16 November 2011

REVIEW: Origins Clear Improvement 'Active Charcoal Mask'

Hello Beautiful People

As mentioned in my previous Origins post, I said I would review the Clear Improvement 'Active Charcoal Mask', which is the blog post for today.

When I first saw this product amongst the other origins products (which you can read about here), I was very intrigued. I have never used a charcoal face mask before, so was very keen but curious to try this product.

What Origins say:

 Active Charcoal acts like a magnet to draw out deep-dwelling pore-cloggers. White China Clay absorbs environmental toxins, Lecithin dissolves impurities. Without all that ''stuff'' down there, skin breathes a sigh of relief.
(Origins, 2011)

When I first went to use this product, I was a tad unsure of the colour. Ok yes charcoal is a big giveaway that the colour will be quite dark, but putting it onto my face I was a tad dubious. Of course this however influenced how I applied and used the product. For me personally, this product worked best in the shower, as my pores were open due to the steam, and made cleaning up after application easier. I did find however that it took some cleaning as it begun to stain a few things, for example bath tub, but with a good 'elbow grease', the marks did come out. The consistency of the mask I found to be quite thick, which of course made applying to the face easy, and I didn't find the mask scent to be overpowering, off putting.

The directions of use for this product are as follows:

Use once a week or as often as needed. Open pores with warm, moist towel and layer on. Allow to dry, rinse well.

Charcoal Face Mask - wet
Charcoal Face Mask - dry

Once I had saturated my face with the mask, I left it to dry, which took a good 10-15mins. As the mask began to set, I became very quiet; I could not move my face. Apart from not being able to move my face and upset the setting mask, I could feel the product in itself working; slight tingling and tightening of the skin. I did find it a tad strong, burning, but that shortly subsided, and no longer get any tingling.

Cost: £19.00 for 100ml - As the instructions for use of this product suggest 'once a week'/'whenever needed', £19.00 for 100ml is actually not a bad price. I have been using this every so often, and I still have a lot of product left to use. Like my previous review of origins products, although it may seem quite expensive, it does last along time.

Will I be purchasing this product?

I'm sat on the fence! I haven't noticed a difference in appearance of my skin, but I have noticed my skin feeling very soft and smooth. I do realise however that I will have to perhaps ensure I use this religiously to notice a significant difference in my skin. But I think I will definitely be repurchasing.

If you are interested in purchasing this product, then check out the following:
  • Origins
  • Boots
  • House of Fraser
  • John Lewis 
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  1. TheOtherSideofCool16 November 2011 17:05

    Great review thank you for sharing :) I like to read about origins stuff before buying as it's not the cheapest. This sounds quite nice but would need to have more obvious results to be worth the price I think- but then again your pores might jsut be super clean and clear ;) xxx

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  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes and I really enjoyed the review.


  3. Great review, I haven't had much luck with Origins in the past but I might be tempted to try this :) Jude xx @jadlgw

  4. I looove this mask. I agree with you though, I didn't notice an instant improvement in my skin appearance but it has helped regulate my oily skin so much! Really helped the shine. I'm down to using it once every 2weeks now. I really does last ages. Great review. xxx

  5. I know that you said you're on the fence about this product and that it's only a promo review, but I thought it best to point something out to you about this mask:

    Water, Melilotus Officinalis (Melilot) Extract, Equisetum Arvense Leaf Extract, Kaolin, Bentonite, Butylene Glycol, Montmorillonite, Polysorbate 20, Peg-100 Stearate, Activated Charcoal, Xanthan Gum, Lecithin, Peg-150 Distearate, Propylene Glycol Stearate, Sorbitan Laurate, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol Laurate, Simethicone, Trisodium Edta, Dehydroacetic Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Propylparaben, Butylparaben, Iron Oxides

    It would be a really great option for oily skin but it does contain a large amount of horsetail extract which can cause irritation and constrict the skin, making matters worse for any type of skin out there.

  6. I don't like this mask either, I think it's a lot of money to spend on something that just makes your face feel tight! x