7 August 2013

Monthly Wishlist #4

Hello gorgeous people

How are you all? hope you're all well and enjoying the weather (although it's a little hit/miss at the moment). Anyway I am back again this month with my monthly wishlist. Seeing as one now has a full time job (YAY) the 'would like' list is ever growing. So without further ado, I will get cracking on with what has made its way to my wishlist.

1. Canon EOS 600D
When I started blogging, I noticed a lot of bloggers used very expensive cameras to produce brilliant images. Back then I honestly did not think it was at all necessary (still isn't), and I just felt in my personal opinion it was a waste of money. 3years later I can now see the benefits of this camera. It is extremely expensive, and it certainly isn't something I will be rushing out to purchase anytime soon. However I have it on my wishlist as at some point in the future I'd like to own one to improve the quality of the images I produce. I also seem to have developed a fond interest in photography which I never thought I'd ever be interested in.

2. Benefit They're Real mascara
I don't think there is one day where I don't hear anything about Benefit 'They're Real' mascara. This mascara has proven to be 'thee' mascara of all mascaras amongst many; producing fabulous lashes which are just an absolute knock out. For some unknown reason I have not yet tried this mascara, but I desperately want to try it to see if the mascara really is as fabulous as many claim.

3. Mulberry 'Bayswater'
I have had my Harrods handbag for a good few years now, and it is starting to get a bit 'tatty'. I have been on the look out for a new handbag for some time, and I always find myself back to gawping at the Mulberry bags in House of Fraser. Whenever I purchase a handbag I like my bags to be of good quality, long lasting, and spacious. Nothing irritates me more than having a handbag which gives you a few days use before it breaks. However Mulberry (as we all know) isn't cheap, and the 'Bayswater' certainly isn't. As one will now be earning a decent wage, I can gradually take my time and save for this fabulous handbag. 

4. Dune Jewelled Embellished Sandals
My lovely pair of sandals broke this year on holiday (the sea claimed them, and then spat them out, broken!). Ever since that ordeal I have been on the look out for a pair of sandals. I tend to find the sandals with the 'thong' bit irritate my toes, and within minutes I find myself 'whipping' them straight off. So I am now going down the route of 'open' toe, like the one's spotted here. These sandals caught my attention last week, whilst browsing the sales. I absolutely love them; gorgeous 'tan/nude' colour, with embellishment to jazz up any outfit. Now I realise they perhaps aren't to everyone's taste, but I just think they are gorgoeus. However these aren't cheap; £65 which I think is a little expensive for a pair of sandals. I am in no hurry to purchase them, so I will just sit tight and wait for them to hit sale . .  .

Hope you've enjoyed this blogpost.

What's on your monthly wishlist?


  1. I want that camera!!!

    1. Serenity of Beauty7 August 2013 19:49

      I know lol It's juust so damn expensive, but one day . . .one day . . .

  2. uhhhh, I want that camera too, saving up monthly will help i guess :(