dot mesh with white lace frills, the sheer peek-a-boo back with bow embellishment makes this style totally alluring.

From beautiful bras to seductive chemises, playful teddies to frilly knickers, Boux Avenue is the perfect destination for curves in every shape and size. 

*Press Release

29 August 2012

REVIEW: New! FashionistA The Double Collection Mascara

If there is one beauty product I love (and always seem to buy loads of) is a good mascara. I have full eyes and often find using a good mascara makes me eyes look a lot brighter and stand out. So when I received this mascara to review, I have to admit first impressions I was a little baffled as I have never used a 2 step mascara before. But nevertheless, I was still excited to see what this mascara would do for my lashes, and see if this product lives up to what it aims to achieve.

FashionistA say . .

. . . Define your eyes and create super exaggerated sweeping lashes that will be sure to leave an impact. Innovatively designed with two steps to condition whilst building thicker and longer lashes, this 2-in-1 mascara treats delicate lashes with a fortifying serum to ensure health lashes whilst creating a soft and sexy finish. Say goodbye to dry, flaky spider lashes and hello to a sleeker and fuller, fluttering effect, minus the clumping.
(Press Release, 2012)

I decided to give this mascara a little trial, and this is what it did for my lashes:

1) Naked eye - no product on lashes

2) Step 1 - base coat applied (1 coat)

3) Step 2 - Intense colour applied (1 coat)

 . . .What do you think? Personally, I am not so sure! Step 1 just seems to leave hints of white/grey which I'm not so keen on, although I would say it did lengthen my lashes a lot. The brush for step 1 I quite like; covering nearly all lashes and was very easy to work with. As for step 2 yes I got the coverage of nearly all the lashes, but unfortunately the white is still visible on a few lashes, which I tried to coat,  but it just didn't work. The brush on the step 2 seems ok, covering the lashes and is quite a nice brush to work with. I also noticed that once you've applied step 1 to the lashes, you'd have to leave them to dry for a few seconds before coating the lashes with step 2, which in turn starts to make the process a little time consuming.

The RRP for this product is £8.00* which to be honest is quite a good bargain. It also comes in Ultra Black, Black and Brown/Black (my lashes are sampled using brown/black) and is available from selected Superdrug stores.

My thoughts on this product are somewhat sat on the fence; I like how it's lengthened my lashes, but on the other hand I don't like the white/grey which is visible after applying step 2 colour. But nevertheless, if those minor 'hiccups' could be ironed out, it would be a very good, reasonable mascara.

27 August 2012

GUEST POST: The Fashion and Style of Contact Lenses and Glasses

Every day, people in need of corrective vision debate the various pros and cons of contact lenses and glasses. Some people are more comfortable with the simplicity and easiness of glasses, whereas others prefer the greater flexibility offered by contact lenses. In addition to issues of comfort and personal preference, however, people also consider these two popular options with regard to fashion and style. With that in mind, here are a few words on the different styles you can enjoy with both glasses and contact lenses

Vintage – A very popular look these days, vintage frames offer you a great deal of stylish versatility. While you may or may not wish to wear vintage glasses on a day to day basis, it can be great to have a pair on hand for certain events or styles you wish to enjoy. Everyone appreciates tastefully applied vintage styles.  

Modern – Also very popular, modern style glasses frames can make you look both stylish and intellectually sharp. There is often something about someone in modern glasses that simply looks very well put together, and this is the sort of fashion boost you can enjoy from a pair of these simple eyeglasses. 

Academic – While “academic” is a loose definition for a fashion or style, there is simply no denying that many glasses ultimately give you a more intellectual appearance. You’ll want to pick and choose when to take advantage of this, but the option is there.  

Emphasis – Certain types of Acuve contacts such as the Define lenses, are specifically designed to emphasize the natural beauty of your eyes, which can result in a major style and beauty boost. Eyes are naturally attractive features, and with a pair of these contacts you can bring out their color and brightness in a very nice way.   

