2 January 2012

Spring Clean your Skincare - Rhodes to Heaven

 For Eco Economy choose Rhodes to Heaven

Some of you may remember towards the end of 2011, I blogged quite a bit regarding Rhodes to Heaven and their products. I really have begun to like their products, as they are gentle and friendly to skin. Now into 2012 which is a new year brings about new changes including skincare. Today's blog post is aimed at giving you some ideas on how best improve your skincare, with some great products to really kick start the year.

With the expected post-party season detox and Christmas nothing more than a distant memory, never has there been a better time to exfoliate your Winter blues away. Having established themselves as pioneers in the world of natural skincare; Rhodes to Heaven have brought out a number of new ‘All-in-One’ products, that will make spring cleaning your skin care good, clean fun.  You can save money without compromise. Austerity is all the rage (which can be read both ways these days) and at Rhodes to Heaven they are one step ahead when they created the ‘All-in-One’ range last year. It certainly made sense to economise but they did not want to compromise on the luxury or quality. Through researching the right formulas and using the right natural products, they have created products which multi task - one bottle doing the same as many! You use less and save more for the same result. You win, the planet wins and they go home happy.

With two new products added to their collection, January is the perfect time to indulge in some luxurious new products to renew, revitalize and restore

For the definitive ‘All-in-One’ comes The Ultimate Shampoo and Bodywash. Formulated with Moroccan Argan Oil, the naturally active ingredient renowned for producing shiny hair without leaving a coating, this oil also has fabulous conditioning properties for skin and scalp. In addition Guar and Meadow are added to prevent ‘fly-away’ hair, pro vitamin B5 and Coconut derived cleansers and the Lime and Bergamot essential oils provide a gorgeous refreshing fragrance. Rhodes to Heaven’s luxurious ‘All-in-One’ Foaming Body Polish took two years to formulate and is a one-of-its-kind beauty treat.  With skin softening Almond and Coconut in a unique foaming formula, skin is gently cleansed, while finely ground husk of Moroccan Argan Oil seeds and Rice exfoliate, leaving skin beautifully smooth, glowing and revitalized, perfect for scrubbing up in time for spring.

In addition to the new products added to Rhodes to Heaven’s already impressive collection, are a number of staple favourites perfect for the post-festive blues. For anyone who spent too much time kissing under the mistletoe or whose lips have been chapped in the cold bite of winter, help is at hand with the ‘All-in-One’ Lip Plumper. A gentle moisturiser that plumps, protects, soothes and adds a subtle shine, the ‘All-in-One’ lip plumper is infused with beeswax and protein peptides to plump up the volume, so this is really a one-stop lip solution. If you thought that was impressive, cult beauty product the ‘All-In-One’ Facial Rescue has a remarkable seven active ingredients giving you seven benefits in just one bottle. The silky serum-style formula regenerates cells, moisturises and reduces wrinkles at the same time as lifting skin. Thanks to the Anise Extract, known as the “non-aggressive Botox”, the ‘All-In-One’ Facial Rescue also plumps skin, smoothes fine lines and boosts skin’s natural radiance, while the bespoke Vitamin E blend helps protect.

“When scrubbing up for spring, it is important to know that exfoliation is the key as creams will not be absorbed where there is dead skin. However, where some exfoliants scrape the skin, we find this process unnecessarily harsh so we recommend softening the dead skin first, and then gently lifting it. We suggest using Rhodes to Heaven’s ‘Rose Refining Skin Polish’ just once a week for a gentle exfoliation, after which moisturisers and other products will be able to be used more sparingly on skin saving products, time and money.”- Annabel Rhodes, Co-founder of Rhodes to Heaven

 Hope you have found this blog post useful and a great start your skincare routine for 2012.

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  1. I've never heard of this brand before. Just had a browse of their website. Products look interesting and I'm thinking of trying "The Ultimate Shampoo & Body Wash". I love being introduced to new brands, great blog post! :)

  2. Katie at www.ladyfromatramp.co.uk2 January 2012 14:25

    The lip plumper sounds fab

  3. Serenity of Beauty2 January 2012 23:49

    @Sarirah - I had never heard of them either, and having sampled one of their products, I absolutely love them, and plan to order some products later in the year.

    @Katie - Yes, I have my eye on the lip plumper :)