30 June 2013


I haven't done a giveaway in quite sometime, and I thought seeing as I had not long ago past the 2nd year mark on doing my blog and bagging myself a new job, I thought I would do a giveaway to celebrate. I have been thinking for quite sometime on what to giveaway but I simply couldn't decide. I had a suggestion earlier today of one prize, but me being generous I have decided to giveaway a further 2 prizes.

I am giving 3 people the chance to win 1 of the following prizes:

1st prize - Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Collection
(1 x set of brushes)

2nd prize - Burt's Bees 'Tips and Toes' kit
(1 x kit)

3rd prize - Serenity of Beauty mini hamper
(Hamper inc. Ted baker hand cream, Ted baker body spray, scrubbing mitts, Ciate nail polish, Simple toner)

The blogging community is buzzing following the release of Real Techniques, and even more so that a new limited edition set of duo fiber brushes were launched a few weeks ago. I also picked up the Burt's Bees set as I purchased this kit a few months ago (and blogged about), and I just absolutely love it. I have also made up a little hamper of items which I enjoyed taking away with me whilst in Jamaica (they are all brand new). 

So you're probably wondering how do I enter? Well for the first time (and I hope it works properly), I have introduced Rafflecopter. Many bloggers use it and it seems pretty simple and straightforward.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway will end 20th July 2013 at midnight GMT
If you are under 16, please do seek parental permission before entering
All prizes purchased and paid for by myself
All winners will be emailed 24hrs after the giveaway ending. Should I not receive a response from you, new winner(s) will be selected
Certificate of posting will be obtained however I cannot be held accountable should your prize get lost
If you are a serial comper, please do not post my giveaway on a competition website
If you do NOT have a blog, entry will be void
And don't forget to include your email address

Good Luck!

Toodle pip GFC

For the past couple of months, I have seen numerous tweets, blogposts with regards to GFC (Google Friend Connect)/Google Reader, which will be no longer as of 1st July 2013. If I am honest I am so so confused with what on earth is about to happen. Either way, something is going to go and I don't want you lovely beauties to miss out on what I publish on my blog.

To keep up with my blog 'Serenity of Beauty', there are several alternatives you can follow:


Bloglovin will be the 'feed' whereby all my blogposts will show up on your dashboard. It is very simple and straightforward to use.

Another great way to keep up with me is twitter. I use twitter everyday and it is often here I tweet about new blog posts, giveaways, information and general chitchat.

Here are a few more platforms I use:

I am led to believe there are other facilities where you can follow blogs, but I personally couldn't recommend any as I haven't used them. But I hope the following are helpful to you in some way shape or form.

Thank you all for your continued support, it is as ever much appreciated.

29 June 2013


Starting a new job whereby I am required to dress smart and professional, this of course means revamping my wardrobe. What I currently have is fine but it's time to add some new, brighter items of clothing. So I have had a the pleasure of looking online for new work clothes and I thought I would blog a few items which caught my interest.

1. F&F 60s Fit and Flare Dress (Tall) £22.00
I love red, it's such a bright, bold statement colour to wear. I really do love the skater style dresses but as a tall individual, it is often difficult to find a dress that is long enough. I was having a browse on the Tesco website and I spotted this dress. I instantly ordered it as I thought it's plain yet simple for work. It can either be worn with a jacket or a cardigan. At £22.00 I think it's an absolute bargain.

2. Matalan Bella Linen Jacket £20.00
I love having a browse in Matalan as I always seem to find reasonable workwear. I spotted this jacket a few months ago and had to buy it. I often find myself wearing it for a casual look but this would also be a great jacket for work. The material is of great quality and as an individual with long arms the length is just right.

3. ASDA Bodysculpt Panelled Midi Dress £25.00
ASDA (Walmart to those of you in the US) are often 'hit and miss' with their formal/workwear. But having a nosey online I spotted this dress. Although quite plain and understated it is a lovely dress which would look fab in the work place. It's not too short/long in length which is a bonus.

