19 August 2013

Manuka Doctor | Foot and Heel Cream

''A rich & hydrating cream giving moisture boosting absorption. It provides a cooling & refreshing remedy for dry & swollen feet''.
(Manuka Doctor, 2013)

If there is one part of the body my mum has always taught me to look after it's my feet! Guaranteed after my shower in the morning and before I go to bed I always give them some TLC; whether that be moisturising, cuticle care, or looking after my heels! Nothing is more cringy than going out and about, minding my own business and seeing 'crusty' feet which clearly show said individual has neglected their feet! Anyway wanting to try something new both my mum and I decided to give the Manuka Doctor Foot and Heel cream a try, as neither of us had ever heard about it or used it.

First impressions of the packaging both my mum and I agree that it's simple, and plain yet has sufficient information for the consumer. One thing I particularly like is the little picture of the bee, which Manuka Doctor are very well known for using bee venom in their products. One thing I did notice was the ingredients all appear to be natural and friendly to skin. The Avocado oil and Shea butter are two very good ingredients, especially when it comes to hydration of the skin. The top is that of a screw off lid, with a soft tube making for easy dispensing. Both my mum and I tried this at the same time, to which we both had different thoughts. 

My mums' thoughts:

''Never heard of this product before, but I do quite like it. I found it to be very cooling, smells great and extremely hydrating for my feet which, as know, have become very dry due to the weather. I did find it however very rich, but it did target certain areas on the feet (heels) really well. Would I purchase? Yes''.

My thoughts:

''The product isn't bad; I found the scent to be really fresh and pleasant, and my feet felt and looked really soft and hydrated. I did find it however a little too rich for me personally and the cooling sensation that my mum got I didn't quite get; more like a slight tingling sensation, which maybe a sign that it was too much for my sensitive skin? That said, it's not a bad foot and heel cream product. Would I purchase? Probably not''. 

The Manuka Doctor Foot and Heel cream* RRP £8.99 and is available from your local Holland and Barratt stores. 

What do you think; is this something you fancy trying, or are you not to keen?

*PR Sample


  1. This is something I want to try, I hate seeing people out and their feet look horrible.

    1. Serenity of Beauty21 August 2013 22:06

      URGH . .crusty feet is gross, especially when the person has a nice pair of sandals on, and you look down and see crusty, cracked feet/heels! Not good. This cream is definitely a winner at preventing that.

  2. I first saw this brand in Superdrug when I was out before - I was really tempted at the time to pick up this and a few others but part of me was determined to look at reviews first and I think yours has just convinced me to get it! x

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    1. Serenity of Beauty21 August 2013 22:06

      Definitely give it a try :)

  3. This sounds great ! Ive been using one from origins but my feet still seem pretty rough :( have to give this a try xx