25 August 2013

Last bit of summer . .


Top - H&M
Trousers - Next
Scarf* - Joules
Ballet pumps - Next
Peep Toe heels - Dune
Earrings - Mont Bleu

It grieves me to say it but summer is slowly drawing to a close. The evenings are getting dark early, nights are getting chilly, and most of all, the highstreet stores are starting to stock Autumn/Winter clothing which if I am honest, depresses me. Not one for giving in, I am still 'parading' around in summer clothing as I refuse to dress as if I am about to trek to the Himalayas! However that said where I currently work (on top of a hill, overlooking the 'Shire'), it can get mighty cold, which I have noticed is starting to get to my neck; sore and stiff. In a bid to try and prevent that, I am now wearing *light* scarves to protect my neck.

I never really was one for wearing fashionable scarves, as I just didn't really know how to wear them and I felt 'awkward'. However since my wardrobe revamp and fashion 'wake up' call, I have managed to find some gorgeous outfits where scarves really make a difference. Some of you may remember these 'mint' trousers I instagrammed a few weeks ago; absolutely love them but I was a little stuck what to wear with it. The white top and ballet pumps I thought would go ok, but I felt like something was 'missing', until I spotted this gorgeous Joules 'Wensley' scarf. The trousers match the scarf so well, and I love the fact that there are varying other colours which give the outfit a bit more colour. The material is incredibly soft and you can see the quality in the product. The scarf is also of a good length, so you're able to style the scarf in a variety of ways suitable to you.

Joules 'Wensley' scarf* RRP £19.99 and is available from:


Hope you've enjoyed this blog post.

*PR Sample


  1. Following you on bloglovin!

    Love your style :)

    Oh, and adore that floral scarf!

    - N xx


    1. Serenity of Beauty26 August 2013 19:49

      Thank you for following, and lovely to hear you love the scarf :)

  2. love the scarf hun !! and the cute pumps to :D xx

    1. Serenity of Beauty26 August 2013 19:49

      Thank you :)

  3. Cute outfit.
    I agree, its funny how soon store get their fall clothing out! I can't complaine though, i love the fall.

    Enjoying your blog
    Best of luck.



    1. Serenity of Beauty26 August 2013 19:50

      Yes, I am 'hanging' on to what little summer we have left. I really am not a Autumn/Fall girl lol I shall be hibernating lol :)

      And thank you for reading; glad you're enjoying my blog :)