27 December 2012

Psssst . . .Have you heard of Daxon? . .

 . . . You're probably thinking ''Who the heck are, or what the heck is Daxon?''. . . Well I will briefly introduce you now.

''We are part of Redcats, which is the 3rd largest home shopping organisation in the world. We specialise in top quality clothing, for all occasions, to give you effortless style. We aim to find the perfect fit for you. We don’t believe in compromise when it comes to fashion!''
(Daxon, 2012)

Not only are Daxon offering a great variety in terms of clothing and quality, but the items are at unbeatable prices which is amazing. 

So if you're looking to update your wardrobe, but are a lil strapped for cash or perhaps after a few bargains, then check out the Daxon website

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24 December 2012

The ugly 2012 observations . . .

Hello All

Hope you're all fabulous and getting ready to drink and be merry over the next few days.

Anyway if you've been following my blog/twitter from the early days you will know that I thoroughly enjoy my time blogging (albeit a lil quiet at times), and I am extremely grateful for all the opportunities I have had. This past year has been filled with lots of exciting things in the blogging community, which have been truly amazing but on the other hand, I have seen some things which I have said nothing about all year, but feel compelled to do so today. So here goes . . .

''YAY . . you've won my giveaway, please forward your address and I will post out your prize''

Giveaways . . where do I start? We all like giveaways; whether that is hosting them or winning them. Throughout the year there have been some fab prizes which I think are absolutely amazing. Of course, when we win these lovely prizes, we are under the impression the individual hosting the giveaway will post the prize, but this year for some bloggers, that has not been the case. Following a giveaway that I won in September that giveaway prize til this very day has never arrived. A tweet and two further emails to that person to ask what was happening fell on deaf ears, and I heard nothing! I mentioned this on twitter, and I was incredibly shocked and surprised to hear that so many other bloggers have also endured this same experience; win prizes, but never receive them. That in my opinion is unacceptable; fair enough if you are no longer able to provide the prize or for whatever reason, let the winner know! Being in contact with the person will go down a lot better than just ignoring emails/tweets, which is rude! Not only is it bad manners, but also it is false advertising, which I believe is now a way to ''boost'' followers''!

''Sorry, but you live outside my posting area''

I responded to a tweet not long ago, told to follow that person so they could DM. All was going well until I was asked where abouts am I located. Because I am not within the same posting vicinity as that person I was told I couldn't have the prize!!  Fair enough if people are outside the posting area, and you're unable to post the prize that's fine but for the love of God state that within the Terms and Conditions on the giveaway/tweet! Not everyone is telepathic, your twitter bio doesn't qualify as part of the Terms and Conditions, and in the long run it's to cover your own backside, and not waste peoples time.

Manners cost nothing, right?

**Ahhh my favourite topic** How many of you were taught from a young age to respond to people you may not necessarily know in a polite but friendly manner? So why is it a select few people within the blogging community are unable to sustain this within their adult lives? I mean if someone tweets you a query/question, surely it's just manners to respond back? I fully appreciate that some have busy lives/large followings, but it only takes a few seconds to respond back to the odd query tweets/emails people send; they take the time to send them, so why not take the time to respond back?

Bullying is an ugly trait 

Bullying . . .HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT! I have seen this happen too many times this year, and quite frankly it is an ugly trait to have! I suffered it last year from a blogger but kept very quiet as I didn't want to cause a scene, but I was bullied into saying nothing at all! This person proceeded to then twisting everything, and with a larger following than myself at the time, I had no leg to stand on. Let me tell you this - those who bully and think it's cool and great to put those down who enjoy blogging you WILL be found out! The people I have seen bullied, picked on this year for no apparent reason are the most friendliest people ever and have bent over backwards to help a lot of people. I never understand why bullies feel the need to do it, I mean how would they like it if it was their child/brother/sister or some family relation being bullied for no apparent reason? They sure as hell wouldn't like it, so don't do it to people you don't know behind a computer screen; it's cowardly and it's ugly!


I have participated in this Sunday weekly chat since last year, as at first I found it incredibly helpful and a great way to find new bloggers/blogs. However this year it just seems to be ''The Battle of Do this, Don't do this'', and quite frankly it is absolutely ridiculous. Everyone within the blogging community has different styles, tastes, thinking, opinions, which is fair enough (it would be a pretty boring world if we all had the same thinking and etc). That side, if someone says something that you don't like, necessarily agree with, don't go firing tweets at them, deliberately trying to start an argument. The whole point of #BBloggers is to tweet helpful advice, not to fire insults, start unnecessary arguments.