4. Amy Childs 'Fern' Beige £70.00
I know Amy Childs isn't everyone's 'cuppa' tea, but her clothing line I am a fan of. Not all of it is to my fancy though but there are some gorgeous dresses which I think are really stylish. This particular dress I found ever so different; in a gorgeous beige colour, with the hint of black. Although I have my eyes on this dress, I will wait for it to go into sale, as at £70.00 it's perhaps a little on the steep side. 

5. Next Sleeveless Shirt 'Blue Spot' £24.00
If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen me do an outfit snap which featured this top. I originally purchased this for my 2nd trip to Jamaica but I figured it would also make a great 2-piece outfit for the work place. This top I found to be very cool, so if you often get hot during the day this top may be the one for you. Although I just wear my bra with this top, perhaps for the workplace wearing a camisole top underneath may be a good idea, keeping the outfit professional.

6. Donna Karan Gypsum White Pencil Skirt £701
To tie in with the white polka dots and the blue, I opted for a white pencil skirt. Perhaps a little daring, not a colour you'd consider wearing to work, but I feel it really does compliment the top. (Yes, the skirt is £701 but this is just for illustrative purposes - I like the cut/style of the skirt).

7. Oasis 'Boat Print' Fit and Flare (was £45.00, now £22.00)
I saw this dress and automatically fell in love with it. I don't usually like wearing items of clothing with prints as I often feel self conscious that I can't pull it off. But this dress is really cute. The little belt around the waist is a very dark navy blue which I thought would go well with a navy blue jacket.

8.  Matalan Cotton Sateen Blazer (was £25.00, now £15.00)
As with the previous blazer (2) I often wear this for casual looks. But it can be worn in the work place with many outfits. Again, the blazer is of great quality, long in the arms and very reasonable in price.

Hope you've enjoyed this blog post.

What do you like wearing to work?

28 June 2013

Blog Business Cards

The rise in bloggers getting business cards for their blog has become ever so popular and I can see why. When an event is in 'full swing', the last thing you really want to do is spend half the time jotting everyone's name down, and then potentially losing them (which I have done in the past - not good!). I was a little hesitant at getting business cards for my blog as I honestly thought ''I don't need these'', but they are a great way to network, giving people the opportunity to see what you and your blog are about. I received an email a few days ago from a website by the name of 'Secsinthecity' (ha not that kinda sex in the city). They are a jobseekers website, primarily focusing on business orientated positions. I joined this website a few years ago, every so often receiving emails about potential jobs. Secsinthecity have joined forces with moo.com offering 50 FREE business cards. I honestly thought it was a con, but it wasn't.

The choice in designs is varied although there is some limitation on a few things, such as not all designs enable you to have round corners, and you can't remove the 'secsinthecity' ad, unless you pay £11.99! I opted for the perfume collection as I felt this was more suited to my blog and I liked the choice of colours and variety in designs. The finish on the cards is that of a matte finish, and they look really good. I did however have to pay £3.60 for postage and delivery; they were suppose to arrive by 2nd July, but they were dispatched yesterday and arrived this morning - amazing!

If you're interested in getting yourself some FREE business cards for your blog/business, check out www.moo.com.

Hope you've enjoyed this blog post.

26 June 2013

''If at first you don't succeed, try and try again''

Source: weheartit

If you've been following my blog and I since I started in April 2011, you will more than likely be aware that I have been on the hunt for a full time job. I think I graduated at the worst possible time (Nov 2010), where thousands and thousands of people were on the hunt for full time employment and the recession was in full swing. For the past 2 and a half years (yes that long) I have searched up and down the country for a job. I have attended interviews, got right down to the final few only to be told ''No, there is someone else who has that 'little' bit extra''. There is nothing more soul destroying than getting so far and then 'bowing' out right at the final hurdle. I have been discriminated against at an interview, insulted, you name it, I've experienced something in my short little life when it comes to employment.

