21 January 2013

Panache Sports Bra

So . .approximately 90% of the UK population (myself included lol) are now on a 'get fit' regime in a bid to 'shake' off the extra pounds gained over the festive period. Of course with getting fit and joining a gym requires the purchasing of 'swanky' new gym clothes. One thing that is always drummed into us is making sure we have a good pair of trainers that are durable for the 'job' and are kind to feet. But for us ladies we have to go that one step further, and find a suitable, caring sports bra to look after those boobs. Now as many of you will know I dance (Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz and Pointe), and I always make sure I have a good sports bra on for class because you know . . I do a lot of 'jumping' about and I do not wish to give myself 'black eyes'! Of course I have a few sports bras of varying makes which all claim to do different things, but I have never worn a sports bra by Panache until now. 

 We all know how key a good sports bra is to enjoying comfortable sports performance. And this Panache sports bra* with under wire is as good as it gets. It’s a 5 star-rated sports bra that’s designed to reduce bounce by up to 83%. Panache have used moulded seam-free inner cups and breathable outer fabric for the ultimate in comfort too. The under wire of this sports bra is silicon encased; this means it won’t dig in, and nor will the wide padded straps.

This sports bra from Panache also features a padded hook and eye, as well as a racer back option.

Key features:
  • Sports bra – under wired – by Panache
  • 5 star-rated sports bra
  • Reduces bounce by up to 83%
  • Wide padded straps
  • Breathable fabrics
  • Silicon-encased under wire
  • Racer back option
49% polyamide, 37% polyester, 14% elastane. Hand wash only.
(Panache, 2013)

First impressions of the sports bra - I really like it; it's a very bright pink, sturdy with good support, soft and comfortable. As an individual who is 'top heavy', the shoulder straps are really thick so they don't dig in and give shoulder pain which is a big thumbs up for me. The fastening at the back has '3 hook and eyes' which I personally find gives more support than those which are '2 hook and eyes'. The sports bra also gives the option of 'racer-back' which I think is pretty cool as it gives the bra a different look but can offer more freedom of movement. Although I do think this is a very good sports bra, I would advise perhaps going down a cup size. I opted for my usual bra size but I found it a little bit too big (hence no blog picture of me wearing the bra), which makes me feel like I'm not very secure in the sports bra.

''If you're a B cup or larger, experts recommend wearing the best support possible whenever you exercise. The Panache Sports bra provides the ultimate sport, whatever your sport. It encapsulates your breast - lifting, supporting and shaping, rather than compressing them against your chest. And it reduces breast bounce by up to 83%. It could be the most import bit of sport kit you ever own''.
(Panache, 2013)

The Sports bra is fluorescent pink, but there is a reason for it . . . .Panache have joined forces with CoppaFeel to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. CoppaFeel is a charity aimed at young people to raise awareness of breast cancer. The founder of this charity is a young girl by the name of Kris who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 23. Breast Cancer can affect anyone, at any age.

CoppaFeel has its own website which is filled with lots of helpful information, such as how to check your breasts on a regular basis. Not only does it have such good information, but there is also lots of other information which I personally found very interesting in how I can do my part for such a great cause.

Through the goodness of their heart, Panache are donating 10% of every sale of this sports bra to CoppaFeel, which I think is an amazing thing to do for such a brilliant cause.

The Panache Sports bra is available from the following:
Less Bounce
John Lewis

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. Stay warm and stay safe.

*PR Sample


  1. I have a huge nightmare trying to find a sports bra which fits and supports at the same time! I need a massive one which keeps me in! This looks great, I found the best one I have in M&S, I don't like the shock absorbers!
    :) x

    1. Serenity of Beauty24 January 2013 22:43

      Yes, this one is really good. To be honest, at times, I forgot I was even wearing a sports bra - that's how comfortable it is :). Ahh never thought about M&S for sports bras . . thanks for this, will take a look to see what they have in stock :).