2 September 2013

Online shopping alternatives . .

(Telegraph, 2012)

It is no surprise to see that Brits are 'thee' biggest online shoppers; with almost 2/3rds buyings goods/services online (Telegraph, 2013). That to be honest does not surprise me as the majority of things are so much cheaper online than the highstreet. I am forever online shopping; it's easier, quicker and cheaper. I find shopping online provides so much more variety than some stores on the highstreet. For example garments are a lot less 'tried' on, which I find fit a lot better (not over stretched and etc). From my experiences of shopping online, I think it's safe to say I have never had any problems which have caused me to not want to shop with a company ever again. Although I have heard of some horror stories which I personally just find appalling, i.e. customers receiving damaged/incorrect goods and companies expecting customers to 'keep' said item(s)! (Wave bye bye to customer service!!). However there are alternative companies nowadays that boast their online shopping service is exceptional, always meeting customer needs.

  • Barnes and Noble - I know Borders is an American book store, but I used their online service when I visited a family in the US. I searched the entire UK for a book my mum wanted, but it was only available in the US. I got onto the Borders website, found the book and ordered straightaway. Assuming the book would take some time to arrive, to my surprise the book arrived the next day, which I am led to believe was normal delivery! That is what I call great online service!
  • Peter Hahn - I am yet to put an order in for Peter Hahn however having read reviews the online experience has been really good. The quality in the clothing is exceptional, with a variety of brands able to offer clothing for both men and women.
  • Next - I am always ordering things from Next, why? because the quality is so good, but the customer service and online experience has been brilliant. I can order as late as 10pm, and guaranteed I will have my order the following day at lunchtime. I simply can not fault them whatsoever.


Although highstreet names are dominating online shopping, smaller companies are now starting to make appearances. This in turn now gives consumers the opportunity of more choice and alternatives, with the ability to suit any budget.

Hope you've enjoyed this blog post.

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  1. Borders went out of business a while ago. I was so sad to see it go. Now Barnes and Noble has completely dominated book selling in the US, and books are so expensive anymore. I stick to Amazon!