21 August 2012

Amitee: Pamper Secrets Beauty Box - July

Last year the beauty scene went bonkers when the launch of beauty boxes came out in full force. Everywhere you looked, read or heard there was a beauty box of some sort being launched. At first I was a little dubious as I thought ''Nahh it's some sort of scam'', but when I saw the abundance of positive reviews from varying boxes, I thought I'd jump on the wagon and subscribe to 2 of them. That however didn't last long as I got a little bored of seeing products in my box that I couldn't use (not suitable for my hair/skin tone), and money was starting to get a little tight, so I had to unsubscribe from them both. A brainwave hit me back then ''Wouldn't it be ace to have a beauty box with products that women of colour can actually use and benefit from? '' . . . .and not before long 'BAMMMM' Amitee was launched this year.


Amitee is a brand that aims to inform you of everything fashion and beauty. By doing so they have introduced two services to their brand; Blogazine and Pamper Secrets. The Blogazine is an online magazine/blog with articles written by individuals who aim to bring you up to date information on fashion and beauty. The Pamper secrets on the other hand is aimed at giving individuals the opportunity to discover and sample products before purchasing a full size. One thing Amitee aim to do is ensure the boxes are themed, for example the May pamper secrets box was Bridal. Amitee also focus a lot on ensuring samples are suitable for women of colour, which I think is perhaps one thing a lot of beauty boxes previously didn't quite achieve. 

I was kindly sent the July pamper secrets box to review, which I shall explain more about below.

Many beauty boxes previously had a simple way of attaining a beauty box; you sign up, subscribe, pay your monthly fee, and receive your box in the post. That same principle still applies with Amitee however in order to personalise the pamper secret box to your preference, Amitee ask a series of questions. These questions determine what products you'll receive. Because of the July box (unsure of previous boxes) I was also asked to select a foundation colour which best suited my skin complexion, and quite cleverly they are all named after a few famous faces, such as Whitney Houston, Missy Elliot and Alicia Keys.  (See below)

A few days after completing the questionnaire, my July pamper secrets box arrived, which I was so excited to see what was included. Upon opening, a glorious smell hit my nose and I thought ''Oooo, so fresh''. The beauty box itself was very easy to open (lift off lid with no hassle), however I was a little disheartened to see the minor touches usually included in beauty boxes were not so elegantly finished.

Upon opening I was greeted to business card stating it was from Amitee with their varying social platforms, there was no card to highlight what products were included in the July box and the presentation was poor - fraying ribbon, which gave the box a very untidy, unprofessional finish. But that aside, I thought I would give the benefit of the doubt, and concentrate more on the samples inside. The July pamper box included the following:

  • Neom Moroccon Blush Rose Hand Cream
  • Green People Nurture Body Lotion
  • Murad Exfoliating Bemish Treatment Gel
  • Murad Oil-Control Matifer SPF 15
  • Yana foundation

 . . . My thoughts on the samples = not that impressed to be honest! Don't get me wrong, it's a great selection of samples to receive and try if you've not already sampled from other beauty boxes, but if you have and you didn't get on with them then (like I did), then it's a bit disappointing. The only sample which interests me is the Yana foundation. Ok the sample I received is not the right shade for my skin tone (too dark), but there is a large selection of  choices which means amongst the shade selector there is bound to be a foundation shade suitable for my skin tone. 

Amitee pamper beauty box is currently £10.00 per month plus P&P. 

Although on this occasion I was not 'bowled' over by the samples received, I do think the idea and thinking behind the box is great, and it's nice to see what I muttered to myself last year has actually been taken on board and launched by someone with the same 'thinking cap' on. However my only grumble is for the beauty box to contain a few more samples for women of colour in the monthly beauty boxes.

If you are interested in knowing moring about Amitee, then please click here.

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