27 July 2011

Eyebrow Threading

Hey Ladies

Sunday evening I tweeted the following message:

''OMG I can't wait to get my eyebrows done, they are driving me insane! lol Eyebrow threading FTW (For The Win) - does anyone else get their eyebrows threaded?''

I was quite surprised at how many people responded back to my tweet as I thought not many people bothered with it anymore. I know at one stage mid 2009, beginning of 2010 it was the ultimate craze, everyone was doing it and raved how brilliant it was. I have to admit though the thought of it originally did freak me out and instantly I thought ''Is it painful?'' However since I have started threading my eyebrows, it's just one less beauti-fying stress for me to worry about (I'm not lazy, just eyebrow shaping stresses me out when I can't get it right lol). The beauty of eyebrow threading I have found is they take a good while to grow back before looking untidy and un-kept which of course is a result! I do realise however there are readers probably wondering ''What on earth is eyebrow threading?'' For those who are a tad unsure what eyebrow threading is, I will give a brief explanation now.

Threading is an ancient form of hair removal that originates from the Eastern world. Over the past few years it has become incredibly popular within Western countries. Threading is done using a pure, thin twisted cotton thread, that is rolled over the untidy hairline, removing hairs from the follicle level. Unlike tweezering, where it's a single hair removed at a time, threading removes an entire row of hair, resulting in a neat straight finish. As a large proportion of hair is removed in one go, it can be slightly painful.

During my twitter discussion, I also mentioned about a machine that does it for you! Yep a machine that can thread your eyebrows, moustache, face. Now I only came across this by accident whilst flicking through the Argos book oneday and thought EH lol. Having had a look at it, and watched it in action via Youtube (see below for video clip), not quite sure if I'd be keen to even try it. Reason being it would just be my luck to completely bugger up my eyebrows and look wonky or something. If I knew what I was doing and was confident, then maybe I'd give it a try. But for the time being I'll leave it for the practitioners lol.

Rio Threading Hair Remover is currently sold in argos for £30.49. If you are interested in this click here.

So will YOU be getting your eyebrows threaded???


  1. I've never tried threading but it looks so precise! I'm a bit worried about the pain though! xx

  2. i was trying to thread my brows yesterday by my self for the first time and its hard lol i failed XD

  3. Pyari Beauty27 July 2011 12:31

    I'd probably take off half of my eyebrow using that machine, lol.

  4. I have thought about getting it done, btw so glad you told me what FTW meant - been wondering for ages! x

  5. I love threading! I would never do anything else to my eyebrows now, it's always so precise. Hurts like a bitch though! I'm glad they get it over and done quickly ha.

    B xo