Color – Color contacts are also very popular for people who enjoy using their corrective vision to play with different styles. With a few pairs of colored contacts on hand, you can simply change the appearance of your eyes at will, which can be very fun and useful for different outfits, or even different moods!  

Flexibility – Going beyond specific pairs of contacts, it is also worth noting that the biggest fashion-related benefit of contact lenses is the flexibility they allow you in general. With contacts, you are free to enjoy days without glasses, but you are also able to wear frames with clear lenses, and sunglasses, should you decide that eyewear is appropriate for a certain outfit or mood.  

Stephanie Scott is a freelance writer and aspiring journalist. She hopes to be a fashion writer, and enjoys following the latest trends and styles. 

24 August 2012

REVIEW: TOWIE 'Love Addict' and 'Platinum VIP' fragrances


Many of you may remember I attended the TOWIE fragrance launch a few weeks ago, and had a lovely time. As I had to leave early to catch a coach back to the 'sticks', I left early and was kindly given a bag containing two of the new fragrances; 'Love Addict' and 'Platinum VIP'. My dad and I have been sampling both fragrances which I want to review and share with you all today, starting with Love Addict. 

Love Addict*

''. . . Woody oriental accord opening with notes of lemon anise and raisin on a floral heart to keep the passion alive!''

(Press Release, 2012)

First impressions of the product - I like the outer packaging; very chic, funky and eye catching with the statement TOWIE logo etched on the packaging. I also am a hugeee fan of the purple (favourite colour), so already this was a hit with me . . so far. Upon opening the box and seeing the perfume bottle, I love it. The continuing of the purple has followed through to the perfume bottle itself, with a bow tie ribbon to give it that finishing look. The shape of the bottle resembles that of diamond, with a clear top/cap, which I think is very Essex-esque! Now I will be honest (as I always am), I didn't think the perfume would smell that great, but to be honest I very presently surprised. The scent is very summery, very chic and fresh. It is not overpowering or suffocating, but very pleasant to wear. I found the scent does tend to linger for quite sometime, although by the end of the day the scent isn't really there. I have been wearing it for several weeks and have had comments from people as to what it is I am wearing, when I say what it is . .the expressions of ''Really?'' is what I a greeted with, with many actually going to purchase it for themselves. The RRP for this fragrance is £18.49/30ml which isn't too badly priced amongst other fragrances on the highstreet. Rating: 8/10.

Platinum VIP*

''. . . A fruity oriental accord opening with bright citrus notes of lemon, ozone, mandarin, pepper and cardamom''
(Press Release, 2012)

Originally I asked my brother to sample this product, but the miserable sod that he is he said no, so I kindly asked my dad and he was happy to review. Upon presentation of the fragrance to my dad, his first thoughts were ''Hmmm this looks interesting''. His thoughts on the packaging were that it's pretty funky, very mannish and has a young feel, look to it. He also noted that it looks very exclusive, which funnily enough part of the press release states. Upon opening the packaging and seeing the fragrance, dad didn't really have much to say about it apart from it looks ''The bottle looks very sleek and stylish''. I personally thought it wouldn't smell that great, but dad said ''It smells really nice . .not overpowering and actually lasts a long time''. From that alone I think it's fair to say that my dad is rather pleased with the fragrance, and would be more than happy to use again the future. So although TOWIE have (I would say) aimed this at those who are young, it's also good enough for those who are a lot older. The RRP for this fragrance is £18.49/30ml which dad said is pretty reasonable. 

These fragrances are both available at The Fragrance shop, Boots and key selected fragrance retailers.

I hope you enjoyed this review.

(& Dad)

22 August 2012

Figs and Rouge 'Rambling Rose'

As of late I have become a little obsessed with lip balms, and I seem to be developing a rather large collection! Nevertheless, this lip balm however had always been on the top of my list for sometime, and I couldn't help but purchase one. 

