29 January 2013

Skinetica Anti Blemish

As many of you know I am always on the hunt for a product that helps my blemish prone skin. I have spent so much money on varying things which people have said ''Yes, it's amazing, will do your skin wonders'', only for it to work for a short while before I get an 'attack' of acne. Towards the latter part of 2012 I saw a lot of tweets regarding 'Skinetica' and how fab this product was. Of course, fed up of trying numerous products with claims for 'magnificent' results I didn't pay much attention and ignored. I then received a thorough email detailing who Skinetica* were and what their product aimed to do. Of course, still somewhat a little unsure, I thought I'd give the product a try only because I had heard so many positive reviews within the blogging community. 

'' . . .Skinetica is a genuine product that actually does what it says on the bottle! ''
(Skinetica, 2013)

Skinetica is a product that claims to clear unsightly breakouts with visible improvements in 2-3days. The product can be used on any skin complexion, will help to reduce blackheads/whiteheads and is free of harsh chemicals (result!). The product was also tested on 30 panelists, both male and female, aged 18 years and over, and research concluded that no allergic reaction was discovered. Reading the short brief about Skinetica sounds incredibly promising especially for those who are fighting a losing battle with their skin, so I was quite intrigued to see how I and Skinetica would get on.
When I received the product I had mixed opinions. First impressions of the packaging I was not too keen; its colours made the product look like a cleaning aid, as the neon green (in my opinion) highlights germs. That said, the white does give the impression of cleanliness, freshness. The bottle has a flip top lid, with a single hole, making it easy to dispense the product. The product smells quite chemically (although it is chemical free), which didn't bother me or put me off using it. 

When it comes to writing reviews on skin care products, I like to trial for 3 months, but this deserved an early blog post. I have been using Skinetica for just under a week, and already the results are amazing. Previously every other day I would get a zit crop up, but since using this, I haven't had one. What I currently have at the moment are zits which I had before but are gradually reducing in size and leaving no blemish marks. Another thing which I noticed was my face wasn't burning/stinging or sticky. Previous toner like products I have used in the past have always burnt my skin, or left a sticky residue which resulted in me re washing my face which was an absolute pain. But with Skinetica, I didn't endure any of that whatsoever. I don't wear make up that often as I like to let my skin breathe, but if you do, then when using this product you must make sure you let your skin completely dry before applying your make up.

Although I am still in the early days of using this product, I think I will definitely be ordering a few bottles as it has proven to be really good. Skinetica currently RRP at £9.99 for 100ml. However if you fancy doing the 'Try before you buy' method, Skinetica are currently offering free 15ml samples. 


Have you tried Skinetica yet?

Hope you enjoyed this blog post.

*PR Sample


  1. Glitter The Rose29 January 2013 10:38

    I am ordering this after pay day there are so many good reviews like this and I have a major breakout I need to deal with!

    1. Serenity of Beauty29 January 2013 23:28

      Yes, I didn't think I would like it, but it do and it works :).

  2. I have this too and loving it at the moment!
    makes my skin feel quite good!
    hareem x

    1. Serenity of Beauty29 January 2013 23:28

      Ditto - quite amazed by it :)