28 December 2011

4) Moisturiser Monday - Body Shop 'Almond' Body Butter

This week I am going to blog about a cream that I first started using last Christmas; Body Shop Almond Body Butter. 

Our famous Body Butter with sweet almond oil. It is quickly absorbed and leaves normal to dry skin اقرأ المزيد هنا feeling soft and smooth.

  • Hydrates
  • Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth
  • Buttery texture
  • Sweet almond scent
 (Body Shop, 2011)

Last christmas my mum popped into the body shop during the sales, and came home with a huge bag filled with body shop products. Showing me what she purchased, she pulled out a tub of the Almond Body Butter; I took one sample of it and immediately I was hooked. Of course, it would be wrong for me not to 'claim' it, and quietly sneak of with it! (Haha!) As we know the winter is a season that is incredibly drying on the skin, and this body butter is a great product to cure all dryness of the skin. 

The product is very thick in texture, smells absolutely divine and sinks very very well into the skin. However, it can leave a slight oily residue if too much product is used. I also wouldn't recommend using this product during the summer months, as the heat tends to 'melt' the product on the skin (hope that makes sense), making the skin quite greasy. I tend to get very dry hands and feet during the winter, and often find having a hot/warm bath at night and then moisturising my feet with this body butter, makes them so soft and smooth (especially if I put slipper socks on at night to 'lock in' the moisture).

The only problem I have with this particular body butter is it only ever comes out at Christmas. I have asked time and time again in varying stores, and get the same response of ''Sorry, we no longer sell this body butter'', even though it somehow makes its way back to the shelves during the Christmas sales! -,- However at the moment, it is available instores and on the body shop website, and the best bit? I found a discount code!!!!

The RRP for this body butter is £12.50, but because it is a sale product, if you purchase it in stores or online, it has been reduced to £5.00. BUT . . . I had a snoop online and found a discount code that knocks an additional £2.00 off. So realistically you can get this body butter online for a mere £3.00. Absolute bargain!!!! Because of its 'limited edition debut' (sarcasm), I have ordered 8; 4 for moi and 4 for my mum, so we are now well stocked up for the new year.

Overall Thoughts
Body Shop Bod Butters are renowned for being very powerful in their scents, and very moisturising and kind to skin. The Almond Body Butter in particular smells absolutely divine and moisturising (which is what you want during the winter). However it is a body butter that is extremely hard to come by during the year and can be a little greasy if too much product is used, or during the summer. If you suffer badly with dry skin, then I definitely recommend this product, but suggest finding a slightly lighter moisturiser product for the summer months. 

Will I be repurchasing? Of course, already stocked up! :P

Body Shop Almond Body Butter is available online and instores. Currently being sold for £5.00 but if you choose to order online, use the discount code BUTTER to get an additional £2.00 off the sale price! (Discount code valid until 30th January 2012).

If you are interested in ordering, then check out the Body Shop link here.

This is also my last 'Moisturiser Monday', and I hope you've all enjoyed reading it and etc. I would love to hear your opinions on what you thought about it, and perhaps some suggestions for a different series in the new year? But I will leave that up to you to decide. 

**Please note - My review is 110% honest, genuine and true. Product purchased with own money and I have not been sponsored, paid to write about this review in any way shape or form.

25 December 2011

Wishing you all a . . .

Hope you are all having a wonderful day with your close family and friends.
(Those who do not celebrate Christmas, happy holidays).

24 December 2011

Christmas Eve . . .

A few weeks ago I won the Yankee candle giveaway over at the blog of Little-Glitterblog. I was so excited as I love Yankee Candle ever since I discovered them when I was about 13/14 (long long time ago). I originally chose 'Spiced Orange' however it was unavailable. So as an alternative I chose 'Christmas Eve' as I envisaged a very wintery, warm, christmas smell, and I figured I would burn it on Christmas Eve.

Traditional holiday scents of a warm hearth, sugared plums, and candied fruits.
(Yankee Candle, 2011)

I have only been burning the candle for a few minutes, and already my bedroom smells gorgeous, and festive. I also received a pack of 'christmas eve' tealights (as part of my prize), and I already have those dotted around the living room, so my mum can also enjoy this lovely scent too. I have had a look online to see if I can purchase more (stock up), but it appears to be such a popular scent, the 'sold out' notification seems to be a reoccurring every site I visit!