Figs and Rouge 100% Pure, Natural and Organic

I first heard about Figs and Rouge sometime last year when a blogger (can't remember who, sorry) mentioned the brand during a haul. Curiousity got the better of me and I said to myself ''I gotta try it''. What intrigued me about the product was the sheer fact it's free of petrolatum and can be used in more ways than one (lips, face and body), and they are also produced using natural ingredients and are organic. Figs and Rouge do a variety of scents, such as Wild Cherry, Cherry and Vanilla, Peppermint and Tea Tree, to name but a few. However I opted for the Rambling Rose, as I don't own any versatile product that is of a rose scent.

This particular scent smells absolutely amazing; nice and pleasant and not too overpowering which some rose products can often be. The texture of this I found to be really smooth and not very greasy; body parts such as hands were nicely moisturised which is great. However I did find that should this product get warm it does turn rather 'mushy' quite quickly, which ok does make for easy use and application to the body for example, but got a little messy at times.

There are quite a few places that sell Figs and Rouge products, such as Boots, FeelUnique, but I came across Super Smoocher who I thought were selling the products a little cheaper. Places like Boots are currently selling Figs and Rouge products for £4.99, but I managed to get mine for a mere £3.50 with free delivery (applied on all orders), which is great.

Overall having used this product for some time I do really like it, and will more than likely repurchase other scents.

Should you be interested in knowing more about Figs and Rouge, click here.

Have you tried Figs and Rouge products before? . . .

21 August 2012

Amitee: Pamper Secrets Beauty Box - July

Last year the beauty scene went bonkers when the launch of beauty boxes came out in full force. Everywhere you looked, read or heard there was a beauty box of some sort being launched. At first I was a little dubious as I thought ''Nahh it's some sort of scam'', but when I saw the abundance of positive reviews from varying boxes, I thought I'd jump on the wagon and subscribe to 2 of them. That however didn't last long as I got a little bored of seeing products in my box that I couldn't use (not suitable for my hair/skin tone), and money was starting to get a little tight, so I had to unsubscribe from them both. A brainwave hit me back then ''Wouldn't it be ace to have a beauty box with products that women of colour can actually use and benefit from? '' . . . .and not before long 'BAMMMM' Amitee was launched this year.


Amitee is a brand that aims to inform you of everything fashion and beauty. By doing so they have introduced two services to their brand; Blogazine and Pamper Secrets. The Blogazine is an online magazine/blog with articles written by individuals who aim to bring you up to date information on fashion and beauty. The Pamper secrets on the other hand is aimed at giving individuals the opportunity to discover and sample products before purchasing a full size. One thing Amitee aim to do is ensure the boxes are themed, for example the May pamper secrets box was Bridal. Amitee also focus a lot on ensuring samples are suitable for women of colour, which I think is perhaps one thing a lot of beauty boxes previously didn't quite achieve. 

I was kindly sent the July pamper secrets box to review, which I shall explain more about below.

Many beauty boxes previously had a simple way of attaining a beauty box; you sign up, subscribe, pay your monthly fee, and receive your box in the post. That same principle still applies with Amitee however in order to personalise the pamper secret box to your preference, Amitee ask a series of questions. These questions determine what products you'll receive. Because of the July box (unsure of previous boxes) I was also asked to select a foundation colour which best suited my skin complexion, and quite cleverly they are all named after a few famous faces, such as Whitney Houston, Missy Elliot and Alicia Keys.  (See below)

A few days after completing the questionnaire, my July pamper secrets box arrived, which I was so excited to see what was included. Upon opening, a glorious smell hit my nose and I thought ''Oooo, so fresh''. The beauty box itself was very easy to open (lift off lid with no hassle), however I was a little disheartened to see the minor touches usually included in beauty boxes were not so elegantly finished.

Upon opening I was greeted to business card stating it was from Amitee with their varying social platforms, there was no card to highlight what products were included in the July box and the presentation was poor - fraying ribbon, which gave the box a very untidy, unprofessional finish. But that aside, I thought I would give the benefit of the doubt, and concentrate more on the samples inside. The July pamper box included the following:

  • Neom Moroccon Blush Rose Hand Cream
  • Green People Nurture Body Lotion
  • Murad Exfoliating Bemish Treatment Gel
  • Murad Oil-Control Matifer SPF 15
  • Yana foundation

 . . . My thoughts on the samples = not that impressed to be honest! Don't get me wrong, it's a great selection of samples to receive and try if you've not already sampled from other beauty boxes, but if you have and you didn't get on with them then (like I did), then it's a bit disappointing. The only sample which interests me is the Yana foundation. Ok the sample I received is not the right shade for my skin tone (too dark), but there is a large selection of  choices which means amongst the shade selector there is bound to be a foundation shade suitable for my skin tone. 

