31 January 2013

Current Skincare Routine

I have been blogging for just over 18 months (gosh where has the time gone?) and I don't think I have ever done an in-depth blog post on the skincare products that I use. Over the years I have chopped and changed from various products, and never been happy with anything. But I think I have now sussed out what works for me and I thought I would share with you all.


Etat Pur Purifying Cleansing Gel - £7.70
 This is a fragrance free cleansing gel whereby a little goes along way. I dispense a decent sized blob into my hands before working well into my face. I then take my body shop facial brush and give my face a light but gentle scrub. I have been using this product for just over 5 months and I absolutely love it. It's light, doesn't strip my skin of its natural oils but leaves my skin feeling really soft and clean. I use this morning and night/weekly alternate with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser  - £8.99
 A light gel like consistency which is cloudy in colour. Must be applied to dry skin, is odourless, has very little lather when rubbed into the skin but does need a good amount of product to cover face. When I use this product I tend to work well into my skin, leaving for a few minutes before washing off thoroughly. If I am in the shower I tend to let the steam do a bit of 'work', help open the pores before washing off. I use this morning and night/weekly alternate with Etat Pur Purifying Cleansing Gel.



Aapri Exfoliating facial scrub gel - £1.99
A thick facial scrub gel filled with tiny natural apricot exfoliants which smells divine. A decent sized amount is sufficient enough to cover the face. I tend to wet my face first before applying, give a bit of lather. I have been using this product for a good few years, and I really enjoy using it. It's not harsh for my skin, too gritty unlike the cream version which is horrendous! Using this tends to leave my skin glowing, fresh and smooth. I use this every other day/weekly alternate with Origins Modern Friction.

Origins Modern Friction - £31.00
Thick creamy like product filled with skin refining rice starch. Scented with lemon to help start the illumination process, vitamin C and aloe vera. Before using I wet the skin first, dispense an ample size and then work well into the skin avoiding the eye area at all costs (it will burn/sting!). I tend to leave this on for a few minutes before washing off thoroughly. After use my skin tends to feel really fresh and bright. I use every other day/weekly alternate with Aapri Exfoliating facial scrub gel.



Skinetica Anti Blemish - £9.95
 A clear liquid with a slight scent. Enough product to cover a cotton pad is more than enough to treat the affected areas. I tend to gently sweep the cotton pad across my face and leave it to dry naturally before applying my moisturiser. I have only been using this product for just over a week and already I love it; no breakouts! If you're prone to blemishes/acne then this product may well be just what you're looking for. I use this morning and night.



Clinique Dramatically different moisturiser - from £17.00
Pale yellow non fragrance smelling cream with reasonable consistency (not watery). I have oily/combination skin. This product I find is really good especially for my skin type and the winter weather. Although I do tend to use it less during the warmer months as it can sometimes be a bit too much for the day. I use this in the morning mainly during the winter. 

Etat Pur Oil-free Quenching Gel - £7.80
An aqua coloured gel like substance which is lightly scented. Ideal for those with oily/combination skin who wish to use a light and oil free product that mattifies, moisturises and evens out the complexion. 1/2 pumps of this product is ample amount to cover the face. I tend to use this product a lot more during the warmer months as it's light and doesn't make me oily. I use this in the morning and night.


Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask - £20.00
A dark grey charcoal coloured thick mask designed to draw out those pore cloggers. Smells very 'earthy' and can get a little messy. I use a good amount of this product to cover my face and leaving it to dry naturally (I warn you now you may be quiet for sometime!). I wash off with warm water ensuring every trace is removed. My skin afterwards feels light and soft, and my skin isn't so oily after use and for a few days thereafter.
I tend to use this once every other week.



Body Shop Facial Brush - £4.00
Round brush which can be used with cleansers, facial washes and exfoliators. My mum purchased this and gave it to me, but I didn't pay much attention to it so put it to one side and completely forgot about it. I found it whilst clearing out a draw and decided to try it with my cleanser and completely fell in love with it. It made such a difference when being used with a cleanser; I got more lather and a deeper clean. I guess some may say it's like a miniature manual Clarisonic? But it really does work and I am glad I decided to start using it!

So there you have it ladies and gents that is my current skincare. I don't use a lot as I like to keep things simple and not aggravate my skin too much, otherwise all hell breaks loose!

Do you use any of these products in your current skincare routine?

(Disclaimer: Please remember that what I have blogged about here is what suits me and my skin type. Not everything here will suit all, so please do bear that in mind if you are thinking about trying any of these products).


  1. The Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser was always one of my favs but I think my skin got a little dependant on it at one point. x

    1. Serenity of Beauty31 January 2013 18:41

      Oh really? . ..Do you use yours a lot during the winter, or all year round?

  2. great post! need a better skin care routine!!


    1. Serenity of Beauty31 January 2013 18:41

      Thank you :)

      Yes, I keep things very simply for my body/skincare, otherwise if I start to do 'back-flips, somersaults, cartwheels' with my skincare, I am in for an army of zits! lol

  3. I love this post ! I really need to try some of these, I love modern friction and also the never a full moment scrub they do is just a dream, but the one you found is sooooo much cheaper I may have to try that one.

    Also need to try that toner as my skin breaks out :-( gay ..

    Great post beautyxxx http://beautybottle.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/sealed-with-kiss-valentines-gift-ideas.html?m=1

    1. Serenity of Beauty31 January 2013 23:50

      The Aapri one is really good - very gentle, even for those with the most sensitive of skins.

      Yes, definitely try Skinetica - works a treat :)

      Glad you enjoyed the blog post :)

  4. Ah, I keep seeing the Origins Charcoal Mask around, and I'd really like to try it! Have you ever tried it as an overnight spot treatment?

    1. Serenity of Beauty2 February 2013 00:11

      Overnight spot treatment? No? . . . .Can you do that with this mask? . . Although it would potentially make a mess of the pillowcases as it can get very messy! lol

    2. I'd imagine you could do that with this mask?! I've never tried this Origins one so I have no idea as to the texture or anything...that's why I was asking. Guess I'll just have to get it and find out! But I've used clay masks and sulphur masks as overnight spot treatments and they work really well, especially if I use them a few nights in a row when I first feel a spot coming on. I'm a back sleep though, so no mess for me :-)

    3. Serenity of Beauty2 February 2013 00:37

      Ahh ok. The texture at first is very slimy but when left to dry, it goes rock hard! When water touches it, that's when you have a problem - mess everywhere lol. I've never used clay masks as spot treatments, but I will give this a try and see how I get on. Sounds intriguing though :).