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Posted by Serenity of Beauty at Monday, February 06, 2012
''When the mountains of candy get too much, retreat to the mountains of candy foam''
So I am back again today with another product I picked up in the boxing day lush sale; Candy Mountain, which unfortunately hasn't quite left me wanting to repurchase more for Christmas 2012!

Every year we give our best selling Creamy Candy Bar bubble bar a special outfit for Xmas. Last year it was in the shape of a cane, this year we’ve turned it into a little swirly mountain peak. But whatever the shape and look, the thing that never changes is that lovely vanilla and candy floss smell and the mountains of soft bubbles.When the busy season has exhausted you, the hoards of shoppers have pushed and shoved you, and you think you can’t take any more - lie back in a Candy Mountain bath and feel its sweet and comforting hug.  
(Lush, 2012)
When I first saw this I was pretty in 'aww' with it; funky pink and white swirly colours intertwined with each other in the shape of a 'mountain'. I was very excited to try this bubble bar as it smelt so good (or so I thought). As you all probably know by now, I like lots of bubbles in my bath, so I crumbled the entire bubble bar under running water, and I was amazed at just how much bubbles I got. Of course with its hot pink colouring, my bath turned a lovely pink and thankfully not staining my hands (or the bath tub). However when it came to having my long soak (by long we're talking a good hour), I unfortunately only lasted 20minutes!

This bubble bar was everything I desired and expected, but after a while I found the scent a little too overpowering, to the point of becoming sickly! Laced with the sweet aroma of vanilla and candy floss (and you know how sweet that can be, right?), well I think these two scents just 'overkilled' the bubble bar, leaving my skin smelling like a sweet factory. I did however find my skin to be silky smooth, which I wasn't expecting. I also didn't feel very relaxed, which is what I was hoping for.

The RRP for this bubble bar was £1.96 but as I got this in the sale I paid £1.17 which isn't a bad price. However this product is seasonal, but I am sure it'll be around for Christmas 2012.
If you're interested in knowing more about 'Candy Mountain' or Lush, then click here. 

*Although this product was purchased with my own money, my review is as always 110% honest, genuine and true. I am not affiliated to Lush or am I being paid.


Jen Martinez on 6 February 2012 13:06 said...

Aww it looks so nice! I can imagine the overpowering smell though, blah!

Great review =)

Jen xx

FrancesCassandra♥ on 6 February 2012 14:53 said...

I got this in my Star Dust gift box and I actually really loved it! I didn't find the smell over-powering, but I didn't use the whole bubble bar in one go, it lasted me three baths :)

Frances x (Giveaway now on)
Twitter: @Francesss__

Lizzums - BeneBelle on 6 February 2012 16:01 said...

Did you use the entire thing though? Creamy Candy Bubblebar is my firm favourite of Lush products. One bar provides enough bubbley goodness for 3 or 4 baths for me. Depends how induldgent you want to be and I have never found the scent to be over-powering at all. You only need to break a bit off and crumble it in to your bath under running water. Imagine using an entire comforter bar.. that thing is massive! That'd last me at least 6 baths. And it'd be a waste of almost a fiver. Haha. If you used the entire thing though I can see why it'd be over powering!

MrAJBx3 on 8 March 2012 01:21 said...

Charlie....Candy Mountain..Charlie....

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