Hope you're all having a lovely Christmas Eve (and not drinking too much . . . )

23 December 2011

Eden Natural Nail Polish Remover

Earlier last week I tweeted the following:

Can anyone recommend a nail polish remover that doesn't ruin nails? :-/ odd question to ask but Cutex is awful n drying out my nails #bbloggers RT

Putting all my faith and trust in getting responses back from bloggers, the lovely 'Strawberry Blonde Beauty Blog' tweeted me a recommendation; Eden Nail Polish Remover. I have never heard of them before, so proceeded to doing some research. 

The Eden Nail Polish Remover comes from a company called Fresh Therapies, which begun in 2006 and specialises in organic beauty products. The focus behind this company is to provide organic products which are kind and friendly to all skin types, and educate and promote the benefits of organic products for skincare. With the ethos behind the company being organic, natural, this prompted for the introduction of a nail polish remover that wasn't loaded with harsh strong smelling chemicals; Eden Natural Nail Polish Remover.

This natural polish remover is not harmful to you or your nails in anyway. It will not damage the natural oil within your nails leaving them weak, dry and brittle. In fact, instead of drying out your nails it actually moisturises the nail and surrounding cuticles. Eden Natural Nail Polish Remover works perfectly on all types of nail polish, but is not suitable for polish that is coating false nails. This natural polish remover is totally clear in colour, just like water. It has a lovely natural smell to it, with a hint of lime. Not like the horrible smell of the acetone or even the acetone-free removers on the market. So you won't end up with a headache after you've taken your polish off. That horrible chemical smell won't be lingering round your house either.
(Fresh Therapies, 2011)

Sample - 5ml
As many of you know, the majority of nail polish removers are loaded full of over-powering chemicals which, if like me, you're choking, coughing because it is too strong. I have even now started removing my nail polish outside in a bid to try and escape the the fumes. The Eden Natural Nail Polish is completely free of all heavy chemicals, it's formulated using biodegradable food-grade and plant based ingredients that are non toxic and non-carcinogenic, making it safe for children, pregnant women and those undergoing treatment for illness. It is also suitable for vegans and has not been tested on animals. The remover is a clear liquid, highlighting no hidden nasty chemicals, and has a very pleasant, fresh smell; limes. This remover also works on the majority of nail polishes, however it is not suitable for Gelish, Shellac or polish used on false nails.

My experience of using this nail polish remover has been very positive. First thing was I wasn't coughing, choking, the smell of this remover is extremely kind, and fresh which is a big plus for me. Upon using this to remove my nail polish, I found the nail polish came off with great ease. My nails were not dehydrated, brittle or weak, in fact they felt incredibly nourished which is a big bonus.

A product that is a lot more friendlier and kind to nails, of course is going to come with a price tag, and this one comes in at rrp £12.00 for 50ml. Now I am sat on the fence; yes it's a great product, works fantastically well and smells lovely. However for 50ml at the cost of £12.00, I can't help but think it's a little on the steep side. But it is a very good remover that is a lot better than the usual removers on the high street?? . . . . . 

So what do you think; does organic nail polish remover interest you or is it something you're not too keen on? Would love to hear your thoughts.

If you are interested in knowing more about Fresh Therapies/Eden Nail Polish Remover, then please click here. And if you are interested in sampling this nail polish remover, then click here. 

*Although the samples were sent for consideration, my review is 110% honest, genuine and true.

21 December 2011

REVIEW: Origins Modern Friction - Nature's Gentle Dermabrasion.

Sand-blasting skin with coarse, chemical crystals? How painfully passé. Here's age-smoothing exfoliation without irritation.Skin-refining Rice Starch cushioned in cream, rapidly removes sluggish cells, uneven patches and signs of skin damage and discolourations. Lemon Oil kick starts the process of illumination. Vitamin C mops up skin-menacing free radicals.There's no ouch, extra steps or other complications. No redness or flaking follows. Signs of lines and size of pores appear to shrink.Skin looks perfectly polished, smooth and luminous.
                         (Origins, 2011)

As you've probably noticed from my blog, I have sampled quite a few Origins products over the past few months, all of which I have loved using and will purchase in the future. Today I have another Origins product which is very popular, and I have to say is pretty darn good; Modern Friction - Nature's Gentle Dermabrasion.

When I first received this product, I had absolutely no idea what it was or what it did, basically I knew nothing until I did some research. It wasn't until I did a bit of googling, I began to realise just how popular and good this product was, and I hoped during my trialling that I too would see the same great results. 3 months later, I am blogging for you all today to detail my experience with this modern friction product.

