26 January 2014

NEW! Salcura Antiac Acne Range

salcura acne range

Hey Lovely People

How are you all? Hope you're all well. Cannot believe January is almost finished, how bonkers is that. But on the brighter side, the evenings are beginning to get lighter, and the temperature is starting to get a bit mild . . Spring is slowly en route . . ish! Anyway for the past month or so I have been 'road testing' a few products from a brand by the name of Salcura. I personally I had never heard of this brand so decided to do a bit of Googling to dicsover more.

Salcura is a brand that is packed with natural active ingredients, such as Sea Buckthorn, Manuka , Sandlewood oil, Tea Tree and Rosemary. The products are all free of Parabens, SLS, Steroids, Peroxides, Cortisones, Lanolin, and are not tasted on animals. Salcura has also been rated as one of the best acne products by Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies. Salcura has a wide range of products, targeted at various conditions, such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Rosacea, Urticaria, and of course Acne. 

The Acne range has 4 products, which are split into two categories; Daily and Activ. The Daily range is aimed towards ensuring the skin remains clear, with minimal light blemishing. And the Activ range is aimed at overcoming flare ups/persistent moderate/severe acne. 

The Acne range contains:

  • Daily Face Wipes
  • Daily Face Wash
  • Activ Liquid Spray
  • Activ Gel Serum
I have been trialling the above products for the past 4/5 weeks, and I now feel ready to provide a thorough review on each product.

Daily Face Wipes* £6.99/25 wipes
''Rich in natural goodness, this naturally active face wipes are perfect for 'on the go' maintenance of blemish free skin''

I have a love/hate relationship with face wipes; sometimes my skin doesn't mind them, and sometimes they are the most aggravating thing for my skin. But as these wipes are natural, gentle and friendly to skin, I decided to give them a go. The outer packaging is plain; with enough information to help the consumer. The wipes themselves are saturated in sufficient product enough to glide over the entire face, although the smell did remind me of some sort of cleaning product! That said, in terms of noticing any improvement on my skin, honestly? I noticed nothing! Often found the wipe to leave a slight sticky residue which made my skin feel 'clogged' and 'congested'. I can't say I will be using these again in a hurry, which is a shame.

Daily Face Wash* £8.49/150ml

salcura acne range daily wash
''The Salcura Antiac Face Wash forms part of the DAILY range and is for regular use - maintaining clear skin and reducing light blemishing''

Of all the products in the Acne range, this has to be my favourite! The outer packaging is pretty simple; clear, to the point with a reasonable amount of information about the product. The product itself smells amazing; very 'light' on the skin, with no lather, but with a thickish consistency that is pale orange in colour. After use, this left my skin feeling very clean; my skin did not feel sore or taut which some products have done in the past. Prior to using this product I had a zit on my cheek that I could not get rid of since September 2013 . . yep September 2013! I tried every single thing under the sun, but nothing shifted it. I've used this product for a few weeks, and bam, it's gone. I am simply blown away. I am now left with a blemish mark which I am hoping will gradually fade.

Activ Liquid Spray* £9.99/50ml; £14.99/100ml
salcura acne range activ range spray
 ''The Salcura Antiac Liquid Spray forms part of the ACTIV range and is for occasional use - bringing flare-ups under control''

As of late I have noticed that I am not really experiencing breakouts anymore, it's more the odd zit appears if I become stressed, overtired or run down. But during my teens, my skin was moderate/severe with acne breakouts; often being sore, tender to touch and just depressing to look at. This spray is primarily aimed at those with moderate/severe acne, and seeing as I do not suffer with this anymore, I have found it difficult to provide a thorough review. As usual, there is sufficient on the product packaging informing consumer as to what it aims to do. The smell of the spray is rather pleasant; fresh and clean, with no sticky residue. As for soothing and overcoming the breakout, unfortunately I cannot comment as I have not experienced a flare up/moderate to severe breakout. However should I experience such breakout during the year, I will definitely try this product and review again.

Activ Gel Serum* £8.99/15ml
salcura acne range activ gel serum
 ''Works by targeting stubborn spots, whiteheads and blackheads, with visible results in as little as FOUR hours''

When the odd 'pesky' zit raises its ugly head, I usually either tab TCP, Sudocrem or Origins Super Spot Remover on the offender, and by the following day its gone! However this gel serum claims to be able to provide results in 4 hours! That's a rather bold statement to make about a product, but as with everything I sample, I like to road test! The outer packaging doesn't have as much information as the other 3 products but has sufficient to give the consumer an idea as to what they are using. The tube is quite small at 15ml, however seeing as you only require a pea-sized amount, I guess this is an ample size tube. The product itself smells like a cleaning product. But once rubbed into the affected area, the smell subsides pretty quickly. As for visible results in 4 hours, unfortunately I did not see that on the zit I targeted with this serum! More like a few days of continuous use is when I started to see improvements, but it definitely wasn't instant! That side, although not an ''instant'' hit for me, I will continue to use it on zits as it's good enough to help aid the process of reducing those little blighters.

Out of the 4 products, I think the one I will definitely be investing in will be the Daily Face Wash; it seems to be maintaining my skin well and not drying out my skin which is a big winner for me. Ok, I still have blemish marks which over time will gradually fade with the use of my Cocoa butter stick.

If you're curious to try Salcura, but want to try before you buy you can order samples from the website. Or if you decide to buy full size, Salcura offer its customers a 30 day money back guarantee. If you don't like the product, return it and you'll get a full refund. How amazing is that?

If you are interested in finding out more about Salcura and the range, here's the website:

Hope you've enjoyed this blog post.

*PR samples


  1. LipstickErgoSum26 January 2014 17:48

    I'm always weary of trying different brands but the ingredients list looks good! Glad it worked for you

    1. Serenity of Beauty26 January 2014 18:21

      Yes, I don't like 'chopping and changing' with my skin care products either. But the ingredients in these products are pretty good, and have not aggravated my skin at all. I still use a few of my REN products, so I am utilising everything I have that my skin needs. But these aren't too bad at all especially the Daily Face Wash which I really like. :)

  2. Thanks for the detailed review, these products sound great.

    1. Serenity of Beauty26 January 2014 23:24

      Pleasure :). They're really nice products; I particularly like the face wash :)

  3. Karen Calladine26 January 2014 22:49

    The ingredients list is really impressive. Seabuckthorn oil is lovely. You always put so much care and attention into your reviews x

    1. Serenity of Beauty26 January 2014 23:30

      I've never used any products with Seabuckthorn, and I really do think it has helped in maintaining my skin and keeping the zits at bay. I haven't had a breakout in agessss. Ok, I've had the odd spot here and there, especially when it's TOTM, or stress, but noway near as what I've had before.

      Thank you for your positive comment regarding my reviews :)