7 January 2013

Shopaholic Tag

I very rarely do tag posts nowadays as I simply don't get the time to do them, but this one I thought is pretty fitting to me *oh gawd lol*. The lovely Missy from 'Never a Dull Moment with the New Girl in the City' tagged me in this blog post, so I thought I would give it a 'bash', and give you all an insight into my shopping *ahem* behaviour. So here goes: . . .

1) How old were you when you realised you were a shopaholic?
I would say . . about 17/18. I was working 2 x part time jobs, teaching Ballet classes, and of course, I was racking in a nice little wage. I was good however and I did save a little every month, but guaranteed I would go into town the following day (after teaching or work) and blow my money on random things I simply did not need. Although at that time I did not really care, I do regret it to some degree as it's money now I wish I had saved away! But as the saying goes ''I lived for the moment''!

2) How do you feel after shopping, and do you have any weird habits you do after shopping?
Ummm . . . if I am honest I do find shopping quite therapeutic, in the sense that it gives me chance for my mind to unwind. I don't have to think hard, it's not strenuous, and I can just browse and chill for a few hours - bliss. As for rituals, I wouldn't say this is weird but I do wash new underwear first before wearing them . . not being funny but you get some *odd* folk out there who like to ''try on'' under garms when they shouldn't  . . (if you get my drift) . . 

3) What are your top 5 favourite shops to shop in and why?
a. H&M - I visit this store everytime I go into town; purely to see if there is anything new I could purchase for work, or just update my wardrobe, in particular tops. As an individual who has long arms (nightmare) it is sometimes difficult to find clothing that fits properly, and H&M seems to be the place that caters for my needs (at reasonable prices too).

b. Hotel Chocolat - What can I can say, I love chocolate. Yes this shop is ridiculously expensive, but I do like to treat myself every now and again, and that is by having a bit of 'blow out' on chocolate (Think I need to get out more . . .lol)

c. GAP - As previously stated I have long arms, which of course go hand-in-hand with long legs. Finding jeans is a nightmare, but GAP is the only place where the jeans are actually long enough and fit me properly in the leg and waist. I tend to head to the outlets as their clothes are always (all year round) on a saving, ie £45 jeans down to £20 = bargain!

d. Clarks - Yes, I know many of you will think ''Granny'', but I have grown up wearing Clarks (that's where my mum took me to get my first ever pair of shoes), and I always go in there to see what shoes are in that season. I have awkward feet (wide feet, narrow ankles), and Clarks is the only place where the shoes fit me properly. Not only are they well fitted, but they last for agessssss (I kid you not).

e. Debenhams - Nationwide this department store undertook a huge refurbishment, introducing lots of brands that were only obtainable (for me personally) online. So to see the store packed with more brands, is amazing. So as of late I am finding myself in there near enough every visit to town because there are so many departments/concessions, it's nice to see what new things are coming in to the store and etc. 

extra (f. Oasis - Although there is no longer a store in my home town, but a concession in Debenhams, I love love LOVE this store. I am always looking in this concession to see what gorgeous items of clothing/accessories are new in. I always find their items of clothing are of such good quality (I got a pair of jeans I purchased from them over 10years ago . . . and they still look good as new as the day I purchased them).

4) What item of clothing do you have most of in your wardrobe?
Tops! I have well over 100 tops to the point where my draws no longer shut, and I have had to rearrange my wardrobe space to try and fit everything in. I also have well over 70 . . yes 70 pairs of socks . . don't ask, but it's pure madness!!!

5) What is the most you have ever spent in 1 shopping trip?
Booking my flight to Jamaica. As of late because there is no competition between Virgin Atlantic (which flies to Montego Bay only, and British Airways flying to Kingston only), the flight prices have shot through the roof. Kinda sucks when you know the tickets use to be dirt cheap, now you're paying through the nose! But hey ho, I am thinking of that hot sunshine and Pina Colada's :P. 

6) Do you experience shoppers regret?
OMG Yes! I think we all get those thoughts for a few days or so, but after a while when you make up some lame justification and talk yourself into thinking ''Yea, it's fine'', those feelings soon subside lol.

7) What was something you regretted buying?
Ummm . . . a dress I had made that came all the way from China. On the website, it looked absolutely stunning, in reality, it looked pants, and I have never worn it!

8) What is your favourite thing to buy?
Dresses - less stress, unlike jeans/trousers/tops = nightmare!

9) Do you buy the same items but in different colours?
If the item fits well and I know I won't get better elsewhere, I will buy it in a few different colours - bonkers, yes, I know lol

10) Do you ever use dressing rooms?
Yes, but lately I have tried to avoid them because the ones in the UK are always filthy! Chewing gum stuck to the glass, lipstick smeared on the mirror, the lighting is rubbish - meh! So I just buy the clothes and try on in the comfort of my own bedroom.

11) Do you prefer to go shopping alone, or with others? . .and who is your favourite shopping buddy?
I tend to go shopping on my own; I get a lot more done, and I get to visit places I want to go to. I find going with friends you never get what you planned to get done, or visit the shops you want to visit, and the buddy is always huffing/puffing as they don't want to stay! (Well, mine never do anyway lol)

12) If you could go shopping with a Celeb, who would it be and why?
Ummm . . . although she is not a Celeb (more Royalty), it would have to be the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. She wears very simple pieces yet makes them look so classy and elegant, and I love that. 

13) If you could go shopping with a Blogger/Youtuber who would it be and why?
That's easy . . .Dawn from 'WhatDawnDidInHeels' - I kid you not, this girl is so so stylish. Even the most basic pieces of clothing Dawn can work her magic and make it look amazing. (If you're not already following her youtube channel, check it out).

14) What's your favourite treat, snack, drink during or after shopping?
I don't really have a favourite anything after shopping, I just go for whatever is available in the cupboard.

15) What is something you've always wanted to buy, but never had the money to do so?
 Those red soles . . yep Christian Louboutin 'Simple 70'. By the end of 2013, I am determined to get my mitts on them.

16) If you had £1000 to spend on anything you want, what would you splurge on?
Obviously the Christian Louboutins and a pair of Chanel earrings, and then the rest  . .SAVINGS account! 

17) Are you a proud shopaholic?
  . .Hmmm lemme guess . . .NO! lol And furthermore, who said I had an addiction anyway? :P lol . . . Think you're talking to the wrong person . . NEXT . . . .**shuffles away**

I tag . .


If you do the tag, by all means leave your blog post link in the comment box below, and I will definitely take a read.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post.


  1. Missy Neveradullmoment8 January 2013 10:10

    lol girl you crack me up, great post and answers... still baffled by the sock obsession lol??

    I too have the same problem with tops and jeans as i have long legs and arms, i love how you picked kate middleton i love her style and we both picked dawn to go shopping with, re you gonna come with to the meet up?

    1. Serenity of Beauty8 January 2013 23:47

      LoL Everytime I go shopping, I pick up a pair of socks because they are (without a doubt), by the til! -,- However 70 is a ridiculous amount, and I can confirm I no longer buy any as I sinply don't need anymore! lol

      As for the meet up - I don't think I can make it as it's a week before I head for some sunshine, and I am trying to save as much as I can.