First impressions of the product was its packaging; neat, and clean with no fuss. It's easy to read, with no non-sense and paraben free from all harsh, heavy chemicals. I am a great believer that if a product is as good as it claims, there simply is no need for 'padding' to boost the product image! The product comes in the form of a squeezable tube with its easy dispense mechanism, in a bid to ensure there is no product wastage. However my only slight niggle is the tube itself isn't clear, which makes it difficult to actually see, gauge how much is left. Putting that to one side, using the product and seeing the results is something I am more than impressed by.

Two to three times a week, scoop onto fingertips and massage over dry, clean skin in circular motions. For sensitive skin, massage over damp skin. Add a splash of water and work into a gentle lather. Rinse well. Follow with appropriate tonic.

Upon opening and seeing the actual product, the consistency is quite thick, paste like, which is packed with rice starch. In comparison to other facial scrubs I have used, I immediately noticed that this product was completely different; in terms of its texture, smell, feel and look. The smell is quite strong; very citrus-y, but not overpowering to the point where it's too much, very fresh and clean smelling. I personally found using this product worked best for me whilst in the shower, as my skin is warm and my pores are open; easier to absorb and hydrate into the skin, and is incredibly gentle. And the result? My skin feels amazing everytime; not sore, stripped, dry, burning, just very smooth, soft and glowing. I have noticed the facial products I use also work a lot better; they work 10 x better and feel so much different (in a good way).

{I must stress, for the love of God, do not get this product in your eyes. I accidentally got this in my eyes, and I kid you not, I was temporarily 'stunted' for several minutes waiting for the stinging/burning to subside - not a cool move!}

Now I bet your wondering ''How much is this product''? Well brace yourselves as it's not cheap! For 125ml this product comes in at rrp £30.00! Yes, it's expensive, but check this ladies (and gents), considering it's recommended usage is 1/2 times a week, and I have had this product since September, it lasts an incredibly long long LONG time, and I still have a good 3/4 of the product left! You only need a good pea sized amount each time to get the product working. I will admit at first it sounds incredibly expensive for 125ml, but it is in fact very cost effective for a product that in my experience works!

Overall Thoughts

Origins prides themselves in being natural, kind and friendly to all skin types. All products are free from harsh, heavy chemicals. The Modern Friction product is definitely a product that lives up to what it sets out to achieve, leaving the skin beautifully soft and glowing. Although at first glance its price tag is certainly heavy on the purse, it really does last a long time and in my opinion is cost effective. 

Would I purchase? Yes

Origins Modern Friction - Nature's Gentle Dermabrasion can be purchased from the following:
  • Origins
  • Boots
  • House of Fraser
  • Selfridges
If you are interested in finding out more about Origins and their products, then please click here.

*Please note - My review is 110% honest, genuine and true. Although a PR Sample was sent for consideration, and I did some research before use, neither have influenced my views in any way shape or form.

And the winner is . . . . . .

Thank you to everyone who entered the Avéne giveaway. 
As with all the giveaways I have hosted, I do them as a way to say thank you to all who have followed and commented over the past 8/9months. If I could give everyone a prize I would, but there can only be one winner. So without furrtherado, the winner of the Avéne giveaway is . . . . 

Number 6
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An email will be winging its way to you shortly. Thank you to everyone who entered. If you didn't win this time, then fear not as there maybe some ace giveaways coming in the new year. 

20 December 2011

''I'm Forever Blowing Earrings''!?! . . .

(Apologies for poor quality - winter weather playing havoc, and best place to get decent light in my home = bathroom window!)

For some unknown reason I do not have much luck with earrings ever since I lost my favourite pair 10 years ago (yes I know, long long time ago). Every pair of earrings I have purchased since then, I have either lost the backs, stones have fallen out, they've snapped and god knows what else. The last pair, to add insult to injury, were a gorgeous Swarovski stud pair of earrings I saved up for ages to get, snapped in half and I thought from then on ''No more expensive earrings''. 

So whilst I had a nosey in the Forever21 store in Birmingham Bullring a few weeks ago, I came across a pair of butterfly earrings which were reasonably priced and quite cute. However as an individual not too fond of wearing jewellery that is not 9ct gold, I was slightly unsure as to whether I'd have an allergic reaction or not. A few days wear, my ears were fine, so I proceeded to purchasing more Forever21 cost friendly earrings, and this is what I got:
  • Rhinestone Heart Earrings - £1.50
  • Rhinestone Butterfly Earrings (Gold) - £1.50
  • Rhinestone Butterfly Earrings (Silver) - £1.50
  • Sparkling Bow Earrings - £1.50
  • Sparkling Cross Earrings - £2.40

What do you think? I think all the earrings are very chic, and different and can either be dressed up or down. They are very reasonable on the pocket, won't break the bank, and best of all, there are lots and lots of new designs coming into stock all the time. Only problem I found was instore the earrings sold out very quick, whereas if purchasing online you have more chance of getting the earrings you want. 

