29 October 2013

Hello Autumn. . .

I make no secret of the fact that I absolutely 'hate' Autumn/Winter; it's wet, cold, miserable and generally I feel incredibly 'down in the dumps'. I tend to hibernate a lot this time of year, staying indoors and keeping warm. However I don't just stay indoors and do 'nothing'; I tend to busy myself by doing a few home improvements, cleaning and etc (ha boring . . ). Of course whilst doing so I like to ensure the home smells 'homely', snuggly and warm and I tend to get this 'vibe' by simply burning candles. Now I never use to really be that into candles, but as of late I can't pass the candle aisle in shops without stiffing every candle insight; if it smells good, it 'hops' into my basket! I have tried different candle brands, however I always find myself going back to the one and only Yankee Candle. Yes, they are an incredibly hyped about brand of candle, but they really are pretty good. I am quite particular on what scents I like, so I selected 3 candles which I thought would be tolerable to my 'nostrils'; Fireside Treats, Vanilla Lime and Pink Sands.

Yankee Candle 'Vanilla Lime*' (small jar) 3.7 0z £7.59

''This Yankee Candle Vanilla Lime Housewarmer Jar candle is both smooth and refreshing. The Vanilla Lime fragrance captures all the cool and juicy sweetness and lively fresh tanginess of sun ripened fruit and combines it with the creamy, smooth and relaxing textures of fresh vanilla''.

Some of you may or may not remember but a year or so ago I blogged about a yankee candle lip balm which was actually in the scent of 'Vanilla Lime'. That was absolutely amazing on my lips and smell great, so I thought I would see if the same could be said for the candle (not putting it on my lips, of course). The scent smells exactly the same as that of the lip balm (result), the jar is really cute but . . .whilst burning this candle I didn't feel like it gave enough 'scent' in the room. Every so often I got a 'whiff' of it, but nothing to make a statement which was a bit of a shame. But I realise that having the small jar perhaps wouldn't give 'off' Dosierungen: 25 mg, 50 mg und 100 mg a strong scent, but was expecting a bit more than the 'odd whiff'.

Yankee Candle 'Fireside Treats*' (large tumbler) 22oz £18.99

''Indulge in sweet summer nostalgia with this gorgeous Yankee Candle Fireside Treats Multi Wick Candle. Fireside Treats is the joy of camp. Mesmerized by fire, singing and laughing, while toasting marshmallows to rich, gooey perfection! Expertly blended using natural extracts, this vibrant collection will brighten up your summer like never before. Inspired by childhood summertime memories, it will rekindle pastimes and those memories full of joy and rays of scorching sunshine''. 

When I first saw the name of this candle and picture it instantly made me think of Bonfire Night, and also going to my friends house as a child and sitting in front of her open fire with marshmallows on sticks! Just from those thoughts alone, I instantly ordered and waited in anticipation for the candle to arrive. Upon arrival and first 'sniffing', I was in absolute 'awe' and could not wait to start burning. I have never had a large yankee candle tumbler before, but the large is huge and I can see it lasting for quite sometime. Upon burning, about 5-8minutes my room started to smell absolutely lovely. It is quite sweet and perhaps can be a little too much for some people but it really does leave a room smelling amazing. The double wick I feel is what contributed to the room smelling so quickly, and lingering throughout the entire house. Although the double wick candles are a little bit more price wise, I do think if you are after a strong scent these are perhaps the better of the candles to have. 

 Yankee Candle 'Pinks Sands'* £1.75; Sampler Votive* 99p

''Indulge your senses with the Yankee Candle Pink Sands Votive Sampler. Pink Sands creates an exotic island escape through a beautiful mix of bright citrus, sweet florals and spicy vanilla''.

I always see votives but never really bother with them as I think they are a waste of time and aren't really enough to give a room enough fragrance. But I thought I would perhaps 'back track' on my thoughts and give it a try before forming a solid judgement on an assumption! 'Pink Sands' although perhaps not Autumn/Winter like, as you are all aware, I am a huge fan of the Caribbean, and I thought this votive is a perfect reminder of my time in the caribbean, witnessing beautiful sunsets. Upon removing the packaging the sweet gorgeous smell hit my nose, leaving a very subtle scent which I hoped would be replicated in my room. Although not strong or overpowering this votive did leave a lovely scent which wasn't too much but just right. I didn't feel like I was 'choking' which some candles have done in the past (not good). As this was a votive (no jar to prevent wax melting everywhere), I did get a little frosted votive holder* to prevent spillage, but also give the lit flame a glowing 'haze' in the jar, which at night is pretty effective. All in all the votives are quite good, if you're after a 'quick scent' but would I invest in votives in the near future? I don't know . .

All candles are from Scented Candle Shop which are by far the most reasonble online. Not only do they sell Yankee Candle, but there are other brands available and items which are really lovely and reasonable. Delivery and customer service is also really good. 