 . . . . And breathe! lol

I have never done a 'blunt, but frank' blog post before, but I felt compelled to do it. I appreciate that perhaps not everyone is going to agree to what I have written, which is fair enough. But I do hope perhaps people take on board what I have written, and help to make 2013 a delightful blogging community.

Stay warm, stay safe.

Merry Christmas

**Prepares for abuse . . .**

20 December 2012

**Ding Ding** Last minute shoppers . . .

Christmas is only a few days away, and I know there are some of you who perhaps haven't quite finished your christmas shopping (or even started it? lol). Anyway the past few weeks in the blogging sphere, there have been youtube videos, blog posts saturated with gift ideas, which I have found incredibly interesting and fun to read. I was going to do blog posts of a similar nature, but I thought what was being posted everyday was sufficient. That said, there is one gift idea for 'Him' I wanted to bring to your attention . . .James Bond '007' Gold Limited Edition.

''A unique fusion of traditionally authentic and British ingredients shaping a classic fragrance with a modern twist''.
(Press Release, 2012)

2012 has been a phenomenal year for James Bond; it celebrated 50 years, but also saw the release of another Bond film 'Skyfall' with an amazing theme tune by Adele. I have made no secret of the fact that I am a hugeeeeeeeee fan of James Bond; having grown up watching all the films, and I currently working my way through the books. Anyway to mark 50 years of James Bond, the release of a fragrance aptly named '007' has been launched.

''This fragrance type epitomised the virile, vibrant masculinity of the times and continued to prosper into the 21st century. Only an Aromatic Fougere could bring to life Bond’s unique blend of masculinity and sophistication. Unapologetically masculine the Fougere backbone is rich with lavender, for a reassuring, yet elegant aromatic masculinity – moss and coumarin undertones create the 007 Fragrance''.

''Bond’s smooth and refined characteristics are represented through Vetyver, an ingredient which brings undeniable masculinity, power and strength, blended with the sensuality of Lavender. Crisp apple, the quintessentially British ingredient known for its fresh flavor, reflects the smooth side of Bond, adding a refreshingly light quality that perfectly harmonises the heady Fougere. Warm woods with a musky aspect make up the full bodied essence, creating the fragrance’s long lasting and powerfully masculine qualities''.

The 007 Gold Limited Edition is certainly a fragrance for any man who aspires to be Bond. The packaging is etched in Gold, with the signature Bond logo making it a sleek and timeless design.

This fragrance is available from Harrods EDT/75ml £34 and Nationwide EDT/50ml £25.

Hope you've enjoyed this blog post.

*Press Release

17 December 2012

OOTN - Staff Christmas Party

Hello All

Friday December 14th was my staff Christmas party, and I have to say I had a 'jolly' good time, filled with lots of laughs and drunken behaviour (not moi lol). Anyway I was panicking what I could wear because to be honest what is in the shops at the moment is incredibly drab and boring, and I wanted something that would give the WOW factor and would be different from everyone else. So I thought I would wear a dress I had worn last year to a summer ball; I had only worn the dress once, and I was itching to wear it again. Being December the weather is hardly warm and I was worrying that I would freeze, but to be honest, I was 'roasting'! The heavy jersey material kept me incredibly warm and I didn't even need a coat in the end. Anyway . . I thought I would blog my dress as I have had a few requests to blog my outfit so here goes . . . 
(Ooopsie, my necklace decided to make an appearance lol)

Dress - JS Collection (House of Fraser)
Shoes - Phase Eight 'Clara Peep'
Handbag - Star by Julie Macdonald (Debenhams)
Earrings - don't know, my mum gave them to me, along with the braclet


Foundation - Keromask Camoflague 'Medium 13'
MAC Mineralise Skin Finish 'Deep Dark'
Blush - Illamasqua Cream Blusher 'Betray'
Mascara - Illamasqua Lengthening 'Nocturnal' and FashionistA 'The Double Collection' (used Step 2)
Lipstick - MAC 'Sheer Plum'
Lipgloss - Missguided Lipsplash 'Missled'

Fragrance - Chanel 'Coco Mademoiselle'

Hope you enjoyed this blog post.

13 December 2012

GIVEAWAY: Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

Hello Beautiful People

I haven't done a giveaway for quite a while, but with Christmas looming and in the giving mood, I thought I would offer one lucky winner the Dermalogica 'Daily Microfoliant'.

