29 October 2013

Hello Autumn. . .

I make no secret of the fact that I absolutely 'hate' Autumn/Winter; it's wet, cold, miserable and generally I feel incredibly 'down in the dumps'. I tend to hibernate a lot this time of year, staying indoors and keeping warm. However I don't just stay indoors and do 'nothing'; I tend to busy myself by doing a few home improvements, cleaning and etc (ha boring . . ). Of course whilst doing so I like to ensure the home smells 'homely', snuggly and warm and I tend to get this 'vibe' by simply burning candles. Now I never use to really be that into candles, but as of late I can't pass the candle aisle in shops without stiffing every candle insight; if it smells good, it 'hops' into my basket! I have tried different candle brands, however I always find myself going back to the one and only Yankee Candle. Yes, they are an incredibly hyped about brand of candle, but they really are pretty good. I am quite particular on what scents I like, so I selected 3 candles which I thought would be tolerable to my 'nostrils'; Fireside Treats, Vanilla Lime and Pink Sands.

Yankee Candle 'Vanilla Lime*' (small jar) 3.7 0z £7.59

''This Yankee Candle Vanilla Lime Housewarmer Jar candle is both smooth and refreshing. The Vanilla Lime fragrance captures all the cool and juicy sweetness and lively fresh tanginess of sun ripened fruit and combines it with the creamy, smooth and relaxing textures of fresh vanilla''.

Some of you may or may not remember but a year or so ago I blogged about a yankee candle lip balm which was actually in the scent of 'Vanilla Lime'. That was absolutely amazing on my lips and smell great, so I thought I would see if the same could be said for the candle (not putting it on my lips, of course). The scent smells exactly the same as that of the lip balm (result), the jar is really cute but . . .whilst burning this candle I didn't feel like it gave enough 'scent' in the room. Every so often I got a 'whiff' of it, but nothing to make a statement which was a bit of a shame. But I realise that having the small jar perhaps wouldn't give 'off' a strong scent, but was expecting a bit more than the 'odd whiff'.

Yankee Candle 'Fireside Treats*' (large tumbler) 22oz £18.99

''Indulge in sweet summer nostalgia with this gorgeous Yankee Candle Fireside Treats Multi Wick Candle. Fireside Treats is the joy of camp. Mesmerized by fire, singing and laughing, while toasting marshmallows to rich, gooey perfection! Expertly blended using natural extracts, this vibrant collection will brighten up your summer like never before. Inspired by childhood summertime memories, it will rekindle pastimes and those memories full of joy and rays of scorching sunshine''. 

When I first saw the name of this candle and picture it instantly made me think of Bonfire Night, and also going to my friends house as a child and sitting in front of her open fire with marshmallows on sticks! Just from those thoughts alone, I instantly ordered and waited in anticipation for the candle to arrive. Upon arrival and first 'sniffing', I was in absolute 'awe' and could not wait to start burning. I have never had a large yankee candle tumbler before, but the large is huge and I can see it lasting for quite sometime. Upon burning, about 5-8minutes my room started to smell absolutely lovely. It is quite sweet and perhaps can be a little too much for some people but it really does leave a room smelling amazing. The double wick I feel is what contributed to the room smelling so quickly, and lingering throughout the entire house. Although the double wick candles are a little bit more price wise, I do think if you are after a strong scent these are perhaps the better of the candles to have. 

 Yankee Candle 'Pinks Sands'* Sampler Votive £1.75

''Indulge your senses with the Yankee Candle Pink Sands Votive Sampler. Pink Sands creates an exotic island escape through a beautiful mix of bright citrus, sweet florals and spicy vanilla''.

I always see votives but never really bother with them as I think they are a waste of time and aren't really enough to give a room enough fragrance. But I thought I would perhaps 'back track' on my thoughts and give it a try before forming a solid judgement on an assumption! 'Pink Sands' although perhaps not Autumn/Winter like, as you are all aware, I am a huge fan of the Caribbean, and I thought this votive is a perfect reminder of my time in the caribbean, witnessing beautiful sunsets. Upon removing the packaging the sweet gorgeous smell hit my nose, leaving a very subtle scent which I hoped would be replicated in my room. Although not strong or overpowering this votive did leave a lovely scent which wasn't too much but just right. I didn't feel like I was 'choking' which some candles have done in the past (not good). As this was a votive (no jar to prevent wax melting everywhere), I did get a little frosted votive holder* to prevent spillage, but also give the lit flame a glowing 'haze' in the jar, which at night is pretty effective. All in all the votives are quite good, if you're after a 'quick scent' but would I invest in votives in the near future? I don't know . .

All candles are from Scented Candle Shop which are by far the most reasonble online. Not only do they sell Yankee Candle, but there are other brands available and items which are really lovely and reasonable. Delivery and customer service is also really good. 

What is your favourite Autumn/Winter candle??

*PR Sample


  1. I looove Yankee candles, My mam had a navy one lit last night, I'm not sure what scent it was but it was so amazing! x

  2. Aaliyah ~ Pyari Beauty ♥1 November 2013 22:25

    Pink Sands is one of my fave Yankee Candle scents! :)