6 November 2013

Scent your . . .draws. . .

. . .I am of course talking about my under garment draws. At present I have 4 draws. . . yes you read that correctly 4 draws stuffed of my under garments. My mum often moans ''You have far too much'' . .my come back ''A woman can never have too much''. Anyway years ago I given this roll of paper and told to put it in my under garment draw. Upon opening and realising it was scented I soon realised what it was; Rose scent draw liners. At first I found the concept most strange as I figured you've already washed your underwear and etc, why would this be needed. But I realised it is in fact a nice addition to have to make your draws smell 'less woody' (if they are new), and give your underwear a nice fragrance. Nowadays not only can you get said product in sheet form, but you some companies are now selling scented beads, enveloped sachets which is what I will be blogging about today.

Greenleaf brings nature home with fragrances that evoke the romance of delicate flowers, the freshness of ocean and air, the vibrance of juicy citrus, and the coziness of sweet cinnamon and vanilla. The vision of Greenleaf is to create products and fragrances that embody the joy of every season. The original scented envelope sachet was the first Greenleaf product, and continues to be our nature-inspired signature.
(Greenleaf, 2013)

What I love most about this company is the scents are made in-house and it's still family owned but has gained international success. And quality takes main focus in ensuring its customer receive the best products. I personally have never heard of this company or seen any of their products here in the UK, which is why I thought I would give them a try. 

Having had a browse on their website there is plenty of variety to choose from in terms of scents. I am however quite picky and sensitive so opted for a scent I know my 'nostrils' have adapted well to; Lavender. This particular scent is quite nice as it's fresh, calming and leaves a pleasant aroma for quite sometime. Unsure of what size to select I opted for 'slim' (small sachet) as I didn't want to choose something that was too much or I didn't like it. 

Upon arrival, I kid you not, I could smell the scent from the outer packaging which was a box with other items inside. The sachet was packaged in a clear plastic wrapper to ensure the envelope did not get damaged as it is paper. The packaging itself is clear in writing; you know what scent you have and the detailing is very minimalist but to the point. The sachet was not 'full' which was a little surprising but I can see why as the scent is really strong. However as with most things that have a smell, this will wear off eventually. I have currently had this sachet in 1 draw, and it smells so lovely; fresh. Everytime I open my draw I get a strong 'whiff' of lavender. 

What I also discovered with this little sachet is that it's also good for room fragrances, closets, office, vehicles, storage, pet areas and many more. There is even a suggestion on the packaging to place the lavender sachet near your bed, or slip into a duvet/pillow to help relax and induce sleep. I personally have not tried this but generally lavender is a good product anyway to help induce sleep, regardless of what form it comes in. 

Considering I only placed this sachet into my draw nearly 2 weeks ago, the scent is still really strong. Every so often when I get something out, I give the sachet a quick 'shake', giving the little lavender 'bits' chance to give off more scent and circulate in the envelope. I do however think it is a little expensive, but from what I have experienced so far (which I am quite impressed with), it's not bad. .

Greenleaf Scented 'Lavender' Sachet* £2.25.

So . . . do you scent your draws? . . 

*PR Sample


  1. Aaliyah ~ Pyari Beauty ♥7 November 2013 13:37

    I love scented drawer liners I used to them frequently when I had wooden drawers. These days I tend to just choose a nice smelling Yankee Candle tumbler/tart keep it in the wrapper and pop into it the drawer the smell lasts for ages as well. :)

    1. Serenity of Beauty13 November 2013 22:47

      Ahh that's a clever idea . . never even dawned on me to try that :) Will do the next time I the YC wax tarts :)

  2. 4 draws full... gosh I need to build up a collection clearly. I am onto it.

    1. Serenity of Beauty13 November 2013 22:47

      I know . .ridiculous amount . .and I threw loads away yet still have 4 draws full! lol :/ . .