''Dermalogica's number one exfoliant, this gentle, rice-based exfoliating powder activates upon contact with water, releasing papain, salicylic acid and rice enzymes that micro-exfoliate dead cells, instantly leaving skin smoother and brighter. Formulated without artificial fragrances and colours.'

I will be honest I personally have never used Dermalogica products as I don't live near a stockist, but I always hear and read great positive reviews on the brand and its products. 

So if you are an avid fan of Dermalogica, or fancy trying this product for the first time , simply enter using the methods below:

1) You must be a follower of my blog - 1 x entry

For an extra entry

2) Follow me on twitter @serenityofbeaut, and tweet anything of your choice {remember to include my twitter handle} - 1 x entry
 . . . .And that's it! 


1) This giveaway will run for 5days, and will end Monday 17th December 2012 at 23:59 GMT
2)  Failure to adhere to the rules, will result in your entry being disqualified (same goes for those with ''fake accounts'')

2) UK entrants only, sorry
3) Your details will be passed onto the PR organisation who will post out your prize

4) Remember to include your email address


Christmas is less than 2 weeks away, and I know some of you perhaps haven't even started your Christmas shopping (yep, me!). So if you're still looking for gift ideas, then look no further than Liberty who are offering great gift sets and skincare products.

   . . . You have 5days to get those entries in . . . GOOOOOOOO!

Good Luck! :)

5 December 2012

VIVO - Alive with Colour

Summer 2011 saw supermarket giant Tesco launch their own make up brand VIVO. Many of us in the blogging community were very impressed with the products, that even now I still see blog posts commenting on the VIVO products good quality and cost friendly prices. Nevertheless, VIVO are back with the launch of new products that I wanted to share with you all today. 

NEW BB Cream

Inspired by Asian BB creams, designed to give great coverage whilst also concealing and priming the skin, the NEW beauty balm is a formula that aims to deliver more than just a standard foundation. This Beauty Balm is designed to leave a softer, silkier feel that doesn't feel like foundation. As you can see from the picture above, this clearly is not the right shade for my skin tone which is the problem with a lot of BB creams on the high street. However that aside, the product itself is very thick, non greasy and applies very easily to the skin.

Rating: 6/10


NEW Perfect Skin Primer* RRP £5.99

This new skin primer is targeted at minimising pores, erasing fine lines and correcting those imperfections with just one application of this product. It is super light-weight, non sticky creating the perfect canvas for make - up application. This primer also leaves the skin looking brighter and smother, ensuring foundation stays put. I tried this one morning before going to work, and I have to agree with the above. I have never used a primer before, but this is just great. My liquid foundation stays in place and doesn't start to run/look blotchy mid way through the way.

Rating: 8/10


NEW Bronze Me Up Trio eyeshadow* RRP £2.50

This season it is all about golden gilted beauty, and VIVO introduce you to the latest Trio Eyeshadow palette 'Bronze Me Up'. This trio palette have 3 shades which are of velvet-to-touch appearance, with a metallic finish that compliments each other to create anything from an brightening daytime look to a sultry, smoldering evening look. These eyeshadows are also super blendable, avoiding that heavy, chalky effect. 
I had a play around with these and I think they are a great mix of colours that will compliment anyones skin tone. Although I did find the eyeshadows a little bit soft and they did crumble a little, the pigmentation is still pretty good. 

Rating: 7/10


NEW Gel Eyeliner 'Black Swan'* RRP £3.49

This richly pigmented eye definer is super creamy, smooth to apply and completely smudge-proof. What is clever with this product is the lid has a little brush that makes for perfecting the application fuss free. This gel eyeliner comes 3 shades; 'Black Swan', 'Lady Grey' and 'Brown Sugars'.
As you can see I tried this on my hand, and just as the description said it is richly pigmented and smooth. However I had a 'devils own job' trying to remove it; in the end I used a bit of olive oil to get it off. Nevertheless, still a good product, but just go careful with how much you use and have good makeup wipes/remover at the ready!

Rating: 7.5/10


NEW Colourwash Sheer Lipgloss*  'Early to Rise' RRP £1.00 each

This pout-perfecting lipgloss aims to give yours lips a wash of colour. It is non sticky, super creamy while the gorgeous Strawberries and Cream scent make this lipgloss truly irresistible. This ligloss also comes in 4 more shades; 'Calm and Relaxed', 'Setting Sun', Raring to Go', and 'Lets Go'.
I usually hate wearing lipgloss because they are either too sticky, or make my lips looks odd. But I actually really like this one. It is smooth, neutral and applies very easy to the lips.

