28 June 2013

Blog Business Cards

The rise in bloggers getting business cards for their blog has become ever so popular and I can see why. When an event is in 'full swing', the last thing you really want to do is spend half the time jotting everyone's name down, and then potentially losing them (which I have done in the past - not good!). I was a little hesitant at getting business cards for my blog as I honestly thought ''I don't need these'', but they are a great way to network, giving people the opportunity to see what you and your blog are about. I received an email a few days ago from a website by the name of 'Secsinthecity' (ha not that kinda sex in the city). They are a jobseekers website, primarily focusing on business orientated positions. I joined this website a few years ago, every so often receiving emails about potential jobs. Secsinthecity have joined forces with moo.com offering 50 FREE business cards. I honestly thought it was a con, but it wasn't.

The choice in designs is varied although there is some limitation on a few things, such as not all designs enable you to have round corners, and you can't remove the 'secsinthecity' ad, unless you pay £11.99! I opted for the perfume collection as I felt this was more suited to my blog and I liked the choice of colours and variety in designs. The finish on the cards is that of a matte finish, and they look really good. I did however have to pay £3.60 for postage and delivery; they were suppose to arrive by 2nd July, but they were dispatched yesterday and arrived this morning - amazing!

If you're interested in getting yourself some FREE business cards for your blog/business, check out www.moo.com.

Hope you've enjoyed this blog post.


  1. ooooh! I'm looking into designing my own business cards so I'll be on the website playing around with ideas - thanks for sharing!

    ATA|AllThingsAnita - please take a minute to give me some feedback on my blog! xx

    p.s. I found you via TSR! x

    1. Serenity of Beauty28 June 2013 at 18:32

      Ahh you're welcome :)

      Taking a look now .. . :)

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    1. Serenity of Beauty3 July 2013 at 22:10

      Thank you :)