20 August 2012

Look Beauty Nail Pop 'Cool Britannia' Ltd Edition

2012 so far has been a very busy year with the likes of the Queens Diamond Jubliee. But one event that really has taken over the entire country, well world (I should say) is the London 2012 Olympics. If any of you follow me on twitter you would have probably noticed that during that time I am a huggeeeeeeee fan of the Olympics (in particular Athletics) and absolutely love it. Unfortunately I wasn't lucky enough to get any tickets for any events, but nevertheless still enjoyed watching all of it at home on my TV. Many shops for example are selling TeamGB Olympic merchandise and other things, but there has also been Olympics inspired beauty products which saw the launch of the limited edition Look Beauty Nail Pop 'Cool Britannia' nail polish. 

The support for TeamGB during the games I have to say was phenomenal, and they did absolutely amazing. And although the games are over, there is still a huge buzz of being proud to be British and I feel this nail polish is still very on trend. 

This is a nail polish is packed full with lots of glitter with British patriotic colours; red, blue and white. There are also hints of silver, which really does bring up the colours a lot more when the light hints the polish. 

I know for some people glitter polish is an absolute nightmare, but in all honestly, I found this polish to be really easy to work with. The nail brush is of a decent size which makes for painting the nails very easy. The consistency isn't too thick or watery and glides nice and easy onto the nails. I expected this nail polish to take forever and a day to dry, but one coat dried ridiculously quick - I was amazed, although I did find it needed another coat. Application of the 2nd coat, and again it dried within a matter of seconds, and it is on the 2nd coating you really see the true reflection of the nail polish.The texture of the polish thereafter is quite gritty, but is quite fine and is not a problem for snagging on clothes and etc.

The RRP for this nail polish is £5.00 which isn't badly priced considering the amount you get. And with the Paralympics about to start in a few weeks time, why not carry on the patriotic support with some 'bling' at your fingertips! 

Overall I have to say I am very pleased with this nail polish, and I find no faults with it at all. 

If you are interested in purchasing this  nail polish, then please click here.



  1. Oh pretty! Someone on twitter was asking about a nail polish like this the other day, can't remember who it is now otherwise I would point them toward this! xx

    1. Serenity of Beauty20 August 2012 20:35

      It's absolutely amazing, lovely polish. If anything, I think it can also pass for christmas/festive polish too . . as it has the right colours? .. :)

  2. This nail varnish is so lovely! it would be perfect for some fancy parties :) x

    1. Serenity of Beauty20 August 2012 20:42

      Most definitely :) It's so cute :)

  3. It is so beautiful!
    Loving your blog and if you would like follow for follow please let me know on my blog! :)

    Kisses ♥

  4. That looks amazing!