Source: weheartit

I graduated with a degree in Criminology and Sociology, and of course with a keen interest in the Criminal Justice System, I wanted to work in the Courts. But after trying for so long I have now buried that idea and moved onto something else where I feel my skills will be more beneficial. I applied for a job last year but was unsuccessful. I saw the same job advertised again a few weeks ago and I thought I'd try again, see what would happen. To my shock I was invited to an interview and as many of you may have noticed I got the JOB!! Words can not describe how happy I am right now. I've waited so long for this and I feel my career is finally about to get started. 

During my time on twitter I have often expressed my frustration with trying to find employment, with many of you responding with positive comments. All your kind words have been very encouraging so I want to thank you all as it truly has meant the world to me.

I will continue to blog (and tweet) but I just wanted to say this especially to those who feel like they're not getting anywhere:

''If at first you don't succeed, try and try again''.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Body Scrub

I am a sucker for a good body scrub; when I see one that takes my fancy I just pick up and buy. When I saw that Palmers were introducing a body scrub I instantly thought ''I need this in my life''. If you've ever used Palmers products you will know how gorgeous they are;  smell divine and they leave the skin feeling luxurious. Since I was a child my mum has used Palmers on my skin, 20 something years later, I am still using it til this very day. So of course it was no surprise that this product would find itself in my bathroom. Body scrubs in my opinion are an important part of my week; (without sounding gross) it's a great way to remove the dead skin from the body, rejuventing the skin and starting a fresh for the week ahead, which is exactly what I did Sunday evening.

''This unique formula contains pure Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Vitamin E and natural crushed cocoa beans which moisturize,refine and polish skin''

(Palmers, 2013)

Before using I ensured my skin had a good dose of warm water from the shower. I find usually doing this in preparation for any body scrub ensures the scrub is able to glide properly along the skin. There is nothing worse than using a scrub on dry skin (pain). I then took a good amount of product before working well into body. The consistency of the scrub is lovely and thick, I found it not too gritty (harsh) for my skin and the smell (OMG) divine! I would suggest however if you were wishing for a more invigorating scrub, there is nothing wrong with perhaps using this product with scrub gloves. This really can give you a good scrub concentrating especially on the elbows and feet, which lets face folks, tend to get a lil 'tough' for a select few! 

After a good showering my skin felt incredible; perhaps on the verge of glowing? So silky soft and smooth. My skin also felt so much better; more alive and 'with it' (if that makes sense?).  I then of course moisturised with Palmers Cocoa Butter, which just made my skin feel that extra bit nicer. To get the most out of this body scrub, I'd be inclined to use 1 x a week, maximum 2 x a week; help to keep the skin rejuvenated and 'fresh' looking. 

Will I be purchasing again? Absolutely.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Body Scrub* RRP £4.99 but from Chemist Direct you can purchase this item for £4.64; 35p saving which isn't much, but it's a saving. 

Are you a fany of body scrubs, or are they not for you?


22 June 2013

Dolce & Gabbana 'The One'

''Warm, oriental floral with modern sensuality. It's a fragrance with a strong personality and a contrasting golden sweetness''
(Dolce & Gabbana, 2013)

When it comes to perfumes, I am very fussy. I hate over sweet sickly scents and perfumes which smell like toilet cleaners! I first started wearing Dolce & Gabbana 'Feminine' years ago, and I instantly fell in love with the brand and that particular scent. Unfortunately it was discounted a few years ago, which of course left me with no perfume to wear. I noticed Dolce & Gabbana had released 'The One' collection, which left me somewhat curious as to what they were like. I saw the 'L'Eau The One, and I instantly fell in love with it. I found that particular version of the perfume to be very light, without being too strong. Having a browse on the Chemist Direct website, I came across the Dolce and Gabbana The One perfume, which I thought I would give a try.

This particular scent I found to be exactly the same as 'L'Eau The One' but a bit stronger. The staying power is exactly the same, the packaging is the same (minus the colour), everything about it is more or less the same, just that it's a bit stronger/heavier. Although I am a lover of this particular perfume/brand, and it is strong, I'd recommend only wearing a little bit as you don't want to choke yourself on your own perfume!

