1 August 2012

Beauty Rituals and Their Associated Accidents!

. . . I bet many of you have read the title of this blog post, and instantly thought ''Yep, I've had a few of those accidents during a beauty ritual''. So today I bring you a guest blog post that offers lots of tips and tricks to avoid those lil 'hiccups'.

This is the most fundamentally important step of the day. But there is danger of applying too much moisturiser and making your face look shiny and more reflective than a mirror 
Damage limitation: If your skin is quite oily, it may be better to swap your moisturiser for a gel which actually contains less moisturiser and gives a matt finish to your complexion. 

Liquid foundation can be disastrous. If its ‘use-by’ date has long expired then the foundation can become coagulated and this guarantees an application of inconsistent patches and an uneven tone to your face. 
Damage limitation: Make sure that the make-up is relatively new and prior to the expiry date. Apply the foundation to the cheeks, chin and forehead with make-up sponges; and around the eyes with make-up brushes. Finally use some pressed powder foundation to fix the liquid foundation. 

If I had to take just one item of make-up to a desert island, this would be it. I’m a bit on the pasty side so this is essential! But it is easy to overdo it. If you are applying blusher in front of a mirror that is reflecting the dim light of a 40 watt bulb then you probably won’t notice how much you are putting on. I have left my house several time with so much rouge on my cheeks, I have resembled a clown! 
Damage limitation: Apply blusher in a well lit room; or if this isn’t an option, the take a small compact mirror out with you so you can check your blusher application in broad daylight! 

Liquid-liner / mascara 
For this procedure you need patience and a steady hand. If your hand is a bit jittery then you will end up with a jagged serrated liquid- line under your eyes. Also, if your eyes are ‘streamy’ due to having the flu or hay-fever (or from having watched Watership Down) then your liner and mascara run so it will look like you’ve been crying black tears. This is great for if you are going to a rock / Goth nightclub. Not if you are going to the post-office. 
Damage Limitation: Apply some translucent powder to the painted line under your eye to seal the liner in place. 

Most make-up accidents are lipstick related. I.e., applying so much lipstick that you get it on your teeth, and getting the remains of you lip paint on your cup or pint-glass 
Damage limitation: After application of lipstick, blot the excess of with some tissue, then apply a thin layer of Vaseline to your teeth to stop the lipstick adhering to your teeth. 

Having smooth silky pins has been a female preoccupation for quite a few decades but it comes with its perils. If you are in a rush, it’s inevitable that you may end up giving your legs cuts with the razor. Tending to your cuts will make you even later! 
Damage limitation: Make sure you always use a barrier of shaving cream. Razors are sharp and your skin is sensitive so we need a buffer zone! And just use a razor for 4 or 5 times before disposing of it. If you are using a blunt razor you will be tempted to press down harder on your skin to get a closer shave and cuts happen this way. Or, try some other methods like hair removal cream, waxing or laser hair removal to name a few. 

To minimise one of the most problematic hassles of looking gorgeous, try Tria hair removal system at home. Then we can be smooth without running the risk of cutting ourselves!


  Hope you found this blog post useful and interesting.

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  1. Ah seriously I'm terrible at shaving, my ankles are battle scarred!

    1. Serenity of Beauty20 August 2012 19:16

      Without fail, I always 'nick' my ankles, maybe because I'm going too fast lol :P

  2. Great post!

    1. Serenity of Beauty20 August 2012 19:16

      Thank you :)

  3. sleepandwater6 August 2012 11:22

    Fantastic tips! When I was younger I used to apply loads of moisturiser and my skin was oily as well - I must've looked extremely shiny :p The recommendation of using a gel for oilier skins is really nifty.

    1. Serenity of Beauty20 August 2012 19:16

      I have started using a gel moisturiser on my face, and it makes such a difference - not shiny, or oily = bonus lol :)

  4. Love the tips for applying foundation! I always have trouble with that