22 December 2013

REN Skincare | Rosa Centifolia Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser

A few weeks ago I came to the end of my Elemis Freshskin Exfoliating Glow face wash and although it was ok and my skin didn't protest against it, I felt like I needed something which was a bit more gritty with a bit of 'umph'. Having researched and spoken to bloggers for recommendations, I decided to give the Ren Rosa Centifolia Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser a try.

''An exfoliating cleanser formulated with microbeads of jojoba that gently yet thoroughly buff away make-up, dirt and dead skin cells to leave your skin purified, invigorated and radiant''. 
(REN, 2013)

First impressions, as with most of the REN products the labelling and packaging is pretty straight forward. Simplistic, clean with easy to read font. As the product is an exfoliator the packaging is that of a soft tube which makes for dispensing the product very easy, with its flip top lid. The product itself I quite like; it is white in colour with a consistency that is quite runny which for an exfoliator I wasn't quite expecting. And as a result if you're not careful you end up with more product than you need. I tend to use a small blob, which I rub in between my hands first before applying to my face. And for an extra deeper cleanse, with my soft bristle face, I put a small blob on the brush and gently buff into my skin.


Ingredients:  Aqua (water), hydrogenated jojoba oil, glyceryl stearate, cetearyl glucoside, cetearyl alcohol, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil, phenoxyehanol, juniperus communis fruit oil, sodium hydroxymethylglycinate ,tocopherol, citric acid, limonene, mentha piperita (peppermint) oil, salvia officinalis (sage) extract, rosa centifolia, flower extrac. 

I have to be quite careful in what I use on my skin, otherwise . .I get an attack of zit army! But with the ingredients that is in this product, I haven't had a break out which is an immediate winner with me. The smell of the product is really nice; very fresh and with the peppermint oil, this fragrance is very noticeable. In terms of the microbeads, some exfoliators with microbeads can be a bit harsh on the skin, but I personally find that this is just right and as I have sensitive skin I haven't had any problems with this exfoliator whatsoever. One thing I have noticed however I suffer with blackheads (yep, gross), and at every opportunity I do my very best to eject them from my skin. I have noticed since using this product, it has helped the blackheads come to the surface of my skin a lot easier which makes for the process of extracting a lot quicker and less painful.

I tend to use this exfoliator twice a week, in the morning in the shower. However before using I like to splash my face with a bit of warm water, so the exfoliator is able to glide along the skin with ease. And I work with the product for a good few minutes until the microbeads start to dissolve. Once exfoliated enough, I rinse well and then splash my face with a bit cold water which I find helps to wake me up in the morning! Afterwards I notice my skin feels incredibly soft, clean, smooth, and my moisturiser thereafter glides onto my skin so much better, sinking well into the skin which for this time of year is just what I need. And what I have also noticed is my skin does not feel sore or tight after use, which some exfoliators can do to your skin.

This exfoliator however does not come in cheap . . at £15/100ml a tube it is rather pricey, hence my usage of twice a week, in the morning only! By using it in this manner, I have had my tube for 7 weeks, and I still have just under half left. So if used sparingly it can last for a considerable amount of time. 

I personally enjoy using this product; it so far has been kind to my skin, has helped bring the blackheads to the surface of my skin easier and leaves my skin feeling very smooth, fresh and glowing. I have to admit it hasn't made my skin 110% amazing, but in comparison to previous exfoliators, my skin feels a lot better and brighter after use.

Would I repurchase? Yes.

Have you tried the Rosa Centifolia Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser??



  1. This does sound really nice. I have quite oily skin so a good exfoliator is a must for me. I've been eyeing up REN skincare for ages. Who knows, this might be the first purchase?
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

    1. Serenity of Beauty27 December 2013 18:31

      My skin is very sensitive so I have to be careful what I use, but this is really nice and gentle on my skin :). If you don't mind parting with £15, this is definitely worth giving it ago :)

  2. Yolanda Grunewald24 December 2013 20:44

    i think it sounds but definitely very steep price :/ i am actually yet to ry any REN products.. x

    1. Serenity of Beauty27 December 2013 18:32

      Steep, yes, but it's really nice and kind to skin unlike a few of the cheaper alternatives on the high street which just aggravate my skin :/.