Dolce and Gabanna The One* 50ml RRP is £54.00 but on the Chemist Direct website you can get this for £41.99 which I think is a really good bargain.

Are you a fan of Dolce and Gabbana fragrances?

16 June 2013

Claridge's - Afternoon Tea

A few years ago my mum and I popped into Harrods and it was here we experienced our first ever Afternoon Tea. Of course, since then I have had the urge to visit other London establishments which serve Afternoon Tea. The lovely Bettina over at BeautySwot is the Queen of Afternoon Teas; if you want an honest review, then she is the lady to ask or simply read her reviews. It was in fact one of her blog posts where my eyes were drawn to Claridge's; I don't know why but there was just something about it. Towards the end of 2012/start of the new year BBC Two did a short series of 'Inside Claridge's' which instantly made me think ''Yep, I have to go there''. I didn't even finish watching the first episode before I quickly jumped onto my laptop and reserved a table for my mum and I to visit Claridge's in the summer. The day eventually came last week (Tuesday 11th June) and we both had an absolute blast. This blog post I thought I would review my time at Claridge's, showcasing a few snaps (albeit there aren't many as I was too busy eating!) . .

As I said previously, I booked the table for my mum and I back in Dec/Jan, as bookings at that time required a 3/4month advance booking! I thought ''SHEESH, it must be incredibly popular if booking is required for so far in advance''. Anyway I thought nothing more of it until last week whereby I was given a courtesy call to double check I was still coming. Mum and I 'toodled' off to London Tuesday morning, arriving mid morning. This gave us the chance to have a breather, catch up with my Aunty before making our way to Claridge's. We got to Claridge's well before our allocated time of 3pm, but we still went inside anyway hoping that we'd be able to have a rest and chill-out before our table was ready. The minute you enter Claridge's, customer service is just out of this world; absolutely brilliant. The Gentleman who greeted my mum and I on the door welcomed us with the biggest smile ever before saying ''Have a wonderful afternoon ladies''. Entering the revolving doors and pushing with much force we were greeted to thee most grand entrance of a hotel I have ever seen. The marble floor just gleamed brightly, the fixtures, the architecture, the ambiance just everything was absolutely phenomenal. We were greeted by numerous people who were so welcoming before we made our way to the desk in the Foyer to check in for our afternoon tea. The lady was so so friendly; she explained that we're slightly early (which is fair enough), but we were allowed to explore the premises, use facilities whilst we waited for our 3pm afternoon tea slot.


Of course me being me I couldn't help my self but explore; first stop was the Ladies toilet which you can see from my picture was just amazing. The maid in the background was very friendly and helpful. I then decided to go on a little walk upstairs which just seemed to go on and on and on. A little exhausted from making my way to Claridges and having a little look around, I decided to take a seat in the lobby and wait until it was our time to be seated.

We were seated just after 3pm near the entrance which both my mum and I found very cold. We politely asked if we could be moved and our request was granted. The section we were based in was very quiet, with 4 gentlemen who were extremely attentive and friendly. We were greeted by a lovely young lad, who was so adorable; very charming and very knowledgeable. He looked after us so so well. We were given a menu which consisted of over 40 teas from across the world; I chose Bolero (infused with summer fruits) and my mum had Earl Grey with Lavender. Sounds odd but she informed me that it was very nice. After our teas arrived we were given a short talk about what the sandwiches for that day contained. The young lad also checked if any of us any dietary requirements which I thought was really good. Shortly after we were presented with a plate of gorgeous sandwiches which don't look a lot but they were incredibly filling. We were offered a top up of sandwiches to which we declined as quite frankly we were stuffed. Sipping our teas and waiting for the sweets/pastries to arrive I spotted a Hollywood star sat quietly in the corner; Sandra Bullock! I almost choked on my tea! My mum noticed the expression on my face and said ''What's wrong?'' I said who I just spotted, and she too was left gobsmacked. I was keeping my eyes peeled for well known faces at Claridge's but I honestly did not think I'd see Sandra Bullock, who looked amazing I should add. Anyway following our little moment of celeb spotting, arrived the next course which I have to say was to die for. Everything was so light, fresh and tasted absolutely divine. In fact I was so full I couldn't stomach eating anything else and kindly asked if I could take the rest of my pastries home which was no problem whatsoever.


