3 July 2013

NEW IMAN Skin Tone Evener BB Crème SPF 15

I have always whinged that the current BB (beauty balm) cream products on the market are really naff for women of colour. Some have attempted to produce shades suitable for dark skin but many just simply can't get it right! Often such products leave you resembling that of a ghost, or very 'ashy'! But thank god a brand has finally decided to release a BB cream product that is suitable for dark skin.

''IMAN cosmetics is a beauty company that created the first cosmetics and skincare collection designed for all women with skin of color. Launched in 1994, the IMAN brand philosophy holds that women of color represent many races, cultures and ethnicities. IMAN Cosmetics, Skincare and Fragrances are designed for African American, Asian, Latina and multi-cultural women with skin tones in a myriad of shades. The brand offers skincare and cosmetics, including 16 foundation shades''.

(IMAN, 2013)

IMAN BB crème launched in the US end of last year, and it has finally made its way to the UK. I had absolutely no idea about this product, and of course was very eager to try it. First impressions of the packaging - it's very understated and quite basic, with minimal, necessary information. It's eye catching, especially with the ''new'' etched on the corner and accentuated with a red colour. The box also contains information on the ingredients but also the importance of protecting your skin against the sun (SPF 15). This I feel is such a great idea to include such information; it's a great way to stick in the back of people's minds. Now onto the products itself.

There are currently 6 available shades in the BB crème; Sand Light, Sand Medium, Clay Medium, Clay Medium-Deep, Earth Medium, Earth Deep. I had absolutely no idea what shade I would be so I took a browse on the website. The swatches available I thought were pretty decent, and giving a pretty good idea of what the shades are like. I opted for 'Earth Medium'.

I have to say the consistency of the product is really nice; not too thick or watery. There is a slight scent which is quite pleasant but not at all off-putting. The instructions say you can use your fingers to apply but I used my Sigma flat top kabuki brush; a lot cleaner and less messy! The product gives medium coverage, enough to cover imperfections and blemishes, although you would need to reapply to build up enough coverage. I find however that it made me a little shiny (not too much), but a bit of blotting paper soon sorted that problem. One thing I did find interesting was the ingredients used to create this product.

IMAN cosmetics have used a selection of ingredients which are highly benefical (and kind to the skin):

'' ....unique skin tone evening complex, Vitamin C and Licorice Root Extract to brighten complexion, and fight away hyperpigmentation under the surface of the skin promoting the long term health and appearance. Vitamin E, Sweet Almond Oil and Aloe hydrates and heals skin while anti-aging properties of Grape Seed Oil, Acai and Vitamin A fight fine lines and wrinkles''

(Press Release, 2013)

I am a huge fan of oils whether that be for hair or body, so to see it part of the ingredients for a face product is great. As someone who has combination/oily skin, as I previously stated it did make me a little shiny (oils), but I have not experienced any breakouts which is a big big bonus!

Evens complexion and minimises appearance of imperfections
Protects with SPF 15 and natural antioxidants
Hydrates and soothes skin with paraban-free formula
Brightens and fights hyperpigmentation
Compliments skin of colour with a natural hint of pigment

Overall, I am highly impressed with the IMAN BB Crème product. The variety of shades is fabulous, the formula is lovely and at last a proper BB crème for women of colour. I will certainly be getting replenishing once this has finished.

IMAN Skin Tone Evener BB Crème SPF 15* RRP £23.99, available in 6 shades, and can be found at selected highstreet retailers. To find your nearest retailer visit click here. 

Are you a fan of BB Crémes? Or are you not too sure?


  1. I heard about this from other bloggers, but kind of dismissed it, but you’re convincing me otherwise! I might have to go and check it out now. Great review. Love the blog too! xx

  2. Great review. I need to try this BB Cream, thanks for sharing.