4 January 2014

''Nothing is impossible, you just have to work at it''

I am a bit late but . . .HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all. I hope you all had a fabulous New Years Eve and Day, and you celebrated bringing in the new year with your close family and friends. I honestly cannot believe how quickly 2013 went, like seriously.....time nowadays just seems to be flying by the older I get . .which is quite a scary thought. Eeeeeek! Anyway before you all huff and puff thinking ''Oh god, not another new year resolutions post'', I very rarely do these type of posts each year but thought this year I would go one step further and give you an insight into what ambitions I have for 2014 as well as my resolutions. If there is one valuable lesson I have learnt from my parents is ''you get out of life what you put in'', and that is such a true saying. Pointing the finger at others and blaming them for things that may not happen for you, is not the way to go, you are in control of your life, and it is up to you how you live it. With that in mind, my aspirations and goals for 2014 are based heavily around those thoughts. 

1. Grow in my career
Some of you may or may not know I work in Recruitment, and although it may sound quite boring to some I really do enjoy my role. I am fairly new to my area of work, but have my sights set on moving up the career ladder and into an industry I have dreamt of being apart of since I was a child. I am also doing a course related to my job in order to help me progress further with my career. When I was searching for a job, my Dad said to me ''Just bide your time until you get what you want . . '', and he was right. So although I am not quite there yet . . I will continue to strive for where I ideally want to be and continue to grow in my profession. 

2. Do more exercise
I know this is a cliche resolution which everyone has on their resolution list, but I feel although I am still Dancing, there is so much more I could be doing. I have a Wii fit which is sat in the corner of my living room gathering much dust *choke*, which has so much potential. I am also looking at doing a Pilates class (great for the body's centre core), to strengthen my back, correct my posture and regain my flexibility (gone are the days of doing the splits multi-ways). I'm not overweight, but I do like to remain healthy and I feel by reintroducing the Wii back into my life and doing a pilates class will certainly help to ensure I keep fit for 2014.

3. Travel
If money was no problem, I'd be jetting off all over the world. However Mr Lottery doesn't quite want to roll out my 6 numbers *prays one day*. Many of you know I visit Jamaica quite often due family, but this year I really want to try and visit one Europe country. It won't be extravagant (dreams of Monaco, one day), but I do want to start visiting a lot more places (other than Jamaica) before I settle down. 

4. Be Happy
At times when I feel rubbish I go through spells of feeling unhappy and miserable. This I try not to rub off on others as quite frankly it's not fair. But for 2014 I will aim to not let negativity get the better of me and remain upbeat, positive and happy. I usually find negative people can sometimes have an impact on me, which I normally 'eject' from my life, as quite honestly said individuals only drain you. 

5. Water, Water, Water
My resolution for 2013 was to ensure I drink sufficient water, and I am glad to say I think I managed to do this pretty well. I even purchased myself a water bottle, which as daft as that sounds, it has actually encouraged me to drink more (you can read about it here). Its not the most exciting thing to drink, but your body will thank you for it in the long run. I find nowadays if I don't consume sufficient water during the day I end up with a raging headache and pains in my kidneys.

6. Continue to build on Courage
Before I worked as a Receptionist at a Drs, I had no confidence whatsoever; I was shy, quiet and timid, wouldn't say boo to a ghost. But the 18 months I spent there was the best 18 months of my life. I learnt a lot about myself but also developing the skills to be confident and find courage. Having the balls (sorry for the expression there) to speak out especially to Drs was the most nerve wracking thing I had ever done, but the more I did it, the more I became confident I could find the courage to do it. With this new found courage, I have been able to take with me into my new job and be firm with Management. It is still a work in progress, something I work on by myself but I am getting there with it day by day. 

7. Blog, Blog Blog
My blogging in 2013 was somewhat a little quieter than I anticipated. With the struggle and determination to find paid employment, blogging kinda took a little back seat. However for the past few weeks I seem to have caught the bug whereby I am itching to blog; ideas are constantly buzzing around my head, I'm forever on twitter nattering with most, and I feel a real sense of enjoyment being part of the community. Although I am working full time and attending college, I am going to do my very best to have continuity on my blog throughout the year, with aspirations of continued growth.

 . . So there you have it . . a small but realistic set of aspirations and resolutions for 2014. I hope you have enjoyed reading the above and perhaps it has inspired you to set some resolutions/aspirations for 2014. If you have a resolutions post, please do feel free to link in the comment box below.

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  1. Great resolutions! it's always good to have goals :)