All in all both my mum and I had a wonderful afternoon at Claridge's, and if given the chance I would most definitely go again. Afternoon Tea for 2 costs £45 per person, plus 12.5% discretionary charge. Yes, it's sounds awfully expensive for a few sandwiches, tea, and cakes but you pay for such much more and I can see why. It's definitely worth the money.

Hope you have enjoyed this blog post.

Have you ever had Afternoon Tea?

VICHY Aqualia Thermal Lévres - Lips

. . . .And so my lipbalm addiction continues! I honestly do not know what is wrong with me and my addiction to lip balms but the minute my eyes see one I have to own it! Anyway ever been online and wondered ''Wouldn't it be fab if there was a website that sold loads of well known brands but also acted like an online chemist?'' Well fear not as I may have found that website.

''Chemistdirect.co.uk is Europe’s leading online chemist, providing over 20,000 health and beauty products and prescription medicines online at the lowest guaranteed price - with the highest pharmaceutical standards. The aim is to supply cheaper products to everybody who has access to the internet and deliver those products to their door within 24 hours. Through harnessing the power of the internet and supplying you directly, this website will save up to 90% off the cost of many well known products found in your local chemist''. 
(Chemistdirect.co.uk. 2013) 

Having had a good browse around the website, I spotted some great brands at competitive prices. There was one brand however that caught my attention due to constant talk and blog posts from bloggers, and that's Vichy. I have seen this brand from time to time in Boots, but I never really took much notice of it as I thought ''It's high-end, and it probably wouldn't agree with my skin type''. However curiousity got the better of me and I thought I would try at least one product to see what all the fuss is about. Although what I have chosen to trial is not skin (face) care base, I thought I would start small and try the lip balm (might as well seeing as I have a weird obsession!)

'' . . Repairs and soothes damaged lips''

First impressions of the product it is the standard looking lip balm. The use of colours (white/blue) are eye catching, with easy to read font. The lid easily comes off with the bottom part (blue) being the mechanism that twists the lip balm out. The lip balm itself is white in colour, with a slight sweet but not overpowering scent. The product is smooth and glides on nicely to the lips. The brand claims that this lip balm is moistursing, soothing and nourishing, and I am inclined to agree. I found it very pleasant to use; I haven't found myself reapplying within minutes of applying which is great, and it has great staying power on the lips. I tend to suffer with dry lips quite frequent when the weather gets a little cold or if I'm a little under the weather. But this product I think is great at combating dry, sore lips.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Lévres Lipbalm* is currently £3.99 at Chemist Direct.

Are you a fan of Vichy products?

13 June 2013

Brantano - shoes, shoes, shoes . . .

Ever been shoe shopping and thought ''Wouldn't it be nice to have lots of name brand shoes under one roof?'' Well in case you didn't already know Brantano does exactly that. I remember my mum dragging my brother and I into this shop just before the new school term, trying to find a pair of school shoes. (I think many parents had the same idea as the store was always heaving with screaming children not wanting their feet measured). Without fail though my brother and I always came away with a fabulous sparkly new pair of leather shoes for school. Even til this very day I still pay Brantano a visit as the store just has rows and rows of women's shoes fit for every occasion. One thing Brantano tends to offer its customers is good value for money, as 9 times out of 10 the shoes will be a fraction cheaper than the highstreet. And not only that you will find a lot of well known brands hidden away in this store, such as Hush Puppies, Clarks, Kickers, Sketchers, and many more.

Although many people perhaps may not consider venturing to a Brantano store assuming not much is there, you may well be surprised to see just how much is available in these stores.

Have you ever shopped in Brantano?

10 June 2013

Get set . .GO . . .Ascot Ladies Day . . .

