30 August 2013

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So it's Friday . .the weekend is almost here, but today on the blog can only mean one thing . . It's FRIDAY FEATURE. Today we have a light hearted tongue in cheek guest blog post from Kate over at 'Katebobbi'. Hope you enjoy this blog post.

 UK vs Vienna Fashion
Disclaimer - This is a tongue in cheek view, based on my observations, I am not trying to offend anyone as I love the UK and Vienna!

I have been living in Vienna for nearly a year now (a whole year OMG that has gone so quick!) and have been through every season from the lovely Autumn, to the -15 winter and the months of snow, to the 40 degree sweltering summer so think I can now comment on fashion and style from here compared to my home country of the UK.

I think there are two key differences between the 2 countries, that being the make-up/hair, and the actual clothes.

Make up and Hair

UK – I think the UK has always been a country which takes care of their hair and make up, from my Mum’s era all having perms and the Princess Di hair cut, to the extreme reality tv-esque fake hair, nails, tan, lashes, can I go on, of today. Anyone who knows me knows I love a glamorous made up look, nothing to me looks better than smoky eyes and big backcombed hair, but do we think it’s not going a bit too far? We are turning into a nation of oompa loompas with fake everything (and massive eyebrows), tone it down a bit ladies! There is no need to be wearing two pairs of false eyelashes and a full face of make up to go to work! Let your natural beauty shine through.
Vienna – this brings me onto Vienna. It is full of natural beauties! I have never been in a place where I am constantly looking at people walking past me in the street and thinking they look gorgeous. Not because they are necessarily extremely attractive, but because they are so natural. They keep make up to a minimum, and all have long, shiny natural hair and look really fresh. People do wear make – up here but not to the extent of the UK. You will struggle to find more than a few sets of false eyelashes in shops, a few nail and eyelash bars have popped up but these are still very new, and are very expensive compared to the UK. It is definitely a niche market over here, obviously they still sell a lot of make up, but people don’t wear as much as the UK, and they all look great for it. People are just not as bothered about it and seem to be more self confident. I had to explain to a couple of my partner’s work colleagues what a spray tan was and they were in disbelief that we would spray a colour onto our skins!
The winner for me is Vienna in the hair and make-up round, I never thought I would say this, but after looking at these girls, less is definitely more.


UK – I love UK fashion, I think it is so unique, in that people wear so many different outfits and look so good. I am from Leeds, and I think in Leeds especially you can walk down Briggate (the main shopping street) and by the time I’ve got to the bottom I can have seen 10 people with really unique outfits which look amazing. I also think the majority of people in the UK take pride in their appearance and wouldn’t leave the house unless they were wearing something which they thought looked good. People definitely dress for style and not always comfort and I really like this.

Vienna – Vienna is full of a range of shops and includes UK favourites such as h&m, Zara, and Forever 21. They have the same styles as the UK, but with a bit of European mixed in, which is to be expected and I like. But, I walk past people in Vienna and everyone seems a bit samey, jeans, plain top, and the dreaded trainers (I’ll get onto this in a minute). I do occasionally see someone who will be dressed in a very understated, but amazing outfit and will literally be grabbing my partner’s arm  and saying to him look how amazing they look. But that is few and far inbetween. People seem to dress for comfort over here and don’t like to stand out too much, there is a bit of a punk scene, but apart from that everyone’s the same. They don’t dress badly, just plainly. The one thing which completely drives me crazy over here is shoes!! Now, they dress for comfort, when it’s 10 inches of snow, fair enough, or blistering heat but in-between they are in casual converse type shoes constantly. Converse are fine, it’s just when the alternative is running trainers. Full on running trainers. They are the ultimate fashion accessory here! I’ll see a girl and think oh she looks nice, and then I’ll look at her feet and yep, the running trainers are on. Jeans, nice top, and Asics, Dress and Asics. Even worse than this is socks and sandals, I thought we’d gotten over that people! I can understand if it’s an older person, like my Gran who has to wear them so she doesn’t slip in her shoes, but a 20 year old, nice dress, sandals and white trainer socks. I just don’t understand surely some style has to go over comfort? Especially in a European capital city? But maybe they find it hilarious that we all have sore feet from the shoes we wear in the UK.

My Fashion winner is the UK, by far. This is not to say you can’t buy nice clothes in Vienna people just don’t seem to wear them! The UK fashion is amazing and a hard one to match.


Hope you've enjoyed this 'tongue in cheek' blogpost from Kate. Kate can be found at the following places:

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