Amitee pamper beauty box is currently £10.00 per month plus P&P. 

Although on this occasion I was not 'bowled' over by the samples received, I do think the idea and thinking behind the box is great, and it's nice to see what I muttered to myself last year has actually been taken on board and launched by someone with the same 'thinking cap' on. However my only grumble is for the beauty box to contain a few more samples for women of colour in the monthly beauty boxes.

If you are interested in knowing moring about Amitee, then please click here.

20 August 2012

Look Beauty Nail Pop 'Cool Britannia' Ltd Edition

2012 so far has been a very busy year with the likes of the Queens Diamond Jubliee. But one event that really has taken over the entire country, well world (I should say) is the London 2012 Olympics. If any of you follow me on twitter you would have probably noticed that during that time I am a huggeeeeeeee fan of the Olympics (in particular Athletics) and absolutely love it. Unfortunately I wasn't lucky enough to get any tickets for any events, but nevertheless still enjoyed watching all of it at home on my TV. Many shops for example are selling TeamGB Olympic merchandise and other things, but there has also been Olympics inspired beauty products which saw the launch of the limited edition Look Beauty Nail Pop 'Cool Britannia' nail polish. 

The support for TeamGB during the games I have to say was phenomenal, and they did absolutely amazing. And although the games are over, there is still a huge buzz of being proud to be British and I feel this nail polish is still very on trend. 

This is a nail polish is packed full with lots of glitter with British patriotic colours; red, blue and white. There are also hints of silver, which really does bring up the colours a lot more when the light hints the polish. 

I know for some people glitter polish is an absolute nightmare, but in all honestly, I found this polish to be really easy to work with. The nail brush is of a decent size which makes for painting the nails very easy. The consistency isn't too thick or watery and glides nice and easy onto the nails. I expected this nail polish to take forever and a day to dry, but one coat dried ridiculously quick - I was amazed, although I did find it needed another coat. Application of the 2nd coat, and again it dried within a matter of seconds, and it is on the 2nd coating you really see the true reflection of the nail polish.The texture of the polish thereafter is quite gritty, but is quite fine and is not a problem for snagging on clothes and etc.

The RRP for this nail polish is £5.00 which isn't badly priced considering the amount you get. And with the Paralympics about to start in a few weeks time, why not carry on the patriotic support with some 'bling' at your fingertips! 

Overall I have to say I am very pleased with this nail polish, and I find no faults with it at all. 

If you are interested in purchasing this  nail polish, then please click here.


19 August 2012

TOWIE Fragrance Launch

A few weeks ago I was kindly invited to the TOWIE launch of two new fragrances; Love Addict and Platinum VIP. 

The event was held at the lovely Soho Sanctum hotel, where I was greeted by the lovely ladies of the PR organisation, glasses of wine and canap├ęs. I have to admit I was little nervous, and at times didn't quite know what to do with myself lol (apart from take pictures and sniff samples). But after a while when the event got going I started to enjoy it, and got chatting with a lovely media girl (can't remember her name), one of the PR ladies (wore a green pleated maxi skirt) and I met a lovely blogger by the name of Ellie (click here to check out her blog).

Once the event got into full 'swing' it was only right and fitting to have some TOWIE cast members, and on that evening Sam and Arg were there to launch the fragrances. They were both very pleasant and friendly, and gave both fragrances a detailed description of its purpose, scent, and which target audience it's aimed towards. Not only were two new fragrances launched, but TOWIE are also branching out into beauty gift collections for the festive season. This collection ranges from eyeshadow, nail polish, lip gloss, you name it, it's there.

