21 November 2013

''In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different''

. . .I came home from work today and sat pondering for a few moments. I had a few moments to reflect over my past week and myself. I am settling into the swing of things at my new job, learning procedures and 'in-house language' which is like a foreign language to me. I've been catching up with old and new friends, reminiscing over old times and constantly asked ''Do you still dance?''. I step back and think for a few moments ''Have I really been dancing for 23 years?. . . yes''. As hobby which I have religiously stuck to makes me me . . unique, different from the norm. I am someone who doesn't follow trends, but an individual who likes to remain true to myself and with my own sense of style. The quote above pretty much sums me up; I am irreplaceable (to my family, close friends), but I am different in more ways than one.  

Having a browse on the Watch Gallery website I have come across some (in the words of Sharon Osbourne) 'fabulous' watches which are so so glamourous. I have to admit I did spend a good while browsing the website gawping at the watches; some simply are incredible. I did however find a favourite which I thought has my name written all over it.

Chanel J12 33mm White Diamond Watch
. . .How gorgeous is this watch??? Etched with 61 diamonds, dazzling brightly in the light I simply have fallen in love with this gorgeous watch. It is perhaps a watch not to everyone's taste, but that's what makes me different and unique. Chanel is a brand I have always loved and adored; it is simple, timeless, chic yet very classy. A brand and its products that will never go out of fashion, in my opinion. A girl can never have too many 'fabulous' things, of course . . .

The past 10+ years I have dreamt of owning a pair of shoes which are 'thee' must shoes of all female wardrobes .. yep you've guessed it Christian Louboutin. We all know how 'fabulous' (see, Sharon Osbourne 'lingo' catches on quick) these shoes are; again, they are classic and virtually go with any outfit. Of course, in keeping with being different, unique (and starting to get festive), I absolutely adore the 'Fifi' 100mm, etched with diamonds to give the effect of the 'Aurora boreale' (which is absolutely beautiful, I must say).

A simple black dress, complimented with these gorgeous shoes certainly will catch the attention of many . . especially if you throw some 'serious' shapes on the dancefloor with the lights bouncing off your 'twinkle toes' (get it . see what I did there?). So we've got the unique watch, shoes, but we need a handbag . . .

Guaranteed whenever I pop into town I head straight to my local department store and 'gawp' at the various handbags. Wanting to stay away from the normal black/brown, I tend to opt for handbags with a bit of colour and is different from the norm. This gorgeous leather handbag from Jack French certainly did catch my attention; bold statement leather handbag with a soft gorgeous purple velvet lining. Love it. 

 Writing this blog post has now given me the sudden urge to go out and shop - ha typical! But if there is one thing I have learnt in life is stay true to yourself, never be a 'clone' of something which does not represent who you really are. If what you like makes you the 'odd one out', so be it. Take it as your way of showing others ''It's ok to be unique and different'' .. it is what makes us individual after all . . .


  1. I used to dance when I was younger and it's something I really wish I had stuck to!
    Unfortunately money issues and my mum not allowing me to compete eventually caused me to quit but I still find myself doing front walkovers in my bedroom from time to time!
    I'm lucky enough to own a pair of Laboutins that were given to me as a gift! I absolutely love them but have to admit, although I'll be the first to say 'pain is beauty'.. they are the most UNcomfortable shoes my poor feet have ever endured... seriously... every step kills me a little inside! I also find myself only wearing them to super special occasions in fear that I might ruin them! They are probably more expensive than my house! haha

  2. Serenity of Beauty24 November 2013 01:21

    I have heard they are painful to walk in but they are every girls dream, and a wardrobe necessity :P lol