So that time of year again is fast approaching . . yep you've guessed it Royal Ascot. For those of you who aren't familiar with what Royal Ascot is, quite simply it's a 5 day horse racing event, held at the prestigious Ascot racecourse in Berkshire, UK. What makes it that more special is the 5 day event is attended everyday by the Royal family. This event is well attended each year with many travelling from across the globe to attend Ascot (I won't even try to guess how many people as I simply do not know). Of course, with attending such an event with the Royal family on the premises there is a stringent dress code that must be adhered to otherwise no entry! Therefore it is a must to ensure your outfit is suitable and appropriate for the day. The Gents attire is pretty simple to piece together; smart suit and they're sorted. However for us ladies, it can often become a chore/stress finding the right outfit. I thought I'd do a blog post on outfits/ideas for Ascot, as sometimes it can often leave many of us struggling for ideas as to what to wear.

1. Comptoir Des Contonniers Leather Clutch £125.00
With the selected dress, I specifically chose a clutch handbag to match. I thought choosing this type of handbag makes a statement with the outfit. It is big enough to fit the 'woman' everyday essentials, yet still remains classy and not too over the top. The silver trim on the outer part of the handbag gives the handbag a bit of detailing without being too much. And the loop allows you to carry it on your wrist should you become fed up of it being under your hand/in your hand(s).

2. Christian Louboutin Filo Patent Leather £510
To match the selected handbag I chose a pair of nude patent courts, and of course every girls dream Christian Louboutin. I was unsure whether or not peep toe shoes would be suitable (which I suppose you could wear with this outfit if you wanted to), but I felt the courts were more suited to the dress. I felt this style of shoe would elongate the leg, and hide your toes if you hate your own feet.

3. Amy Childs 'Millie' Dress £65.00
I love bright, statement colours. Ascot is in the summer time where many tend to embrace the bright vibrant colours in their outfits. I chose the 'Millie' dress from Amy Childs collection as I felt this just oozed summer. To some this may be a little too bright and perhaps not suitable but I just think it's a gorgeous statement colour that is bound to catch the attention of many.

4. Crislu Pearl Nouveau Short Drop Earrings £48.00
Of course a lady can't go without a fab pair of earrings. I think I have some sort of obsession with pearls as I just find them so classic and classy. Depending on what your outfit is 9 times outta 10, they will go with just about anything. The pair selected here caught my attention purely because of the pearls but also the little diamantes which just finish the earrings off beautifully.

5. Fascinator £5.99
The fascinator accessory isn't for everyone, but I feel having one with this outfit just finishes it off beautifully. Putting the hair up into a low bun, placing it on the side of your head, with this fascinator put in simply finishes off the look.

One thing I forgot to add to this collage was either a nude pashmina/jacket. The racecourse at times can get quite 'nippy' so it's definitely a good idea to take something to cover your arms/shoulders.

Below are a few more dresses I came across whilst having a browse online.

Chi Chi Clothing
AX Paris


As of last year Ascot have now become very strict on dress code. It was felt that the standards were slipping and it no longer reflected how Ascot use to be many moons ago. Those who attend and are based primarily in the Royal Enclosure will find that they are not permitted to wear the following anymore:
  • Strapless, off the shoulder, halter neck and spaghetti straps are not permitted.
  • Midriffs must be covered.
  • Fascinators are no longer permitted; neither are headpieces which do not have a base covering a sufficient area of the head (4 inches / 10cm).

Those who attend and are primarily based in the Grandstand are not permitted to wear the following:

  • A hat, headpiece or fascinator should be worn at all times.
  • Strapless or sheer strap dresses and tops are not permitted.
  • Trousers must be full length and worn with a top that adheres to the guidelines above (i.e. strapless or sheer strap tops are not permitted).
  • Jackets and pashminas may be worn but dresses and tops underneath should still comply with the Grandstand Admission dress code.
  • Midriffs must be covered.
  • Shorts are not permitted.