Will you be ordering earrings from Forever21? Or are you not a fan of Forever21 jewellery? Would love to hear your thoughts.

19 December 2011

3) Moisturiser Monday - Dead Sea Minerals Body Butter

This week I am going to blog about a cream which I spotted in HomeSense during the summer; Dead Sea Minerals Body Butter.

Body Butter with Dead Sea Minerals and Citrus
-Apply a generous amount of butter on cleansed, dry skin
(Dead Sea Minerals)

Back in the summer I popped into Homesense and had a browse in the beauty products section. I came across this Dead Sea Minerals Body Butter product and I thought I would give it a try (I am a sucker for body creams)

First impressions of the product - I quite like it especially the smell. Each time I open it, I get a strong whiff of citrus in particular orange. It smells very refreshing and clean. The consistency of this cream is reasonably thick and sinks pretty well into the skin. I have found it to be slightly greasy, but not too greasy to the point where the skin feels clogged. The tub of this product I found to be extremely big holding 400g, which of course is a lot of product and can go along way!

Applying this product to my skin during the harsh winter weather, I have found it to be quite good. I found using a generous amount to cover areas of my body, kept my skin very moisturised, and didn't evaporate after several minutes of applying. This is definitely a cream to be used daily during the winter months, as it really does provide a great barrier against the bitter cold weather.

Overall Thoughts

Dead Sea Minerals Body Butter has proven to be quite a nice moisturiser. Although I have had great difficulty trying to find this product instore and online. Homesense as many of you may know sell a lot of products which are end of season, end of stock and a lot of the products are pretty decent brands. Dead Sea Minerals I have never heard of before, but from this product alone, I do like what they have to offer and what the brand is all about; natural skincare. My only slight annoyance is limited/hard to find stock as I have searched online and found not a great deal. So if you know where I can find anymore of the products, then please do leave a comment below. 

Dead Sea Minerals Body Butter £5.99 (Homesense price)

Will I be purchasing again? Yes (if I can find it!)

{Apologies this is a short review, but I can't find much information on Dead Sea Minerals or the product}.

17 December 2011

Last minute christmas shoppers - Origins Gift Sets


Christmas is approximately 8days away (going on todays date), and if you're like me, you're probably doing last minute shopping (yes I know naughty, slapped hand). I know there are quite a few of you out there who are fans of the lovely Origins, and today I thought I would blog to you all with some gift ideas from this lovely brand.

     Ginger Treats - RRP £29.00/39.00
Perfect for getting a loved one or friend in a festive mood, our Iconic Ginger products have been put into a delectable trio set. This is the ultimate feel-good collection, the embracing warmth of Ginger is married with the citrusy-crisp scent of lush, light-hearted Lemon, Lime and Bergamot to lift listless spirits, pampering and soothing both body and soul.  

Set includes: Ginger Souffle Whipped Body Cream 125ml, Incredible Spreadable Ginger body smoother 100ml, Ginger Float Cream bubble bath 225ml

  Amazing Duo - RRP £21.00/30.00               

Give the coffee lover in your life, this cute coffee canister and our must-have GinZing Refreshing eye cream to brighten and de-puff, perfect for all the festive party late nights and early mornings - a natural clinically-proven morning-rescue eye cream that instantly reduces the appearance of dark circles. Its proprietary complex of Panax Ginseng, Caffeine from Coffee Bean, Magnolia Extract, and natural optic brighteners rapidly wakes up, refreshes and restores radiance to the eye area.

Set includes: Coffee canister, GinZing Refreshing eye cream 15ml
   Man's Best Friends - RRP £30.00/39.00

Man up! This Christmas, and give a stylish trio of products, encourage the groomed look with skincare to suit all. This makes a great gift for brother’s, boyfriends and husbands with everyday essentials included – Cleanser, Shave Cream and Moisturiser. The products have been formulated with men in mind, Checks and Balances cleanser gently cleans pores, Blade Runner shave cream contains soothing properties encouraging razor blades to glide easily, and Save the Males moisturiser is a lightweight formula that absorbs effortlessly into skin.

Set includes: Save The Males Multi-benefit moisturizer 75ml, Blade Runner Shave cream 75ml, Checks and Balances Frothy face wash 75ml

Hope this blog post has given you some useful christmas gift ideas.

*Press Release