4 October 2013

Friday Feature | Private School Prepster

Hi everyone! I'm Ashley from Private School Prepster, and Cas is so kind as to feature me on her blog today. I will be writing about why interacting with other bloggers through Twitter is beneficial!

Twitter is seriously one of my favorite ways to keep in touch with other bloggers. It's an easy way to see what they're up to. I love tweeting to other bloggers and following them. If they tweet something that I could reply to - such as something fun they did, a question they asked, etc. - I make sure to reply! Check out why tweeting to other bloggers is so helpful.

1) builds friendships
There's no doubt that everyone loves making friends. So why not try to make as many as you can? Blogging friendships are my favorite kind of friendships because you often share similar interests. The only thing that stinks about making friends through blogging is you usually don't know them in real life, so you can't meet up with them at Starbucks or something. However, if you get the chance to meet another blogger, that's one of the most amazing things!

2) advertises you
If you're always tweeting to other bloggers, the people who follow the person you're tweeting to will find out about your Twitter. Therefore, they'll find your blog as well. That will spread word about your blog, and you'll gain more followers! (Note: Don't do this just for the followers. Interacting with other bloggers to be friendly is wonderful just as it is!)

3) creates inspiration
Most bloggers tweet links to their blog posts. That will cause you to read the blog post, and sometimes blog posts inspire you to write a certain blog post! This will open up your blog and help you think of post ideas. Don't forget to give credit to the person, though!

Why do you think Twitter is beneficial for bloggers?
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1 comment:

  1. Thanks so much for the advice!
    I recently deleted my twitter and started a new one up specifically for my blog,
    It's been hard to build back up the followers, plus I still haven't really got the hang of twitter...
    These tips are really helpful :)