27 August 2012

GUEST POST: The Fashion and Style of Contact Lenses and Glasses

Every day, people in need of corrective vision debate the various pros and cons of contact lenses and glasses. Some people are more comfortable with the simplicity and easiness of glasses, whereas others prefer the greater flexibility offered by contact lenses. In addition to issues of comfort and personal preference, however, people also consider these two popular options with regard to fashion and style. With that in mind, here are a few words on the different styles you can enjoy with both glasses and contact lenses

Vintage – A very popular look these days, vintage frames offer you a great deal of stylish versatility. While you may or may not wish to wear vintage glasses on a day to day basis, it can be great to have a pair on hand for certain events or styles you wish to enjoy. Everyone appreciates tastefully applied vintage styles.  

Modern – Also very popular, modern style glasses frames can make you look both stylish and intellectually sharp. There is often something about someone in modern glasses that simply looks very well put together, and this is the sort of fashion boost you can enjoy from a pair of these simple eyeglasses. 

Academic – While “academic” is a loose definition for a fashion or style, there is simply no denying that many glasses ultimately give you a more intellectual appearance. You’ll want to pick and choose when to take advantage of this, but the option is there.  

Emphasis – Certain types of Acuve contacts such as the Define lenses, are specifically designed to emphasize the natural beauty of your eyes, which can result in a major style and beauty boost. Eyes are naturally attractive features, and with a pair of these contacts you can bring out their color and brightness in a very nice way.   

Color – Color contacts are also very popular for people who enjoy using their corrective vision to play with different styles. With a few pairs of colored contacts on hand, you can simply change the appearance of your eyes at will, which can be very fun and useful for different outfits, or even different moods!  

Flexibility – Going beyond specific pairs of contacts, it is also worth noting that the biggest fashion-related benefit of contact lenses is the flexibility they allow you in general. With contacts, you are free to enjoy days without glasses, but you are also able to wear frames with clear lenses, and sunglasses, should you decide that eyewear is appropriate for a certain outfit or mood.  

Stephanie Scott is a freelance writer and aspiring journalist. She hopes to be a fashion writer, and enjoys following the latest trends and styles. 

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