19 January 2014

REVIEW: Casetagram & Giveaway

casetagram giveaway iphone 5s case personalised

I don't know about you, but I am obsessed with Instagram . . It is the first thing I check in the morning and when I get home from work. I truly believe pictures say a lot more than just words. It is also a great way to share your snaps with family and friends, and with Apps that enable you to edit, putting a different feel to your pictures, some can come out looking really lovely. Casetagram, which I am sure you have all heard of by now, are a company who produce personalised cases with your favourite Instagram pictures. Cases produced can be for either iPhone, iPad, Nexus, HTC, you name it, Casetagram can produce it. I have seen a fair few reviews buzzing around the community about these cases from Castagram, and having read one just before Christmas I instantly had to order.

casetagram giveaway iphone 5s case personalised

Casetagram enable its customers to order via 2 means; you can either produce your case from you phone, or you can place an order via the website. At first, I opted for the iPhone App, as I was on my phone at the time of viewing the review, and I thought it would be straight forward. It's very easy to use, however there were moments where it kept 'freezing' so in the end I ended up using my Laptop. As I have a white iPhone 5s, I opted to producing a case for my phone, selecting the 'Classic Snap, Frosty White'. There is the option to have black (charcoal), but I preferred the clear casing as I thought it matched my phone better. In terms of picture layout, there is a variety to choose from, however I opted for 'Le Corbusier', which has 4 big blocks, and 16 little squares. Personally, I preferred this layout as I wanted to ensure the pictures would not lose their quality, or become distorted upon production.

casetagram giveaway iphone 5s case personalised

Delivery can take between 10 - 20 days, longer if ordering during a busy period, i.e. Christmas. But to be honest, after receiving my case, the wait has been well worth it. Shipping is free worldwide too, although there is an option to use FedEx (at a fee) which guarantees delivery between 3 - 5 days. The case is well packaged, in its little box, with the Casetagram naming on the front and the case itself wrapped in black tissue paper for protection and presentation. Definitely a great gift idea for someone nearest and dearest to you. 

casetagram giveaway iphone 5s case personalised

As you can see the case is of high quality, and the pictures have come out extremely clear. I was worrying that the smaller block of pictures wouldn't come out very clear, but they have in fact shown up really well on the case. Selecting pictures I did find difficult as I have sooo many favourite moments/pictures which mean a lot to me. After much deliberation I whittled down my pictures to my close family, favourite moments in Jamaica, my Gran (RIP), and my close friends. Producing this case has made me realise that although my parents are 4000+ miles away, they are still with me everyday . .albeit on a mobile phone case! Even my mum wants a case now! 

casetagram giveaway iphone 5s case personalised

I absolutely love my case, so much so, I am going to order another for my iPad in the near future. The cost of the iPhone case is $39.95 (approx. £24), which to be honest is pretty reasonable, considering the labour, shipping costs. I ordered my case Christmas Eve, and I only just received it. However I appreciate that there was a backlog of orders due to christmas. But I honestly did not mind waiting, although I would encourage early ordering if you want to have it in time for a special occasion. 

Overall, from the ordering process to actually receiving the case, has been absolutely brilliant. Casetagram can be found on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. 

 I very rarely do giveaways on my blog, but when I do there's a reasoning behind it. Although things for me were a little quiet on the blogging front in 2013, I came across so many of you on twitter, who simply have been lovely to get to know and natter with. Many of you making me giggle from tweets, or conversations I have had with you. So I want to say thank you, and here's to another fab year. As a way of saying thank you . .Casetagram and I have teamed up together, and will be giving one lucky subscriber the chance to create their very own phone case.

1. Please ensure you follow my blog via GFC. Failure to do so will result in your entry being removed

2. Ensure you comment below telling me what your most memorable moment of 2013 was .

This giveaway is Open Internationally, and will close on Friday 7th February 2014 23:59 GMT. Winner will be notified via email, so be sure to ensure to include your email address in the comments box below.

Thank you and Good Luck!

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  1. Hannah ~ Welcome To My Floordrobe19 January 2014 19:31

    I've always wanted a Castegram case! ;)

    ~Hannah xx

  2. Karen Calladine19 January 2014 19:35

    So hard to say what my favourite moment of 2013 was. We had a really special family holiday in Norfolk last year. It's just nice to enjoy the time with the kids while they are still little.

  3. Georgia Weedon19 January 2014 19:35

    My most memorable moments of 2013 were probably going on holiday with my boyfriend to Lindos and passing my first year of uni with a first! xx

    Mapped Out | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  4. Katrina Keatley19 January 2014 19:59

    My most memorable moment in 2013 was my holiday! :)
    Great giveaway

    Katrina xx

  5. WhatLauraLoves19 January 2014 20:48

    LOVE this, Ive always wanted one of these!! xxx

  6. WhatLauraLoves19 January 2014 20:48

    Oh and my most memorable moment was designing modelling and releasing my own dress with simply be xxx

  7. Jessica Rivera19 January 2014 21:52

    I think my most memorable moment was being able to watch New York Yankees pitcher, Mariano Rivera play his last game in his career at the stadium live.

  8. Most Memorable Moment -- watching the huge smile on my teenage daughter when she got to have a real Meerkat encounter ... such happiness :-) thanks for the chance to play ,

  9. I think my most memorable moment was when I realized that I was so damn lucky that I have the most amazing daughter in the world:)

  10. kehrin morales20 January 2014 10:38

    twas my daughter's 5th birthday coz it also served as our reunion with my parents who lives far from our place.

  11. Easy :) My little nephew being born, he is gorgeous <3 xx

  12. Fiona Jane Ross21 January 2014 20:54

    My most memorable moment of 2013 was singing at the Last Post Ceremony at the Menin Gate in Belgium. Took my breath away. <3

    I adore Casetagram cases, I've been wanting to buy one for ages, but to win one would be even better! x

  13. My most memorable moment of 2013 was being a bridesmaid for my best friend.

    Claire x

    [email protected]

  14. most memorable moment--when i resigned from my job to be wit my baby girl more. priceless!

  15. Graduating from uni after 6 years hard work :) I'm logged into RC as Katherine Ryan

  16. Mmm winning my phone

  17. Michelle Butterfliesandlillies7 February 2014 20:04

    Fab giveaway.. Love casetagram.

    My most memorable moment of last year has to be when I was there at the very end when I had to put my little dog to sleep. She had two tumours and it just broke my heart so I know it's not technically a happy time but to know she knew I was there gives me masses of comfort.

    Email - [email protected]