29 June 2013


Starting a new job whereby I am required to dress smart and professional, this of course means revamping my wardrobe. What I currently have is fine but it's time to add some new, brighter items of clothing. So I have had a the pleasure of looking online for new work clothes and I thought I would blog a few items which caught my interest.

1. F&F 60s Fit and Flare Dress (Tall) £22.00
I love red, it's such a bright, bold statement colour to wear. I really do love the skater style dresses but as a tall individual, it is often difficult to find a dress that is long enough. I was having a browse on the Tesco website and I spotted this dress. I instantly ordered it as I thought it's plain yet simple for work. It can either be worn with a jacket or a cardigan. At £22.00 I think it's an absolute bargain.

2. Matalan Bella Linen Jacket £20.00
I love having a browse in Matalan as I always seem to find reasonable workwear. I spotted this jacket a few months ago and had to buy it. I often find myself wearing it for a casual look but this would also be a great jacket for work. The material is of great quality and as an individual with long arms the length is just right.

3. ASDA Bodysculpt Panelled Midi Dress £25.00
ASDA (Walmart to those of you in the US) are often 'hit and miss' with their formal/workwear. But having a nosey online I spotted this dress. Although quite plain and understated it is a lovely dress which would look fab in the work place. It's not too short/long in length which is a bonus.

4. Amy Childs 'Fern' Beige £70.00
I know Amy Childs isn't everyone's 'cuppa' tea, but her clothing line I am a fan of. Not all of it is to my fancy though but there are some gorgeous dresses which I think are really stylish. This particular dress I found ever so different; in a gorgeous beige colour, with the hint of black. Although I have my eyes on this dress, I will wait for it to go into sale, as at £70.00 it's perhaps a little on the steep side. 

5. Next Sleeveless Shirt 'Blue Spot' £24.00
If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen me do an outfit snap which featured this top. I originally purchased this for my 2nd trip to Jamaica but I figured it would also make a great 2-piece outfit for the work place. This top I found to be very cool, so if you often get hot during the day this top may be the one for you. Although I just wear my bra with this top, perhaps for the workplace wearing a camisole top underneath may be a good idea, keeping the outfit professional.

6. Donna Karan Gypsum White Pencil Skirt £701
To tie in with the white polka dots and the blue, I opted for a white pencil skirt. Perhaps a little daring, not a colour you'd consider wearing to work, but I feel it really does compliment the top. (Yes, the skirt is £701 but this is just for illustrative purposes - I like the cut/style of the skirt).

7. Oasis 'Boat Print' Fit and Flare (was £45.00, now £22.00)
I saw this dress and automatically fell in love with it. I don't usually like wearing items of clothing with prints as I often feel self conscious that I can't pull it off. But this dress is really cute. The little belt around the waist is a very dark navy blue which I thought would go well with a navy blue jacket.

8.  Matalan Cotton Sateen Blazer (was £25.00, now £15.00)
As with the previous blazer (2) I often wear this for casual looks. But it can be worn in the work place with many outfits. Again, the blazer is of great quality, long in the arms and very reasonable in price.

Hope you've enjoyed this blog post.

What do you like wearing to work?


  1. I really like number 1. The red dress is beautiful!
    Also loving the oasis boat print dress. so cute!
    hareem x

    1. Serenity of Beauty30 June 2013 at 02:55

      They're so cute, aren't they? :)