 I attended Ascot a few years ago with my family and close family friends, and we had an amazing day. We went on Ladies Day, and as you can imagine the place was heaving with cackling ladies lol We were very lucky in that we had a glorious hot sunny day, which made such a difference to the whole day. We had no winners on the horses (boo) but it was still a lovely day. I will say this now though - it's not cheap (drinks/food/tickets/car park) but it's definitely a great day out :).

Hope you've enjoyed this blog post.


PS: This is not a sponsored post, just getting into the Ascot mood (even if I am not going, and working allday next week instead - boo lol)

6 June 2013

Manuka Doctor - Foaming Cleanser

''Manuka Doctor Bee Venom Foaming Cleanser - An effective cleanser that helps reveal a more radiant complexion by eliminating daily impurities''.
(Manuka Doctor, 2013) 

As many of you know I have never been happy with my skin. I crave for that flawless clear skin which I see quite a few women with nowadays (not those heavily photshopped in magazines/newspapers). I have tried virtually everything on the highstreet (minus cosmetic treatments) and nothing ever seems to work on a long term basis. I have heard from time to time however that Bee Venom is extremely good at eliminating breakouts but also combating the appearance of blemishes. Being a little skeptical I wasn't too sure about this as the thought of applying bee venom to my skin just sounded a little strange. But I thought I would give it a try and see how I got on with the Manuka Doctor Foaming Cleanser. I have been sampling this product for some time now and I figured now is the time to feedback to you all with my thoughts on this product.

First impressions of the product - the overall packaging is clean with easy to read writing. The tube is a soft tube, making dispensing the product easy ensuring there is no wastage. The product has a flip top lid, with a reasonably sized hole which enables the a decent amount of product to come out. The product itself is of creamy thickish consistency, with a very fresh and flowery. This I found to be very pleasant but not at all overpowering. One thing I did notice with this product is that it is free from SLS and parabens which is great.

Contains the following Bee related ingredients:
  • Purified Bee Venom and Manuka Honey.
  • Papaya Extract: A botanical extract with refreshing and cleansing properties
  • Shea Betaine: A foaming cleansing ingredient from shea butter
  • Tricholsan: A known anti-bacterial ingredient
Also contains the following ingredient: Phyoncide Water

I found the best way to work with this product was in the shower. To be honest with all face products being in the shower is a must for me; I just find it helps prepare my skin before I apply any cleansers. I then proceed to use an ample size, get a good lather before massaging well into my face. I leave for a few seconds before washing off and then towel pat dry my face (I never rub dry)! When I first used this product I noticed a slight (ever so slight) little tingle, which is the bee venom, but this quickly faded and I didn't experience the feeling again. I have noticed with daily use that my skin has become brighter and I am still experiencing the odds spots but not as many. The blemishes however are not as noticeable as before which is great, but they're still visible. I think over time and with constant usage of this product the blemishes will eventually fade.

The Manuka Doctor Foaming Cleanser* is RRP £17.99 and is available from the Manuka Doctor website and Holland and Barrett.

Have you used Manuka Doctor products before?

5 June 2013

Maxi Dresses

FINALLY . . .I'd like to say summer has arrived here in the UK (YAY). Although I have been fortunate to venture to the Caribbean twice in the past few months to get sun, it is so nice to see pleasant weather and people just seem so much happier. Of course, with the weather being nice that also means many of us are ditching the winter woolies and getting those summer clothes out. I know I for one have been online shopping/browsing and coming across a few things which are really cute. So I thought I'd do a quick blog post on a favourite item of clothing I tend to wear a lot whilst on holiday or out and about; Maxi Dresses. 

Now I know Maxi Dresses are a bit like marmite; you either love them or hate them. I absolutely love them purely because they are very comfortable to wear, easy to style and are quite cooling. I was browsing the Pink Boutique website and I came across 3 maxi dresses which I know full well I'd definitely wear in Jamaica or here in the UK. 