Rating: 8/10


All products are available from Tesco stores and online www.vivocosmetics.co.uk

Do you like VIVO cosmetics, or are you not so sure? Would love to hear your thoughts. 

4 December 2012

Little Birdie 'Not on the Highstreet' . . .

''Tis the season to be jolly, Fa la la la la, la la la la''

Unless you've been living under a cave, you are probably well aware that Christmas is on its way. And of course trying to find that perfect but unique gift for a loved one is often a nightmare. But fear not as I bring you a company who aim to bring you unique and carefully curtailed products. 

Not On The High Street are a company who specialise in bringing carefully handmade products, which are cutting edge, unique with a hint of personalisation. With over 50, 000 products ranging from bedroom to clothing, there is bound to be something that will meet the expectations of what you are looking for.

''notonthehighstreet.com is for people who want to say something unique about themselves, their homes and their friends and families, who think about what they’re buying and why''
(notonthehighstreet.com, 2012)

I spent sometime browsing this website, and I was amazed just at how many things are available, which are all different from the norm. As a blogger of fashion and beauty, and with christmas and festive parties looming, I thought I would see what was available in the department of evening handbags. Us ladies are forever stressing over what handbag to match with an outfit so I decided to choose a bag which I thought was basic, but unique; Little Birdie 'Stardust Embroidered Clutch Bag*'. 

''This clutch bag is simply divine and perfect for a night on the tiles. Handmade with pure wool in on-trend navy, the bag features a sprinkling of little stars embroidered in a matt silver and is lined with a bright raspberry dupion silk''
(Little Birdie, 2012)

I chose this clutch simply because it's plain (will go with most outfits), but it has the little embroidery of stars which just gives the clutch a lovely finish with a difference. The bag is made to order and you can see the workmanship and detailing in the clutch, which is superb. The outer part of the clutch is made from the finest wool, with embroidered matt silver stars, and is lined with a bright raspberry silk. The fastening of the clutch has a clasp catch which ensures everything is tightly secure, and can hold all the girly essentials.

This clutch comes in at £48.00 but I do think for the quality and the workmanship it is worth the money. 

What do you think; are you a fan of this clutch? Do you like the concept behind the website? Or are you not so keen? Would love to hear your thoughts.

*PR sample

3 December 2012

I have succumbed . . . .

 . . .Yep, I gave myself an early Christmas present and got an iPad.

When the iPad first came out, I originally said ''There simply is no need for them, just use your phone/laptop''. After spending much time outweighing the pros and cons, I am eating humble pie as I now own one myself.

The reason why I got this was solely for my holiday in the new year (will be blogging about this in due course). When I have been on holiday in the past, my hand luggage is always rammed with books, magazines, puzzle books, to the point where my bag is just under the weight allowance, but too bulky often making it difficult to find travel documents and etc. So I have decided to wave 'Buhbye' to paper nonsense, and get this gadget.

I have had it just over 3 weeks, and so far it has proven to be quite good. What I like most about the iPad is how fast it is; web pages loads incredibly quick (better than my laptop), playing games on a larger scale makes for eye straining not so bad, and reading books is a lot nicer than paperback. The screen is incredibly sharp (no fuzziness), and everything is just nice and clear. 

I am still trying to figure some things out but so far I am happy with it. I am however now on the hunt for a cool, funky case . . . so if you have seen some cases which are of a reasonable price, feel free to let me know.

I'd be inclined to say if you are thinking about treating yourself to one, then definitely go for it. 

Hope you are all well.

Stay warm!

1 December 2012

I am still here . . .


Hello Everybody

 . . .Crikey, it has been a lil while since I last blogged, but I thought I would do a quick update on my 'whereabouts'.

 If you follow me on twitter (@serenityofbeaut), you might be aware that I have been incredibly busy with my personal life. I have been working round the clock, looking after the family home, and trying to find a full time job (which many of you will know it is incredibly 'fierce' out there in the big bad world). Subsequently, my little blog (which I adore and cherish) has since taken a little back seat, and has somewhat been neglected BUT . . fear not because as of this week I will be blogging for you all with a variety of things.

In the meantime I just want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support and following of my blog/twitter. I only wish I could meet you all and personally thank you as I sincerely do appreciate it. 

Hope you are all well.