What is your favourite Autumn/Winter candle??

*PR Sample

17 October 2013

Looking to the future . .

(HA . . . one can dream, eh . . )

As much as I enjoy shopping for clothes, shoes, handbags and other bits and pieces which are not really a necessity to my life at the moment, I seem to have developed this bug for looking into the future. Now I am no 'Mystic Meg' (HA who remembers this woman making weekly appearances on the National Lottery?) but I seem to find myself looking at items which could potentially be fitting for a new home. Sometime next year, I will be moving out of the family home, and setting up home by myself (scary but exciting). This of course gives me complete and utter freedom as to how I decorate my own place; no more arguing with my mum as to what should go where, what looks right and so forth . . it'll all be down to me! I have been buying a few bits and pieces which will be useful to me when I 'fly the nest', but I still have a fair bit of 'saving' to do before getting the necessary pieces to make wherever I'll be living feel like home.


Over the years of visiting places where items such as bedroom furniture, sofas and etc are sold, it has given me some ideas as to how I envisage my own place to be. So with those thoughts in mind, I have a pretty good idea as to what I want/don't want . . .those boring Sunday trips with my mum to furniture stores as a child has kinda paid off . . .

I don't want to say too much at this point about my living circumstances, but watch this space . . . 

15 October 2013

Love in a Handstand . . . .

. . . Ever been on a date . . .where things begin to get a little 'romantic'. . . you and your date take a gentle stroll, giggling and enjoying one anothers company and subconsciously you both hold hands? Although you and this person may be getting a lot more friendlier than first thought . . has it ever dawned on you ''How clean are their hands?''. Perhaps it is somewhat a little odd to think such thoughts on a first date, but it does get you thinking. . . 

Today is in fact 'Global Handwashing Day'. I don't know about you but regardless of where I am or what I am doing I wash my hands religiously . . perhaps I'm just a little 'OCD' lol, but catching other peoples germs through poor hygiene is my biggest 'bug bearer', and all of this can be prevented from using a few products (and common sense) to prevent the spread of coughs, colds and sneezes.

''Did you know . . .research has shown we touch common objects an average of 3.3 times per hour and touch their faces up to 3.6 times''.
(Press Release, 2013)

Cuticura have launched a brand new range of anti-bacterial hand hygiene products which aim to get us all effectively washing our hands better in the bid to reduce nasties during the upcoming winter season.   

NEW Cuticura Anti Bacterial Hand Wash 'Lime and Bamboo', Black Pepper and Pomegranate', 'Ginger and Manuka Honey' RRP £2.49
Longer lasting protection at home . . uses 3 hour technology to ensure hands stay clean and safe for care free living. Clinically proven, tackles the toughest bacteria and kills 99% of germs, leaving hands feeling soft, clean and protected.

NEW Cuticura Anti Bacterial Hand Serum ''Green Cucumber', 'Pink Watermelon', 'Garden Mint' RRP £2.49
Long lasting invisble 'cloak' to protect hands from germs for up to 8 hours when soap and water is not available. Unique dual-fighting, alcohol free formulation combats both flu and cold and noroviruses, stopping 99.99% of bacteria in its tracks. 

NEW Cuticura Anti Bacterial Hand Wipes RRP £1.49
Compact and convenient, kills 99.99% of bacteria and proven to keep protecting hands for up to 8hours. Skin is left feeling cleansed and silky soft with this dermatologically approved, alcohol and triclosen free formula. Specially formulated with anti viral properties to keep families safe from even more nasties. 

NEW Cuticura 'Cucumber and Mint', 'Passionflower', 'Mango' Anti Bacterial Hand Gel RRP 99p/50ml; £1.49/100ml; £2.79/250ml
Offers peace of mind for gym goers, with proven alcohol based formula for fast acting, anti bacterial defence. Clinically proven to tackle even the toughest bacteria, Cuticura's hand gel kills 99.99% bacteria, fast, leaving you feeling protected and free to enjoy your day.

Did you know . . .

1 in 10 Brits just splash and dash after using the loo and 1 in 5 don’t wash hands at all
     1 in 5 Brits don’t wash their hands every time they use the loo
           Over 1 in 10 simply splash or rinse their fingers with water
             About 40 per cent wash their hands for less than 10 seconds 
           It takes 20 seconds of washing with soap to effectively wash hands[i]
            Men are twice as likely to wash without using soap or hand wash

The research showed that nearly half of the people interviewed for hand hygiene experts Cuticura, are not washing their hands properly and aiding the spread of harmful germs. Dr Lisa Ackerley, a leading hygiene expert recommends that people wash their hands with warm water and soap or an anti bacterial hand-wash for at least 20 seconds, yet the research shows people are cutting that time by 50 per cent.

(Press Release, 2013)

Remember . . . COUGHS & COLDS SPREAD DISEASES . . .REMEMBER to wash your hands . . . 

