8 February 2012

Designer Shoe Hire . . . .

Ever lusted after a pair of designer shoes, whether it be Jimmy Choo, Dior, Gucci or Christian Louboutin, and always stopped short of purchasing due to the price tag? Well fear not as today ladies I bring you Cinderella Me.

Cinderella Me is the UK’s first designer shoe hire website that allows fashion focused females to wear the likes of Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin and Gucci at a special occasion, wedding, party, interview or event and still have money to pay the rent and eat for the rest of the month! For a monthly fee of £9.95 plus whatever the cost of that particular shoe, you can hire a pair of designer shoes for a week, and then return after use. It's that simple!
(Cinderella Me, 2012)

When I first heard about this company and the idea behind it, I did think ''Hmm cool idea'', because if you're like me currently clobbering together the pennies to own a pair of designer shoes, having this service at the click of a few buttons sounds like a great service (sparing you a good few hundred quid).

Christian Louboutin 'Pigalle 100' - Hire for the week - £59.95

Now although I do find this to be quite a good idea, my mind instantly heads towards the hygiene department! I am quite picky when it comes to shoes, and no matter how well I know the person, I will not let people borrow my shoes. Anyway I digress, but Cinderella Me claim that all shoes are only ever hired out 8 times to ensure all shoes remain fabulous and in good quality, and undergo a thorough cleaning process to ensure no 'germs' are left harbouring in the shoes. After reading about the cleaning process and etc, I still am not so sure I want to be tottering around in shoes worn by 'x' amount of people, no matter how thorough the cleaning process is. However the most appealing thing with this service is the low cost of fee of hiring high end shoes, right? . . .

Simple. Affordable. Hygienic. Secure

Cinderella Me claim to be affordable, saving you hundreds of pounds by simply hiring your favourite designer shoes. However in order to take advantage of this service you have to become a member, paying a monthly fee of £9.95. If you then wish to hire a pair of shoes for a week, you are then subjected to paying that set fee for those particular shoes; for example Christian Louboutin 'Pigalle 100' will set you back £59.95 for the week, Jimmy Choo 'Axia' £44.95 for the week. Yes, it is pretty cheap to 'sport' around a fab pair of designer shoes for a week, but the £9.95 member fee? I can't help feel that it's a little bit of a catch, because what if you don't want to purchase a pair of designer shoes next month? You still have to pay the £9.95 which is potentially wasted money.

Overall Thoughts

Cinderella Me aim to offer a great service providing women with the option of hiring designer shoes for a set weekly fee. Although in order to take advantage of this service you must first become a member and pay the monthly fee of £9.95. The overall concept I do like, and find it very cost effective if you simply don't want to splurge out on a pair of designer shoes. However if you're hygiene OCD (like oneself), and don't fancy wearing shoes worn by 'x, y and z', then this service might not be for you.
I think I will continue saving my pennies for my own designer shoes . . at least I won't have to give them back at the end of a week!

What do you think? Will you be hiring designer shoes or will you just save and purchase your own shoes?? Would love to hear what you have to say.

If you are interested in knowing more about Cinderella Me, then please click here.

*As always my review is 110% honest, genuine and true. I am not affiliated to or am I being paid by Cinderella Me to write about this service.


  1. I dont see the point in this!!!Like you said, you have to pay £9.95 a month when you might not even want any shoes... Also, if you pay x amount per week for the shoes, in theory you are just throwing the money away! If I had £9.95 a month plus the additional x amount I would rather put that in a saving pot and save to own a pair rather than rent them!? X

  2. Ouch. £60 for a week, plus another £10 for the membership. I'd rather just save up for my own pair personally. x

  3. Serenity of Beauty8 February 2012 12:32

    I think it's a good idea, but I see the membership as a waste of £££, which if saved over a long period of time, can easily go towards a pair of designer shoes that you own! lol

  4. Lizzums - BeneBelle8 February 2012 12:36

    I don't see a point in it. You pay a tenner and then £60 that's £70... that's still a lot of money, for a few weeks of renting the shoe, you could probably buy the real thing!

  5. I don't see the point either. Personally, I'm not that interested in designer shoes anyway, but even if I was, surely I'd only want them for special occasions, not every single month? It'd be more cost effective to save that money up and buy a pair that I love. Or even better several cheaper pairs that I love ;)

  6. God I am so naive, I read monthly fee of £9.95...and just assumed you got the shoes on the back of that...seriously an added £50 odd quid on top to wear used shoes for a week....who loves designer shoes THAT MUCH? xxx

  7. Hmm i'm not sure I would use this just seems too expensive just for shoes for a week.

  8. Personally - this whole things is a good idea.
    YET - for me, it's not about wearing it but OWNING it that gives you the 'sensation'

    The-Bel (Fashion Blog & Online Shop)

  9. Hey Cas
    AS you mentioned, the concept is great, and very exciting to my ears... but I think £60 for a week of wear is a bit too much... I have a shoe fund (http://goo.gl/IrRIV) which will give me at least £360 a year to buy an expensive pair of shoes (plus whatever I decide to put on top of it as my actual bday present and bf always contributes with whatever amount he was going to spend on my bday pressie, and I think this is a better use of the money, specially when you, over a year, hand £120 over for membership alone!

    As Vanessa mentioned above, for me is also about owning, and not just wearing it, hence starting the shoe fund.

    The fact that the shoes have been on x amount of feet before mine is also an issue for me...

    Thanks for sharing!

    Dani (somanylovelythings.wordpress.com)x

  10. I would rather buy my own pair too, i wouldn't want to pay £50 for something i have to return! Its still kind've money wasted