18 January 2012

Miss Patisserie

{Edit: Following the publishing of this blog post this morning, I have received comments that have kindly informed me that I have got my wires somewhat a little crossed! This bath bomb is meant to fizz, NOT foam, which I thought it did (thanks to the misinformation given by the 'sales boy' at the clothesshow, and my new found talent of 'skim reading', which I learnt at university, and still have not managed to break the habit! I was in two minds whether or not to delete this blog post, but I will leave it up so you're free to have a read and comment at your leisure. This is an error which has left me a little red faced, but I will in future double check information before publishing}

Many of you will remember that I attended Clothesshow Live in Birmingham last December, and of course I made a few sneaky purchases (which you can see here). One of those purchases were the 'Miss Patisserie' bath bombs, which I shall be reviewing today.

Who are Miss Patisserie?

Miss Patisserie are a company based in Wales, UK, with an aim to create bath bombs to de-stress, relax, uplift and refresh the mind. All products are beautifully handmade, filled with fragrances and essential oils, and using natural products, such as dead sea salts and Epsom salts which have great benefits for the body. All products are strictly never tested on animals and always undergo a high quality control process before being sold. 

When I was at the Clothesshow I spotted a little chap stood all on his own in the beauty area, and of course I was very intrigued to see what he was selling. I went over to him to find he was selling Miss Patisserie bath bombs. When I inspected and had a sniff of what they smelt like, they smelt absolutely gorgeous. What also struck me was the packaging, it's adorable; plain white box with the company logo, followed by a polka dot lid, and a ribbon on the corner.


Of course the beautiful packaging and glorious scents, I got sucked in and purchased a set of 3x small bath bombs. The original price was £9.95, but because I went on the last day of the Clothesshow, I managed to get this little set for £3.50, which was a great bargain. I thought nothing more of it, came home and stored them in a dry place. It was only this week I decided to have a hot bath and use one of these bath bombs. Of course, I was all excited to use these bath bombs which seemed so promising, until earlier this week when in fact turned out to be a disappointment!

I had no preference as to which bath bomb to use, so picked any from the selection of 3. This one (well they all do really) smelled really nice; sweet and full fragrance.  Peeling off the paper casing I dropped the bath bomb into my bath and watched it fizz for about 20seconds!

The bottom part of the bath bomb fizzed fine, however the top part (bulk of the bomb) literally sat on the water surface and did absolutely nothing! I waited and waited and waited for this thing to start fizzing and dissolving, but absolutely nothing! It wasn't until I literally had to hack away at it (break it down into pieces) I got something from it, but even then, all it did was turn my water blue, leaving clumps in my bath tub and turned my hands blue (yes, think smurf style!).  Not only did I have clumps of undissolved bath bomb floating around in my bath, I also had a bath twinkling with glitter, which I somehow thought would dissolve too, but nope that sat on the surface glittering, and winking away at me!

When I have a soak in the bath, I like bubbles and lots of it. This unfortunately produced nothing but a bath tub of blue water, that shouted ''Ta-dahhh'' as the end result. I even added another bath bomb (the pink/purple one) to see if that made a difference, but again same thing happened apart from I was left with pink hands from trying to break down the 'clump', which has gradually faded after 2days! After feeling incredibly deflated and disappointed, I decided to empty the bath tub, re run and use bath bombs from a well known company (I don't need to spell it out!). As if I wasn't disappointed enough, as an end result my bath tub looked liked this . . . .

Overall Thoughts

Miss Patisserie are a lovely company who produce bath bombs to an extremely high standard. Creating luxurious scents in cute cupcake fashion, using natural ingredients. All products undergo extreme precision and are not tested on animals. Price wise these bath bombs start at the £2.99 mark, rising to anywhere in the region of £11.00+ (depending on what you purchase).

When I first saw this company at the clothesshow, I was very excited as I thought they looked so cute and chic, they are bound to be good, but I was wrong. Don't get me wrong the packaging, the detailing on the bath bombs simply is exquisite, but unfortunately they failed to give me that bubble bath that I longed for. Maybe I was unlucky and got a bad batch?  . . .

Would I be repurchasing? No.

If you wish to find out more about Miss Patisserie, then click here.

*Product purchased using my own money. I am not affiliated to or am I being paid by Miss Patisserie.


  1. That's a shame that they didn't work how you would have liked. They looked so gorgeous xx

  2. Shame you didn't get on with them as they look soooo pretty! xx

  3. I don't think these are meant to bubble. I don't think any bath bomb is supposed to bubble, which is why I have stayed away from most lush products. I am a bubble bath person, no bubbly no likey but it remains that the design of this is utterly gorgeous and would make a beautiful present. I would need to make sure that the person I would be offering them to like bath bombs and stuff which don't bubble. They are so pretty xx

    liloo/@tsunimee xx

  4. Aww that is such a shame as they look gorgeous. I love bubbles too that's why I use Lush Bubble bars as they make quite a lot of bubbles and one piece cut up lasts lots of baths xx

  5. I would agree with liloo - i've never had a bath bomb create bubbles, just a nice smelling bath of water that's offering something different be it colour or floaty thing wise. Additionally some of the lush bath bombs I've had in the past have left as much "mess" afterwards. I do like the retro packaging which makes them really pretty.

  6. omoh they look so good but they did not work fine
    love the packaging though :)


  7. Bath bombs aren't supposed to bubble, they're to add scent/moisture etc to the bath, if you want a bubble bath from a bar you'll need to get bubble bars from Lush! :)

  8. They look so cute <3 Sorry it wasn't what you were looking for.

  9. Been There, Done That, Got The Lipstick.18 January 2012 19:17

    What a shame, they looked so lovely. Theres nothing worse than when a company puts all their effort into the packaging/appearance of a product rather than making sure the product does what its ment to do.

  10. They look so gorgeous, then bam they look terrible and disgusting! I guess you can't beat LUSH.


  11. Wow they look amazing! It's a shame they didn't do much for the bath. I always thought bath bombs were supposed to fizz up as well as foam. I had a Lush bath bomb recently but it just made my bath look dirty and there was no scent or moistiure added to the bath. I was so disappointed. The Lush bath melts are so much nicer.

    Jen xx

  12. gosh they just look so lovely!x

  13. Such a shame you didn't like them because they look soo gorgeous I want to eat them lol! xx