21 February 2012

Anniebee Diva Dolls

A few weeks ago I had a tweet from a lovely lady called Shazena who during conversation mentioned to me about a company who personalises bags. Of course me being me I become very intrigued and was put in touch with the person behind the personalisation of the bags, and it was here I discovered Anniebee Diva Dolls.

Anniebee Diva Dolls is a company set up by a lady who has a passion for craft and gifts. Having always had a fond keenness for being creative, and making things Anniebee turned her energy into creating beautifully hand crafted and personalised items with a difference.

AnnieBee Diva Dolls creates bags with a difference; bags which are personalised to fit the individuals personality. Each bag is carefully created produced with much love and care and the finishing article is an absolute treat. Now as of late I have seen an influx of these type of bags, and I think they are adorable; chic, stylish yet different from your average bag. However when I was asked what I'd like on my bag, I wasn't quite sure until I remembered an animated cartoon I made years ago. 

Ok now this picture pretty much sums me up; often in fitting rooms trying on 'x' amount of clothes and gawping at one self in the mirror, muttering ''Does my bum look big in this?'' It is also a reflection of what I'd wear on a girls night out, so I thought this would be an ideal picture to have put on my bag. And the finished article . . . . . 

. . . Shazena also had a bag made and this is what hers looks like . . .

 . . . .What do you think? I absolutely love it. The design on my bag isn't the exact spitting image, but to be honest, I love the design on my bag more than the picture I created. The eyes and the lashes are spot on; big and long like my own, the champagne and my 'pet name' style of writing is again spot on, everything is just exactly how I envisaged. The detail and time and energy spent creating the bag is clearly visible which I appreciate a lot. The bag is a canvas bag, so is pretty strong and durable, so I am guaranteed to get a lot use out of this bag. 

Depending on what type, style and size bag you'd like prices can vary, which are as follows:

Pixie Diva 6cm x 6cm = £4.00
                15cm x 13cm = £6.00
Dinky Diva 20cm x15cm = £10.50
Mini Jute Shoppers 20cm x 20cm = £13.00
Santa Sack (large handles) 75cm x 50xm = £15.00
Santa Sack (small with drawstring) 35cm x 55cm = £15.00
Book Bag = £18.00
Conference Bag = £23.00
Hen Party Bags 30cm x 30cm = £23.00
Medium Jute Shopper 30cm x 30cm = £23.00
Duffle Bag 45cm x 35cm = £28.00
Jute Shopper (available with long or short handles) 40cm x 40cm = £28.00

Overall Thoughts
I am very impressed with the bag I received. The bag itself has plenty of space inside, is very sturdy and easy to keep clean. The design as mentioned above, I absolutely adore, I don't have one bad word to say. 
One thing I will say is thank you to AnnieBee for a gorgeous bag.

If you're interested in knowing more about AnnieBee Diva Dolls, then click here

What do you think; will you be ordering a AnnieBee Diva Doll bag or are you not so sure? Would love to hear what you think.

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  1. I love these style of bags, they are so cute and I love how they really represent the owner.

    Andrea x


  2. Hi Cas I have just read your blog and it is truly amazing!
    I cannot thank you enough for all the kind words you said about me & my bags.
    It was an absolute pleasure making it for you & I would love to do you another in the future sometime soon :)
    You have just turned a gloomy day into a sunny one, Iv desperately been trying to get my new website up and running & I'll forward the new details of when I'll be launching the new & Updated site :)
    Thanks once again for your beautifully written blog.
    Hugs AnnieBx

    1. Absolute pleasure m'dear, anytime. And thank you for making the bag, absolutely love it :)

  3. hey hun, i tagged you in a post :) xox http://tinkstales-tinkerbelldani.blogspot.com/2012/02/11-questions-tag-did-i-tag-you.html

  4. Oh wow I love the bag! I love how personalised they made it and that you can ask for any design you want. They recreated the animated cartoon so well! xx

    1. Me too, it's just amazing. Turns a dull bag into something rather blingy and cute :)


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