1) Monsoon Multicolour Tropical Bandeau Maxi Dress £19.95

If you love bright vibrant colours, and are not afraid to wear them then this is the maxi dress for you. When on holiday I tend to stay away from a lot of dreary drab colours, especially black, and tend to always wear bright colours which make me happy. I find these colours make such a difference to my mood and when looking back on holiday snaps they just so glam and fabulous. This dress is exactly what I am talking about; bright, colourful and simply so lovely. The top part of the maxi dress is elasticated which is a god send to those who have a large bust but also it clings to your rib cage, showing off your figure.

2) Rainforest Blue Tropical Bandeau Maxi Dress £19.95

This dress caught my eye straight away; absolutely gorgeous which can easily be dressed up or down. I figured this would also make a great dress for an evening out with family/friends/partners. The top part of the maxi dress is elasticated which is great for those who are big busted, and you don't have to worry about straps being a nuisance.

3) Dennie Monochrome Illusion Stripe Maxi Dress £29.95

Wanting to perhaps tone it down and keep it simple, this dress I thought would be lovely to wear for the evening. Teamed with a belt (belt loops are on the dress) and a clutch would be give this dress a lovely smart/casual look for the evening. The dress has two side splits which gives the dress a bit of style but not too over the top.

Are you a fan of maxi dresses?

Look forward to hearing from you.

2 June 2013

Monthly Wishlist #2

Hey Everyone,

Hope you're all having a great weekend. The sun is shining (at last), and I can now start wearing my summer garments (YAY). Anyway I am back this month with my monthly wishlist for June so here goes. . . .

1. Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment 
I started my hair journey back in 2009 in a bid to have healthy hair. I had a huge overall of the hair products I was using, which resulted in about 95% of them going in the bin due to the ingredients (mineral oil, petrolatum) which were in them. I started to use hair oils (olive oil, castor oil, amla oil), which has made my hair grow so much (long and thick). However as a result I have noticed that my hair has become an absolute mission to detangle and dry. Having read numerous reviews on this product I am very keen to try and get my mitts on it to see if it'll help reduce the tangles in my hair but also speed up the drying process. I am led to believe that it also smells absolutely amazing. However from what I have seen it is very expensive (which is understandable), but nevertheless, I suspect you only need a small which in the long run will last an incredibly long time.

2. OPI 'The Man with the Golden Gun'
I am a huge OPI and James Bond fan so it was no surprise to me when OPI released nail polishes named after popular James Bond films, I just couldn't resist but eye up the collection. The polishes are simply amazing, but in particular 'The Man with the Golden Gun' instantly stood out to me. This nail polish is extremely expensive due to the fact that it's 18k, and is best used as a top coat. I know it's just a nail polish which gives a gold leaf effect over your nail polish, but I just think it's a fab polish to own and would look great on nails all year round.

3. Knomo 'Berkeley Helena'
I was in TKMaxx yesterday (amongst the manic Saturday masses), and I spotted this handbag and instantly fell in love with it. Of course, strapped for cash I couldn't afford to pick it up, but it simply is an amazing bag. The inside lining of the bag is simply exquisite; a soft material which is gorgeous. Ideally it's a work handbag but I just thought it's so glam, chic and classic.

4. D&G L'eau The One
I discovered this perfume a few years ago, and I absolutely love it. Unfortunately however D&G no longer make this perfume, and as a result there are only a few places that still sell this, but at stupidly ridiculous prices. It is a fragrance I tend to use all year round, and have had many compliments on what fragrance I am wearing. I tend to go back to wearing this fragrance time and time again simply because it's light, gentle to my nose (perfumes that stink or are too sweet I hate) and it has incredibly good staying power throughout the day.

5. Next Soft Sleeveless 'Pink Birdie'
A few weeks ago I ordered this polka dot top and took it away with me to Jamaica. Of course with the country being ridiculously hot (36 degrees) this top was an absolute god send to wear; very cool and comfortable. I have since ordered the blk/white polka dot top, and I am currently waiting for this 'Pink Birdie' top to arrive. I couldn't resist but order this top as it simply is mega cute. The top(s) are quite thin, so if you're not comfortable with just wearing your bra underneath then you may wish to wear a camisole. But nevertheless, they're great tops for the summer.

Hope you've enjoyed this blog post.