All products are available from Superdrug, Boots, Morrisons, Waitrose and independent pharmacies.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this post (and watching the video). 

7 October 2013

Dr.Organic | Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Moisture Melt

''. . . An intensely hydrating and soothing moisture melt. Complete body, skin, hair & nails indulgence, an exotic tropical treatment that penetrates easily, helping to rehydrate the deeper layers of the skin''.
(Dr Organic, 2013)

I make no secret of the fact that I am a huge fan of oils; I use them on my body, my hair, my nails, I just find them to be so much nicer than some products on the highstreet. Dr Organic is a brand I have seen from time to time when popping into Holland Barrett briefly but not really taking much notice. However the Organic Virgin Coconut oil Moisture melt caught my attention and I decided to give it a try.

First impressions - the outer packaging it is full of information about the product and what it aims to achieve. This I found to be really useful as sometimes product packaging can often be vague and make it difficult to understand what exactly the product does. The use of colours to illustrate the product I quite like, especially the picture of a coconut to demonstrate the product scent. The product itself comes in a glass bottle which I was quite surprised to see, however it does give the product a luxury image. However I believe it is part reasoning as to how best to use the product. At room temperature the product is solid, however once warmed up (I place mine in a jug of warm water) the product turns to a fine oil that is incredibly light and absorbs well into the skin, but smells absolutely gorgeous. The best part of this product is that you can actually use it on your skin, hair and nails which is great.

  • Body - As the winter weather starts to creep in my skin has become incredibly dry (roll on Summer 2014)! As a result, I have had to step up my moisturising and use products that are able to moisturise well but maintain that level of moisture during the day. I placed the glass bottle in a jug of warm water, and took my shower. Came back and the product had almost melted in 5/10mins. The consistency of the oil (once melted) isn't think or watery but is reasonable. Only a small amount is needed as it tends to go along way. I found the oil absorbed well into my skin, leaving no oily residue and it kept my well moisturised throughout the day.
  • Hair - Some of you might be aware but I tend to do a lot of 'pre poo' mixes for my hair (cheap conditioner mixed with either olive oil/amla oil/castor oil/JBCO). Coconut oil I have heard is a great oil to use on the scalp/add to pre poo mixes, which I have found to be very beneficial to my hair. Once washed and dried, my hair feels very hydrated and
  • Nails - The winter weather is a sucker for drying out the cuticles. So dabbing a little bit of the oil to my cuticles, and massaging well (opportunity to push cuticles back) I find this oil to be really helpful to giving my nails some TLC.
As with a previous product I reviewed, Dr Organic's products are all free from parabens, SLS, artificial colours, fragrances and harsh preservatives. A lot of products I use I tend to always look at what is in them as there are some nasty ingredients, ie petrolatum which does absolutely nothing for the skin/hair. It's what they call 'product filler', giving you the illusion you're getting loads for your money, when actually that is not the case! Since using this product I have had no irritations to my skin at all, which is satisfying to know that it's natural and friendly to skin.

I have been using this product for sometime and quite honestly I can definitely see myself getting another. The product has been really good to my skin; it moisturises well, smells great and lasts an incredibly long time.

Dr Organic Organic Coconut Oil Moisture Melt* 90g RRP £8.99, and is available from Holland and Barrett.

Have you ever tried a moisture melt . .or something similar?

*PR Sample

4 October 2013

Friday Feature | Private School Prepster

Hi everyone! I'm Ashley from Private School Prepster, and Cas is so kind as to feature me on her blog today. I will be writing about why interacting with other bloggers through Twitter is beneficial!

Twitter is seriously one of my favorite ways to keep in touch with other bloggers. It's an easy way to see what they're up to. I love tweeting to other bloggers and following them. If they tweet something that I could reply to - such as something fun they did, a question they asked, etc. - I make sure to reply! Check out why tweeting to other bloggers is so helpful.

1) builds friendships
There's no doubt that everyone loves making friends. So why not try to make as many as you can? Blogging friendships are my favorite kind of friendships because you often share similar interests. The only thing that stinks about making friends through blogging is you usually don't know them in real life, so you can't meet up with them at Starbucks or something. However, if you get the chance to meet another blogger, that's one of the most amazing things!

2) advertises you
If you're always tweeting to other bloggers, the people who follow the person you're tweeting to will find out about your Twitter. Therefore, they'll find your blog as well. That will spread word about your blog, and you'll gain more followers! (Note: Don't do this just for the followers. Interacting with other bloggers to be friendly is wonderful just as it is!)

3) creates inspiration
Most bloggers tweet links to their blog posts. That will cause you to read the blog post, and sometimes blog posts inspire you to write a certain blog post! This will open up your blog and help you think of post ideas. Don't forget to give credit to the person, though!

Why do you think Twitter is beneficial for bloggers?
Tweet me your answer! @privateschprep