 ''Woody oriental accord opening with notes of lemon ansise and raisin on a floral heart to keep the passion alive!''
(Press Release, 2012)

TOWIE Gift Collection

 ''A fruity oriental accord opening with bright citrus notes of lemon, ozone, madarin, pepper and cadamom - perfect for any night out''
(Press Release, 2012)

Yummy Cupcakes

The fragrances are available from The Fragrance shop, Boots and key selected fragrance retailers. The gift sets are available from Argos, Boots, Superdrug, Primark, JD Williams and B&M.

Thank you to the PR team who kindly invited me to the launch, I thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

 . . . .Stay tuned for a blog post on a review of the fragrances. . . .

PS: Whilst I was waiting for the event to start . . .look who walked past me?

. . .  . Colin Jackson! I was a little star struck when I saw him as I have always seen him on the tv, and watched his achievements throughout the years, but never in a million years did I think I'd see the man walk past me lol. God knows what I would have been like if it was Usain Bolt. . . .

1 August 2012

Beauty Rituals and Their Associated Accidents!

. . . I bet many of you have read the title of this blog post, and instantly thought ''Yep, I've had a few of those accidents during a beauty ritual''. So today I bring you a guest blog post that offers lots of tips and tricks to avoid those lil 'hiccups'.

This is the most fundamentally important step of the day. But there is danger of applying too much moisturiser and making your face look shiny and more reflective than a mirror 
Damage limitation: If your skin is quite oily, it may be better to swap your moisturiser for a gel which actually contains less moisturiser and gives a matt finish to your complexion. 

Liquid foundation can be disastrous. If its ‘use-by’ date has long expired then the foundation can become coagulated and this guarantees an application of inconsistent patches and an uneven tone to your face. 
Damage limitation: Make sure that the make-up is relatively new and prior to the expiry date. Apply the foundation to the cheeks, chin and forehead with make-up sponges; and around the eyes with make-up brushes. Finally use some pressed powder foundation to fix the liquid foundation. 

If I had to take just one item of make-up to a desert island, this would be it. I’m a bit on the pasty side so this is essential! But it is easy to overdo it. If you are applying blusher in front of a mirror that is reflecting the dim light of a 40 watt bulb then you probably won’t notice how much you are putting on. I have left my house several time with so much rouge on my cheeks, I have resembled a clown! 
Damage limitation: Apply blusher in a well lit room; or if this isn’t an option, the take a small compact mirror out with you so you can check your blusher application in broad daylight! 

Liquid-liner / mascara 
For this procedure you need patience and a steady hand. If your hand is a bit jittery then you will end up with a jagged serrated liquid- line under your eyes. Also, if your eyes are ‘streamy’ due to having the flu or hay-fever (or from having watched Watership Down) then your liner and mascara run so it will look like you’ve been crying black tears. This is great for if you are going to a rock / Goth nightclub. Not if you are going to the post-office. 
Damage Limitation: Apply some translucent powder to the painted line under your eye to seal the liner in place. 

Most make-up accidents are lipstick related. I.e., applying so much lipstick that you get it on your teeth, and getting the remains of you lip paint on your cup or pint-glass 
Damage limitation: After application of lipstick, blot the excess of with some tissue, then apply a thin layer of Vaseline to your teeth to stop the lipstick adhering to your teeth. 

Having smooth silky pins has been a female preoccupation for quite a few decades but it comes with its perils. If you are in a rush, it’s inevitable that you may end up giving your legs cuts with the razor. Tending to your cuts will make you even later! 
Damage limitation: Make sure you always use a barrier of shaving cream. Razors are sharp and your skin is sensitive so we need a buffer zone! And just use a razor for 4 or 5 times before disposing of it. If you are using a blunt razor you will be tempted to press down harder on your skin to get a closer shave and cuts happen this way. Or, try some other methods like hair removal cream, waxing or laser hair removal to name a few. 

To minimise one of the most problematic hassles of looking gorgeous, try Tria hair removal system at home. Then we can be smooth without running the risk of cutting ourselves!


  Hope you found this blog post useful and interesting.

*Sponsored post