3 January 2012

Boxing Day Sales

Many of you will know Boxing Day in the UK is the day for sales, literally have priced goods, massive savings and fabulous discounts (US followers - Black Friday is what Boxing Day is very similar to). Anyway of course, it would have been rude for me not to take full advantage of this, so I ventured off into town and online. I didn't have any intention to spend lots and lots but I thought I would see what was available. And this is what I managed to get . . . 

L to R: Body Shop 'Almond' Body Butter, Hotel Chocolat 'Cool Yule', Hotel Chocolat 'Tiddly Reindeer', Hotel Chocolat 'Mini Christmas Wreath', Burts Bees 'Keepsake Trio', Lush Christmas products 'Gingerbread House', 'Melting Snowman', 'Lil Lush Pud', 'Superstar', 'Candy Cane', 'Magic Wand', 'Candy Mountain', 'Satsumo Santa'.

1) Body Shop 'Almond' Body Butter
Body Shop Body Butters as we all know are often retailed at £12.50 for the 200ml tub, and although I do love this particular body butter, I don't think I could justify spending £12.50 on one product. So when I saw this was on sale (with an additional £2.00 off if purchased online), I ordered 8! I decided to give 2 away to my Grandad in Jamaica, who loves this moisturiser (he used mum's during our visit last August, and declared how much he loves it), and I gave 3 to my mum. 
Original Price: £12.50 each
Sale Price: £5.00 each
Additional Saving: £2.00 (Online Discount Code: BUTTER)
Total Spend: £3.00 each (x8 = £24.00)

2) Hotel Chocolat
I hold my hands up - I am a chocoholic addict! I've indulged in so much chocolate this festive period, I honestly do not know how I've survived! Anyway I have become absolutely obsessed with Hotel Chocolat even though it is very expensive. But I thought I would try my luck online, and see what products were. I could have gone crazy but I remained reserved in my spending, and only picked up a few things.

2a) Cool Yule - I picked up this 500g 'Cool Yule' slab as I just thought the lil reindeer on the front was adorable. (I am a sucker for cute things lol)
 Original Price: £15.00
Sale Price: £7.50

2b) Tiddly Reindeer - I picked these up to give away as a gift to my mum's former work colleague, who kindly helped us set up the venue for mum's retirement party. I received these chocolates last christmas a present from my brother's gf, and they are just adorable.
Original Price: £5.50
Sale Price: £2.75

2c) Mini Chocolate Wreath - I had my eye on this chocolate wreath last christmas, and I didn't get chance to get it as it sold out. So I quickly grabbed 2 of these this year (gave 1 to my mum), and I am looking forward to nibbling my way through this. Filled with cranberries, caramelised hazelnuts and cookie pieces, which all sounds very scrumptious.
Original Price: £6.50
Sale Price: £3.25

3) Burt's Bees 'Keepsake Trio'
I have become addicted to Burt's Bees especially the lip balms, as they really are moisturising and smell great. So when I clapped eyes on this in Debenhams, I thought I'd get it. The set included 3 lip balms; beeswax, acai berry and mango, and a keepsake tin which I think is really cute. The RRP for these lip balms are approximately £3.49 each, so I thought this was quite a good buy.
Original Price: £9.99
Sale Price: £6.99

4) LUSH  Christmas Products
I'll be honest I have never actually shopped in LUSH itself because the scent truly is too overpowering, often leaving me choking, gasping for air. But when I got wind that there would be a LUSH 50% off sale, I thought this would be a great opportunity to pick up some bits online. Many of you will know trying to access the LUSH website on boxing day was absolutely atrocious, but I persevered and managed to order at approximately 4am . . yes 4am christmas night/boxing day morning. The products I got are:
  • Superstar Bubble Bar - £1.13 (original price £1.88)
  • Candy Cane Soap - £1.37 (original price £2.29)
  • The Melting Snowman - £0.98 (original price £1.63)
  • Magic Wand Bubble Bar - £2.48 (original price £4.13)
  • Candy Mountain Bubble Bar - £1.17 (original price £1.96)
  • Gingerbread House Bubble Bar - £1.47 (original price £2.46)
  • Lil Lush Pud Bath Bomb - £0.98 (original price £1.63)
  • Satsumo Santa Bath Bomb - £1.47 (original price £2.46)
All of these products smell great, and I can't wait to use them up and review them individually for you all to read. 

Whilst shopping I took a little detour into TKMaxx as mum wanted me to try and get some Yankee Candles. Dodging the ever growing crowd hunting around the store for the latest bargains, I eventually managed to get the candle section and get a few yankee candles. One candle in particular that I was drawn to was 'Sweet Pea'.

The big yankee candle tumblers usually retail at the £18.00+ mark, but I managed to get this one for a mere £8.99, which I thought was pretty good.

. . .And that's it! I didn't go crazy as mentioned above, and I didn't bother with any clothes/shoes as what I could see was not my cup of tea. Hope you've enjoyed this blog post.


  1. you got some great bargains! x

  2. Lovely Lush stuff! I love the candy cane soap!


  3. yayy you found a yankee candle! great bargains, i lovee hotel chocolat their salted caramel is to die for! xx

  4. Great purchases! I wish I had a TKMaxx near me that I could check for bargain candles. :) x

  5. You got some great stuff!

  6. Love all the lush! You got some great stuff and I'm addicted to burt bee's too now :D


  7. Serenity of Beauty6 January 2012 02:51

    Thank you everyone for your comments :).